How To Find Available Keyword-Rich Domain Names Quickly

How To Find Available Keyword-Rich Domain Names Quickly

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Finding a great domain name that contains the keyword(s) you want and that is also available can be time-consuming and is becoming harder to find.

In this tutorial you will learn a simple and easy method you can use to search through lots of “keyword-rich” domain names and find the ones that are still available quickly so you can register them for your business or web site(s).

Watch the video below and then complete the step-by-step tutorial to learn how to quickly find available “keyword-rich” domain names.

How To Find Keyword-Rich Domain Names

How To Find Available Keyword-Rich Domain Names Quickly – Step-By-Step Tutorial

Although many SEO experts will tell you that having a “keyword-rich” domain name is no longer as important for ranking highly in search engines like Google as it once was, owning a portfolio of domain names that contain keywords specific to your niche or business is still, in many respects, a great investment.

For one, domain names that contain keywords specific to your niche help with branding, as these domains allow online users to associate those keywords with your business.

By the same token, owning domains that contain the keywords you would most want users to associate with your business also prevents competitors in your market from building their brands on those same keywords.

Since owning a portfolio of domain names is not expensive (for about $100 a year you can control around 8-12 domain names), it makes sense to consider this option.

Additionally, as explained in this tutorial, you can register multiple domain names without building multiple websites, simply by “parking” these on top of your active domain.

How To Find Available Keyword-Rich Domain Names Quickly – Step 1

The first step in this process is to build a large list of keyword phrases containing the keywords you want included in your domain name.

You can use any keyword tool you like for this step. For this tutorial, we will use Google’s own FREE powerful keyword tool that lets you research and build keyword lists online called “Google Keyword Tool“. To access this tool, go to and click on the Google Keyword Tool link …

Google Keyword Tool Box

The Google Keyword Tool page will load in your screen …

Google Keyword Tool

Enter a keyword phrase related to your business or to the domains that you are searching for into the “Word or phrase” field, fill in the “captcha” form correctly and click the “Search” button. Leave the default settings as they are.

For this example, let’s say that you are searching for domain names related to “camping”…

How To Do Keyword Research On Google Keyword Tool

The tool will return a list of keyword results …

Doing Keyword Research With Google Keyword Tool

Note: you don’t need to spend any time sorting through the keyword list. At this stage, all we want to do is build a big list of keywords containing your chosen keyword phrase …

Click on “Keyword ideas (xxx)” at the top of the results list to select all of the keyword results …

Google Keyword Tool

Click “Save all” to store the results of your search in the Google Keyword Tool

Using The Google Keyword ToolIf you click on a keyword in the results list, the Google Keyword Tool will bring back more keywords …

Google Keyword ToolRepeat the process of searching for keywords and adding them to the “save list” until you have built a large list of keywords.

Once you have added enough keywords to your list (it’s up to you how big you want your list to be), click on the “View as text” dropdown menu button…

Building A Keyword List

Click on My keyword ideas

Building a keyword list

A window containing all of your saved keywords will pop up in your screen. Click the window containing the list of keywords to select all of the saved keywords, then right-click your mouse button and select “Copy” to copy the entire list to your clipboard. Click Done when finished to close the window…

Building a keyword list

Next, open up a new text file and paste all of your clipboard contents (i.e. your keywords) into this file, then save this file into your hard drive …

Building a keyword list

Note: You can use any method you like to build your keyword list. In the example above, we used the Google Keyword Tool because the tool is free, and allows you to build a very large list of keywords in minutes.

How To Find Available Keyword-Rich Domain Names Quickly – Step 2

Now that you have your list of keywords,the next step is to see if any of those keyword phrases are available for registering as a domain name.

Go to the GoDaddy website …

How To Register A Domain Name

Hover your mouse over All Products (1),  then do the same over Domains (2) and click on the Bulk Domain Registration (3) link to access GoDaddy’s Bulk Domain Name Search tool …

Domain Name Bulk Registration Tool

The Bulk Domain Name Search tool allows you to search the availability of up to 500 keywords at a time …

Bulk Domain Name Registration

Open the text file where you saved your keyword search results. Copy the list of keywords into your clipboard, then paste these into the Bulk Search window (make sure that each keyword phrase is on a separate line) and click the Go button…

Bulk Domain Name Registration

The Bulk Domain Name Search tool will process your keyword list and show you in seconds exactly which domains have already been registered … and which domains are still available for registration …

Bulk Domain Name Search

If your list has more than 500 keywords, just repeat the process shown above.

Click here to search now for available keyword-rich domain names

Click here to learn how to register a domain name

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