How to Set Up an Opt-In Form and Email Marketing Automation

So, now that you know 12 Expert Ways to Create A Lead Magnet, you’ll need to understand exactly how to present your offer to your audience.

Note: If you have not created your lead magnet yet, be sure to check out our article that details exactly how to do this properly. 12 Ways to Create A Lead Magnet and Dramatically Grow Your Customer Base.

Once you have your valuable piece of content, you can offer it to your visitors using an opt-in form.

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What is an opt-in form?

An opt-in form is simply an area where your audience can enter their contact information in exchange for some sort of valuable offer (what we call a lead magnet).

Here’s an example of one of our opt-in forms for our free photo pack lead magnet offer..

Photo Pack Opt-in example1

This form allows our visitors to enter their contact information in exchange for 57 awesome high quality free photos to use on their next project. 

Note: To snag these photos, check them out here!

Why do I need an opt-in form?

The opt-in form enables your visitor to submit their contact information to you. Rather than having your visitor send you an email with their information or add their information into a comments section, for example, the opt-in form makes it incredibly simple and secure for your visitor to send you their information.

The form also helps you as the website administrator in that it collects the information for you automatically and sorts it into a list that is then instantly sent to your email service.

Your email service will then be able to automatically send your new customer their lead magnet straight to their email without you even lifting a finger. All you have to do is set up your email service to connect to your opt-in form so they can perform this process for you.

If you’re not sure how to set this up, don’t worry! We cover all of this and more in this article.

So let’s get started..

Step 1: Opt In Form

We recommend you install one of our favorite free plugins, SumoMe List Builder. It’s an awesome tool that can gather your visitors’ information and enables you to reach them again and again!

We’ve dedicated a quick little video that shows you exactly how to get this plugin set up and start turning your visitors into customers in no time.

Step 2: Email Marketing Service

Now that you’ve got your opt-in form created, you’ll need to set up an email service so that you can deliver your lead magnet straight to your new customer’s inbox.

We recommend using one of our absolute favorite email services, MailChimp. It’s full of incredibly powerful features. It’s also completely free to get up and running in no time!

Here’s another quick video that details exactly how to get started with a new MailChimp account and how to integrate your new SumoMe plugin.

2 Main takeaways from this step:

1. Integrating MailChimp with SumoMe List Builder:

For video clip: Click Here!

Now you should be all set up to start gathering email addresses and building your email list. It’s important to integrate the two services, (MailChimp and SumoMe List Builder). That way you will be able to send email responses directly to your new subscribers.

To link the two services head to your SumoMe List Builder settings and click on the “Services” tab found in the left column. Then select the MailChimp option. Click on “Connect” then enter your login details for MailChimp and sign in. Now you should be all connected!
mail chimp 0

2. Setting up an Autoresponder:

For video clip: Click Here!

To set up an autoresponder from MailChimp upon a new visitor’s sign up, head to your MailChimp dashboard and click on “Lists”. The click on the list you’ve just created. Click Sign Up Forms > General Forms > Under the Forms and Response Emails dropdown menu, click “Opt-In Confirmation Email.

Autoresponder Example 0Here you’ll be able to complete the areas and even include your Lead Magnet as a clickable download in this confirmation email.

Alternatively, you can select the “Confirmation Thank You Page” email auto response from the dropdown menu instead of the “Opt-In Confirmation Email” option and add a link to a page on your website where your lead magnet is available for download.

To do this, you can create a new page from your WordPress dashboard titled something like “Thank You for Signing Up”. Then add your lead magnet to your Media Library from your computer like you would any other picture or file. Select “Add Media” from your post editor and select your lead magnet file. This will insert a link directly into your page which will start an automatic download for your user once they click on it.

Tip: you can make this download look more inviting by adding a button shortcode (if your theme supports it) and make the link download automatically once your visitor clicks the button rather than a text link.

Either of these strategies for delivering your lead magnet will work well. And by performing either of these, you’re delivering on your promise and offering value to your new subscriber.

This strategy may work for now, but we’ve found that by using one of our favorite tools, we’ve been able to really turn things up and start seeing some incredible results! We use a tool called LeadPages and we give you our exact process in our next article here! Definitely check this out! You won’t be disappointed.

Congratulations! We’re almost there!

Your sales funnel is almost all the way set up! You’ve begun turning ice-cold traffic into red-hot leads and long-term customers, but now we’re ready to continue building our funnel and take your business to the next level!

In our next post, we cover some super valuable strategies to use on an incredibly powerful thank you page. A simple thank you for signing up is nothing compared to the power of a lead page. This is where things get really exciting! Check it out in our next article!

Check it out here in the next step!

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