WordPress Installation Guide With Step-By-Step Tutorials

Welcome To Our WordPress Installation Guide!

This training section provides complete step-by-step screenshot and video tutorials that will guide you through the entire WordPress installation process.

The tutorials are easy to follow and show you step-by-step how to install a brand new WordPress site or blog for your business or for personal use.

We also include a step-by-step “online pre-installation checklist” that will help to ensure you have everything you need in place before installing WordPress. This will save you a great deal of time and eliminate any problems or confusions when you start installing your new site.

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is well known as a powerful free blogging tool that creates beautiful blogs and websites.

This sounds great, but what exactly can WordPress do for you?

If you’re an online business owner or a small business owner, your website is probably a cornerstone of your business. WordPress allows you to create this cornerstone, and then easily update and manage it all yourself – all through an internet browser.

In other words … WordPress gives you an online vehicle that puts YOU in the driver’s seat! WordPress is powerful, flexible, inexpensive, easy to manage, and it allows you to have complete control over your own web presence …

Blog Vs Website Which Is Better For Your Business eBook

(Screenshot from “Blog Vs Website: Which Is Better For Your Business?”)

Now … you probably have some serious questions about what WordPress as a content management system has to offer you. First of all, let’s look at some impressive statistics about WordPress:

  • There are well over 60 million installations of WordPress worldwide. This number is growing everyday
  • One-sixth of all sites are powered by WordPress.
  • More than 50% of all sites that use a content management system are powered by WordPress.
  • WordPress is a completely free and open source content management system.
  • WordPress is built by volunteers.
  • WordPress is constantly being updated to improve both functionality and security.

That’s all pretty impressive, right? Let’s take a closer look at what 60+ million people see in WordPress. What does WordPress offer you that will make it the right online vehicle for setting up your web presence?

WordPress – Facts And Figures

WordPress Infographic


If you are ready to start using WordPress, then simply follow the step-by-step tutorials below – they will show you exactly how to install your very own WordPress site or blog.

WordPress Installation Process

The flowchart below shows the recommended process that we will follow in these tutorials to help you install a WordPress site or blog on your domain quickly and professionally …

WordPress Installation Process

(Click on image above to enlarge it)

WordPress Installation Guide Tutorials – Tutorials List

The WordPress Installation Guide Training in this section includes the following tutorials:

  1. What You Need To Do Before Installing WordPress
  2. Step 1: How To Register A Domain Name
  3. Related Tutorial: How To Find Available Keyword-Rich Domain Names Quickly
  4. Step 2: How To Set Up Web Hosting For Your WordPress Site
  5. Related Tutorial: How To Set Up A Nameserver For Your Domain Name
  6. Related Tutorial: How To Create Subdomains And Add-on Domains In cPanel
  7. Related Tutorial: How To Create An Email Account In cPanel
  8. Step 3: Deciding Where To Install Your WordPress Site
  9. Step 4: Creating A Google Account
  10. Step 5: Creating Your Initial WordPress Content
  11. Related Tutorial: WordPress Site Content Creation Checklist
  12. How To Install WordPress Using cPanel – Fast WordPress Installation Method
  13. How To Install WordPress Manually Using FTP
  14. Related Tutorial: How To Transfer Data Between Your Computer And Your Server (3 Methods)
  15. Related Tutorial: How To FTP Files To Your Server Using Filezilla
  16. Related Tutorial: How To Configure Server File Permission Settings
  17. How To Update WordPress Automatically Using The WP Dashboard
  18. How To Update WordPress Manually Using cPanel
  19. How To Update WordPress Manually Using FTP
  20. How To Install WordPress Plugins Automatically
  21. How To Install WordPress Plugins Manually
  22. How To Upgrade And Delete WordPress Plugins Automatically
  23. How To Upgrade And Delete WordPress Plugins Manually
  24. How To Install WordPress Themes Automatically
  25. How To Install WordPress Themes Manually

Please contact us if you need any help or further assistance using WordPress.

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