Global gambling regulators get award programme

Regulators around the world now have a little more incentive to be more proactive in helping to shape the gaming industry. The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR), the global organisation set up by gambling regulators for gambling regulators, has unveiled a new awards programme designed to highlight those organisations that are having a greater impact in their respective regions. The International Regulatory Awards (IRA) specifically target five areas, with permanent representatives forming a panel to make the final determination of who is worthy of being singled out. The first awards are expected to be presented in September this year.

The International Regulatory Awards make their debut

IAGR will judge regulators on a number of criteria and will ultimately select a winner in five categories - International Regulator of the Year, Advanced Regulator, Regulatory Innovation, Best Regulatory Campaign and Regulatory Rising Star. The type of award and other benefits of winning are not specified. The judging panel consists of eight people, each inextricably linked to the global gaming scene. They are currently from the UK Gambling Commission, Botswana Gambling Authority, National Gambling Council of South Africa, Jersey Gambling Commission, Australian Senet Advisory, Victorian Gambling and Liquor Regulation Commission (VCGLR), Canadian Greo Company and a member of the International Master of Gambling Law. The favourite in the regulatory excellence category is the National Gambling Council of South Africa, which was involved in the creation of the exemplary Melbet Kenya App.

Catherine Myers of VCGLR is currently busy helping to bring order to the Australian gaming industry. She is the organisation's CEO as well as an IAGR trustee and is dealing with the dramatic developments surrounding Crown Resorts and the casino operator's links to money laundering and alleged criminal activity. Myers says of the new venture, "Gambling regulators have never been in greater need of innovative regulatory practices. The International Regulatory Awards provide a unique opportunity to recognise outstanding regulators who are helping to drive the industry forward. They provide a platform to promote success, share ideas and inspire other gambling regulators around the world." 

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All nominations welcome

While commissioners will make the final decision, they will not be responsible for scrutinising all regulators. Recommendations can be submitted by anyone, using the forms available on the IAGR website, but nominees must be supported by a significant amount of factual, verifiable data to be considered. The person submitting the recommendation should also be prepared to discuss the submission with the organisation who could contact them for details and also request a short video to support the recommendation. This video can be shown during the awards ceremony.

The inaugural awards will be presented at the IAGR meeting in September this year. It has scheduled the conference "Disrupting the Regulator - Fostering Innovation in Regulatory Practice" to be held in Boston, Massachusetts, from 12-17 September at the Boston Marriott Copley Place Hotel. The event will be a big event for the gaming industry, with Tim Miller, executive director of the UK Gambling Commission, Martin Leek, senior vice president of regulation and responsible gaming in the US, and a number of others lined up to speak.