Playing several games of League of Legends

After playing several games of League of Legends and researching several mice, discovered that the Razer Naga Hex V2 really is the best MOBA mouse for me because it fit perfectly in my hand, provides great ergonomic build quality, great textured surface and perhaps best of all extremely easy to use and intuitively put together. The mouse itself is lightweight which makes using with wrist support a joy. I also particularly like how you can program two different profiles with the included PC accessory called the Razer Synapse.

In the past I've had a huge problem with malfunctioning of the optical mouse's sensor, it made clicking extremely slow and took forever to register. In addition, the sensitivity of the Razer Megasoma was not ideal, I could only click fine during early game play but once I mastered the advanced stuff it became very accurate and responsive. On the other hand the Razer Naga's sensor is one of the best on the market currently, it's built extremely well and the response time is extremely fast. If you are looking for a gaming mouse that can deal with a lot of use, then the Razer Megasoma would be an ideal choice.

There were many mice that I tried that were not ergonomically friendly, the Logitech G3 was one of the worst I used and after my experiences I now only use programmable thumb buttons for all of my actions in the game. A few mice that I tried had very loose grips which would occasionally get caught on things during game play. One of the best features on the Razer Megasoma is that there are 2 extra buttons on the mouse that allows me to quickly double-tap keys if necessary. This feature definitely came in handy when dealing with massive amounts of enemy attacks during an intense battle.

The Razer Megasoma also has a nice feature called Razer Engine Glow, which is a very nice feature to add to any gaming mouse. This feature provides much needed ambient lighting in game providing my opponents with an even lighting field around them making it very difficult to hit them. It's been a long time since I've used anything to help with lighting effects in games, and the Megasoma easily outperformed all of my other mice during an intense battle. Many gamers report increased sensitivity and less mouse movement errors while using the Razer Engine Glow. It certainly made a big difference in the accuracy of my attacks.

There are a few minor issues I experienced with the Razer Megasoma, but none made a huge difference in how enjoyable the mouse was to use. The biggest issue I did find was that the programmable buttons sometimes got stuck in the middle of use causing me to have to reposition them which can be inconvenient if I'm going to be in a rush. Another small annoyance was that the Razer Megasoma did not support the USB ports on the front of the mouse, which means I had to look at putting another mouse on the back of the computer in order to use the one on the front. This could get annoying at times. In addition, I also found that while the mouse had an optical sensor, the sensitivity of the trigger was not as high as I would like, resulting in some missed clicks.

Overall, the Razer Megasoma provided me with a nice overall experience. While many gaming mice come with a DPI requirement to be able to click accurately, the Razer Megasoma performed well at its intended level. While it could probably offer a higher DPI requirement if needed, for every situation where I needed to precision click, the Razer Megasoma provided me with enough accuracy to ensure that my targets were hit with the right amount of force to make them satisfyingly responsive. While some people may not find these types of mice very useful, they do have great quality and are definitely well worth considering for anyone who plays computer games on a regular basis.