How to choose the perfect mice

In this article, have familiarized yourself more with the perfect palm grip style mouse and what kind you will get for yourself. A palm grip computer mouse is one in which you hold the mouse with your palm; it normally results in the palm of your hand resting on the mouse and your pointer is resting comfortably at the center of the mouse. This style of computer mouse usually has a weighty and sturdy wrist rest and rubber ring on either side of the wrist where the mouse buttons are readily accessible. The mouse wheel is also located on the palm side of the hand, as well as on a raised mouse button, which make using the wheel easy to use. For an even more precise and comfortable fit, make sure that the wrist rest and mouse buttons are aligned with each other.


These types of computer mice come in two general styles, the optical and the laser based. The laser-based mouse is more expensive than the optical; however, it offers more control and accuracy, as well as greater comfort, and is the type most often used by professional gamers and users alike. Laser based units are also usually more responsive than their optical counterparts; though, they can cost significantly more, also. However, if you do not need the precision and accuracy that come with using a laser unit, the regular mouse may be just fine for your purposes. The regular mouse is just as effective as any other style of palm grip mice and is also fairly comfortable to use.


Palm grip units are equipped with either optical or laser sensors. Usually, however, palm grip mice are equipped with only one optical sensor, which makes them more accurate and less prone to "hindering". Optical sensors can also detect movement at various distances up to around 150 feet. On the other hand, laser sensors, which detect movement at a range of around 2021 feet, are generally more accurate than the optical units. The best palm grip mice include ones that have both an optical and a laser sensor; these are generally referred to as dual-sensor mice.


One of the best known brands of palm grip mice is the Revenge M95. This model is among the most popular on the market; and for good reason. It offers extremely accurate tracking and response, is comfortable to use, and can be upgraded for increased sensitivity at later stages, if needed. With a fully-automatic trigger, the Revenge M95 can be set to fire when the user holds down the left mouse button for around four seconds, which is extremely handy.


Steelseries is another popular brand of gaming mouses and is well-known for the extreme sensitivity of its buttons and sliders. Steelseries mice are known for their quality and reliability, and are generally very comfortable to use. The majority of Steelseries mice are USB MIDI enabled, which allow them to be used with computers and other gaming machines. Other notable Steelseries mice include the Emporium Game Pad Mouse and the Steelseries QS Mouse.


When it comes to palm grip mice, you have plenty of brands to choose from. These include the RZR iMindertune, the Steesler Sirius, the Logitech Quick Fire, the Steesler QFT, the HON Orca, the Chicco Echolift Pro 2. The best palm grip mice are generally very comfortable to use, accurate, and easy to program; they also tend to be very sensitive to finger motion, making them ideal for gaming. If you are considering buying a new mouse, make sure you research the different options available on the market today before making your decision. While they may not be the most comfortable, the right palm grip mice will provide you with years of quality gaming performance.