Get 20% More Traffic To Your Website with SumoMe Share

Get 20% more traffic to your website with SumoMe Share

Hello and welcome to another video in our series that guides you step by step to leveraging WordPress and building a successful WordPress website and online presence!

In this quick video you will be discovering why you need to start using Share by AppSumo TODAY, all the benefits you will gain and why by having great content and using Share correctly you can start doubling your visitors each month. It’s so simple and so easy to set up, and it WORKS so well! So lets dive straight in and get to know Share!

So what is Share?

Share is basically a set of simple sharing buttons that offers visitors 1 click instant sharing of your content to their social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter. Share is connected to 16 social services and it makes it super easy for visitors to share your amazing content with their friends, and then they share it, and they share it, and their friends share it and it goes on and on!

Without these sharing buttons, visitors would have to find your pages URL, copy it, go into their Facebook or Twitter, not get distracted by the funny cat photos, paste it, and share it that way. People don’t want to have to go through all that. They want it to be easy to share your content and thats why you need to start using Share! It allows everyone to instantly and easily share your work, because we all work hard so our content deserves to be seen my thousands. And the more people that share your amazing content, the more viral traffic goes back to your site! It’s a win win!

Share also works on Desktop, Mobile, everywhere! Your visitors are using all sorts of devices to get to your site. Make it easy for all of them, mobile or web, to share your content to their networks.

So how do you start using Share?

First thing you need is to make sure you have the SumoMe plugin installed on your WordPress website, and that you’re registered with them. This is really easy and you just need to enter your email address and name and an optional phone number for support, and your done. If you’re not sure how to install a plugin don’t worry, it’s really easy. Just go to Plugins and Add new, then search for the plugin SumoMe, install and activate it.

If you’re not really sure about plugins and how they work and what their potential is, don’t worry! We have a step by step guide to WordPress Plugins on our website.

SumoMe is like a dashboard which allows you to install awesome apps onto your site, Share is just one of these apps which I’m covering in this video. There’s also List Builder, Scroll Box, HighLighter just to name a few, and we’ve created a video on each one which you can find over on our website! Right now though let me show you how to quickly install Share in just a few clicks and get it set up!

Let’s Get Setup!

So, on your WordPress Dashboard, find the SumoMe icon at the top right and click the crown to get into their store. Now find and click on Share, and click on Free, and it’s now installed, super easy!

Lets see how it looks on our website out of the box. To get there, just scroll up and open your website in a new tab.

This looks fantastic! Here is my new Share bar on the left and it’s already set up and looking great. If I click on a share button like Facebook, for example, it brings up a page where I can share it to everyone on Facebook, the same goes with Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Email.


Share allows you to customize exactly where you want these share buttons to be placed on your website. The tool uses a simple drag and drop setup! Smart Share buttons optimize which sharing buttons are most effective on a per page basis. It’s also fully mobile optimized. You can have share count statistics and it works with over 16 different services!

By the way, it’s also 100% free! It also offers an option to go premium which adds an extra 20% more page views per day. You can download your stats and remove the SumoMe branding.

The most successful companies in the world are doing this. They’re making sure their visitors can quickly and easily share their content. What’s stopping you from doing the same?

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching and, if you did, please give this video a quick like and share it with your friends! Remember we also have videos covering all the other Apps on SumoMe. They are game changers so don’t miss out on those, as well as our step by step guides covering everything WordPress! Thank you and see you in the next video!

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