Dear Marketer,

Let’s face it..anyone can create a marketing graphics and post it on the web.
But not everyone has the artistic skills to design a professional minisite that gives your prospects the confidence to buy your products.

There’s a huge difference between creating and designing.

Imagine this for a moment. You are in the market to buy a new car. You visit several dealerships and most of them are pristine. The cars are gleaming, you can see your reflection in the highly polished paint, the floors of the dealership are spotless and the sales office looks like it’s just been newly renovated.


Then you walk into a dealership where the cars are covered in dust, the floor hasn’t been mopped in weeks, there are stains on the old chairs in the sales office and the place looks like it’s ready to close. How does it make you feel? I know I wouldn’t feel confident buying a car there.

And that’s the exact same feeling your prospects get when they visit your website. It either fills them with confidence, or it fills them with fear – fearthat they might not get the product they ordered and fear that even if they do get the product they ordered, it’s probably going to be a substandard product. So they click away and go buy a similar product from a website that looks professional.

Some people say “it doesn’t matter what the sales page looks like”. If you’re one of those people, try this simple test. Look at the two graphics below and notice how you feel. What’s your first impression?


Did you see the difference? Which sales page gave you the confidence to buy the product?

Ugly graphics are losing entrepreneurs hundreds of thousands of dollars and it’s painful

But we can’t blame them because it’s not their fault.

Outsourcing graphics is costly and many marketers can’t afford to spend another $97 to $197 or more for a graphic pack.


Expert internet marketers said “The secret to being successful online is knowing exactly what to sell and how to sell it”

To make it simple.. high quality product that people want plus targeted traffic will make money.

Creating high quality product from scratch it’s not as easy as you’d think. It is time consuming, it cost you thousands of dollars, and you will encounter lots of frustration along the way.

Now I’m giving you the chance to skip a lot of the frustration and time consuming design process.

Get instant access to my 20 newly created graphics modules.

What Exactly You’ll Get


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Clean-and-Colorful-Web-Buttons-Preview BulletsSample MobileComputerDeviceSmartTemplates HandDrawnGraphics Sale-Tags-Preview Web-Boxes-Preview MapElementsPreview Clean-and-Colorful-Social-Media-Icons Clean-and-Colorful-Ribbons-SampleSatisfaction 100% Guarantee | All The Risk Is On Us With Our 100% Ironclad Money Back Guarantee.

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You’ll receive your order instantly even if it’s 3 am!
For Your Online Success,
James B. Stafford

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