Is it real to make money on sports betting

People who have never bet on sports events think that it is impossible to beat a bookmaker's office. If you look at the question in detail, earning money from is quite possible. It requires a balanced approach and a bit of luck.

This way of earning associated with a certain risk. No one knows in advance how the match will end, even a few minutes before the end of regular time. You can only speculate with a certain degree of probability. Otherwise, bookmaker's offices and betting would not exist.

There are always risks associated with losing money. The bank may lose its license. A crisis may arise in the country, as a result of which customers will simply lose all their deposits. Other problems are also possible, such as robberies or excessive risk taking by a bank. In this sense, the riskiness of sports betting does not differ much from any other investment.

But the risk of losing money does exist

Hence the main rule of betting: use only those financial means that you can lose without fatal consequences. Never borrow money to place a bet, take out a loan, or touch money set aside for family needs.

Allocate a small starting capital (bankroll) for sports betting. If you plan to place a few bets to try out, you can limit yourself to a very small amount. If you plan to make money and use strategies, the size of the bankroll should allow you to make 20-50 bets.

In addition, if you are serious about becoming a professional handicapper and give up stable work in favor of sports betting, check the following conditions:

  • Availability of high-speed and uninterrupted access to the Internet.
  • Availability of several hours of free time every day.
  • Having a bankroll that you can easily lose.
  • Cold-bloodedness. In the world of betting there is no room for "favorite teams", emotions and desires. Only statistics, mathematical forecasting and probability determination.
  • An interest in one of the sport disciplines. If you are not interested in sports, you will work through force. As a result, you will get neither money nor moral satisfaction from the work done.

Most beginning players start their career with the most popular sports: hockey, soccer, and basketball.

Beginners should not expect huge profits. If a beginner begins to use a working strategy, he can get a stable monthly profit of 10 percent of the bank.

For fans of risk there are also strategies with high profitability. Here you can get several times more than on low-yield and non-risk strategies, but the probability of losing the whole bank also increases.