How to delete your Parimatch account

Bookmaker companies are not interested in players stopping betting, but each bookmaker has certain ways to exclude them from the game. There are two such ways in online bookmaker India - official and unofficial.

Bookmaker Parimatch maintains a responsible gambling policy that helps prevent gambling addiction. Its main part is to restrict access to the account - temporary or complete, but this does not include the deletion of the account. The main reason is legislation.

Can I delete an account

By law, you cannot delete your Parimatch account. Companies that handle money are required to keep information about their customers for at least five years. This data is confidential.

If you have never replenished your account in Parimatch, then you can delete your profile. To do this, contact the technical support service of the bookmaker - best of all by mail.

If you have already made a deposit, you cannot delete it. If you want to restrict your access to your account temporarily or permanently, there are other ways to do this.

How to restrict access

To restrict access, contact our 24-hour technical support service. In the letter, write that you want to delete your Parimatch account and indicate the blocking period, tell the reason why you decided to restrict access, and indicate your account number. This information is needed to save you time - the operator will need them to identify you and block the account.

You will also be asked to verify your identity - this is necessary to make sure that the owner wants to block the account, and not an unauthorized person. Most likely, you will need to show your passport and name the last transactions with the account - for example, the last bets or the dates of withdrawal of winnings.

How to regain access to your account

You can always remove access restrictions. To do this, write to technical support again and inform the operator that you want to return the invoice. In this case, the account will remain in the same state as at the time of blocking.

How else to block an account

If restricting access to your account through technical support does not suit you, you can block the account differently. To do this, you will have to break the Parimatch rules. This is not the best way - after such a blocking, other bookmaker companies will learn about your violations and will be biased.

There are many rules in Parimatch that you can break to get a ban. Among them:

  • multi-accounting - creating more than one account;
  • bots - bets using programs;
  • refusal to verify - unwillingness to undergo re-confirmation of identity when withdrawing winnings.

Any of these violations will most likely result in account blocking. Remember that with this method you will not be able to restore your account and withdraw money from it, so withdraw your winnings in advance.