How We Finally Turned Leads into Buying Customers Using a “Tripwire”

So, if you’ve been following along in our series, you’ve learned how to set up your first sales funnel that truly converts cold traffic into red-hot leads. If you haven’t read through the rest of our series, definitely check out our previous posts that cover exactly how to get started! Get started here!

Our last article dove deep into setting up a lead page in order to send your newly opted-in visitor their high value lead magnet.

Now we want to take the opportunity to really make the most of our new warmed up lead and direct them toward a “tripwire” offer opportunity.

Remember that the real goal of this entire funnel is to turn your traffic into real buying customers. So far, we’ve simply turned traffic into leads, not customers. Here is where the tripwire comes in.

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Why offer a tripwire?

A tripwire is simply an irresistible and inexpensive low-barrier offer (priced under $20) that exists for one sole reason: to turn a visitor into a buyer. Tripwires exist to fundamentally alter the habits of a visitor. They do this by encouraging your visitor to take an added step of commitment and actually purchase something.

By simply taking out their credit card and hitting the “Buy” button, there is a huge transformation that has taken place in your new visitor’s mind. Even if the price is as low as $1.00, you’ve pushed your visitor toward a point of micro-commitment. This commitment is far greater of a commitment than simply giving up an email address, for example.

The key here is to offer something of such an incredibly high value for an insanely low and irresistible price. You may be offering something at a breakeven cost, or in some cases, even a loss. This, in effect, acts as a loss leader and cultivates future buying habits for higher ticketed items.

Tripwire offers are everywhere.. Whether it’s a physical product, software membership trial, digital files and eBooks, or even a Groupon offer to a new restaurant, tripwires are everywhere.

Here’s are some examples


By offering a tripwire we’re attempting to convert as many of our new lead magnet prospects into paying customers as possible.

The goal here is not to make a living off of tripwires. Rather, our goal is to acquire a paying customer who is further warmed up ultimately toward a higher profit maximizer through our next offer. This is where you’ll have greater potential to make money.

5 tips to creating a successful tripwire offer

Be sure to include at least a few of these tips into your tripwire offer. Otherwise, your funnel may find a significant leak and you’ll lose all that momentum you’ve built up to this point.

1. Specific and Relevant

Just like your lead magnet offer, your tripwire offer ought to be ultra-specific and detail exactly what your buyer can expect. By presenting your offer in a more transparent way, you are better able to build trust and encourage them to buy confidently.

It’s also important to present a relevant tripwire offer. Since your tripwire is presented to the same audience who opted into your lead magnet, they are more likely to be interested in an offer of a similar topic. If you offer a complimentary product, you’ll build even more value upon your initial opt-in offer and continue your visitor seamlessly down your funnel.

For example, if you offer a free pack of awesome photos, you wouldn’t offer a webinar on how to write amazing headlines. Rather, your tripwire could be a $5.00 eBook on best tips for using your new photos. This type of offer is far more relevant.

2. Clear and simple

Your tripwire offer must be concise and understandable. Your aim is to build buyer’s trust as they’re preparing to make their first purchasing decision. They should be 100% clear on exactly what you’re offering and what it will do for them.

If your headline, sub-headline and image is not clear enough, your visitor is less likely to make the purchase. If your buyer is unaware of what you’re offering, it’s likely that your offer is too complicated. So, keep it simple!

3. Incomplete

This point is incredibly important. Your tripwire is a very strategic offer that accomplishes many things. It encourages your visitor to become a real buying customer. It also continues to provide a highly valuable product for a fantastic price, which primes them to view your next offer in a positive way.

The key here is to provide high value while still leaving them wanting more. Make your tripwire product useful, yet incomplete so they continue further along your sales funnel always wanting more.

4. High perceived value

Although your tripwire may be inexpensive (less than $20), that doesn’t mean it should look cheap. It’s important to make your product look extremely desirable.

A popular digital product offer that we’ve seen, for example, is an eBook.

You may offer a flat image of your eBook or a simple download button since it’s technically not a physical product. Yet, you could also create a graphic that looks like a physical book or pamphlet.

This way, with a professional looking product, you’re able to paint a picture that makes it seem more tangible.

A fantastic resource for easily creating a professional looking product image can be found at These are great templates to drop into your design software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and add your own images. However, if you’re not much of a graphic designer yourself, that’s okay. is another great resource for inexpensive graphic design work done for you for just $5 bucks!

5. Impulse and Urgency

Lastly, a unique strategy that we’ve seen as very successful when presenting your tripwire offer is to suggest urgency. Try presenting your offer in such a way that it urges the need to buy now before it’s too late.

Your offer may not be around forever. You may run out of inventory, your webinar or course may not be around long, and your product may only be able to be sold at a reduced cost for so long.

This is a very important piece to be sure to add when presenting your tripwire offer, as this may be the best chance you have to make this sale to this specific customer.

You’ve already done the work to warm up this unique customer as they’ve traveled along your funnel. So it’s a sort of now or never type of thought process.

Note: Of course there are other ways to re-direct traffic back to your same tripwire offer such as banner re-targeting, additional email series, social media posts, blog posts, and other return paths. But, we’ll cover those in our future articles.

So, what’s next?

So, you’ve led your visitor down your funnel toward their first purchasing decision. You’ve effectively turned a cold lead into a warmed up customer and have primed them for additional offers in the future.

These future offers may be complimentary products. They may be higher ticketed products or flash sales. You may also consider pitching your core product or premium upgrade at that time, for example.

Whatever your next sale, you’ve done the work to create a highly qualified lead and successfully primed them to be a returning customer.

We cover all this and more in our next article! Check it out here!

Check it out here in the next step!

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