How To FTP Files To Your Server Using Filezilla

How To FTP Files To Your Server Using Filezilla

How To FTP Files To Your ServerThe tutorials in this section show you how to upload files to your server using a popular free FTP program called Filezilla.

FileZilla is open source software distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

You can download it for free here:

Make sure you download the “client” version, not the “server” version of Filezilla …

Filezilla - Free FTP Software

Transferring files using a desktop FTP application like Filezilla is similar to using a browser based FTP client or other commercial desktop FTP applications …

Filezilla - Free FTP Software

How To Use Filezilla FTP Software – Video Tutorials

Watch the video tutorials below if you need help using Filezilla to transfer files between your hard drive and your server using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Filezilla FTP Tutorial # 1 – Warming Up To FTP

In this video you will learn the basics of FTP. The video covers FTP basics, what it is, and how it works …

Using FTP Software

Filezilla FTP Tutorial # 2 – What You Need To Have Beforehand

This video explains what you need to have before you get started.

If you have been following the tutorials, you should have already registered a domain name and set up your web hosting.

Besides getting a domain name and web hosting, which will cost you about $15-20 to get started (if you follow our recommendations and choose GoDaddy for domain names and HostGator for web hosting), this video also shows you how to download a free FTP tool called Filezilla to your computer.

Using FTP Software

Filezilla FTP Tutorial # 3 – Getting Your Website Setup For File Transfer

Once you’ve acquired your domain, web hosting, and ftp software, it’s time to connect your domain to your web hosting company. The video below shows you step-by-step how to connect with your hosting server.

Note: This step is also covered in this tutorial.

Using FTP Software

Filezilla FTP Tutorial # 4 – Accessing Your Login Information

Before you can connect to your FTP account using the Filezilla software, you will need your login information. The video below shows you what you need to start using FTP and how to easily access your login details …

Using FTP Software

Filezilla FTP Tutorial # 5 – Saving and Organizing Your Account Information In Filezilla

Once you have your login information, you’ll want to be sure to organize your account information within Filezilla. The video below shows you how to avoid frustration and time wasting by being properly organized.

Using FTP Software

Filezilla FTP Tutorial # 6 – Connecting To Your FTP Account In Filezilla

In the video below you will learn how to connect to your FTP account so you can start uploading the necessary website files to your website. The video also covers some problems you may face during the process and how to overcome these.

Using FTP Software

Filezilla FTP Tutorial # 7 – Where Do You Upload To?

By this stage, you’re inside your FTP account (i.e. you’ve logged into your web server and are looking at the files inside your website). When you log in, you will notice a number of folders. The video below helps you understand which folder in your server you should upload your files to, to ensure that you transfer all of your website files correctly.

Using FTP Software

Filezilla FTP Tutorial # 8 – Uploading To The Filezilla Manager

Now that you understand which is the main folder and where to upload to, it’s time to upload your files. The video below shows you how to use the Filezilla manager correctly.

Using FTP Software

Filezilla FTP Tutorial # 9 – How To Delete, Copy, Move files, Create A Folder, And More …

In this video, you’ll learn the basic things you can do while you are within the FTP program. You’ll learn vital tasks such as how to delete a file or folder, how to copy and move files and folders around, how to create a new folder inside your server, and more …

Using FTP Software

Filezilla FTP Tutorial #10 – Live Website Rules 101

This video will ensure that you understand how to get your site up and running.

Once you understand how to upload files and transfer them around your website, there are some basic website rules you should also be aware of. The video below addresses issues and problems you may encounter while trying to make your site live (e.g. “I can’t get my site to appear on the internet when I go to”, and more!).

Using FTP Software

Filezilla FTP Tutorial #11 – How To Transfer Files Without FTP Software

What happens if you are traveling and don’t have access to the computer in your home or office that has the FTP software installed? As the video below shows, there are ways to access your website using your browser without using FTP software.

Using FTP Software

Note: These video tutorials cover Filezilla FTP software, but you can use any FTP software that you choose, as most FTP software programs perform similar functions.

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To learn how to make files writable on your server using FTP, see this tutorial: Setting Server File Permissions

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