50 Brilliant Blog Post Ideas For Your Next Article

Ever asked yourself, “What should I post?” Having trouble coming up with your next brilliant topic to write about? This is a challenge for countless writers and bloggers. The problem lies not only in the topic you should write about, but also for what purpose? We’ve listed our 8 major purposes and 50 brilliant blog post ideas for you to consider trying for your next post!

Here are our 8 major areas for purposeful content writing:

  1. Be useful
  2. Be generous
  3. Be entertaining
  4. Be timely
  5. Be human
  6. Be promotional
  7. Be controversial
  8. Be engaging

1. Be useful

1. List Post
2. How-To Post
3. Case Study
4. Problem/Solution Post
5. Research Post
6. FAQ Post
7. SAQ Post
8. Checklist/CheatSheet Post
9. Ultimate Guide Post
10. Definition Post
11. Series Post
12. Stats Report

2. Be Generous

13. Profile post
14. Crowdsourced Post
15. Interview Post
16. Quote Post
17. Pick-Of-The-Week Post

3. Be Entertaining

18. Story Post
19. Satire Post
20. Create A Meme

4. Be Timely

21. Review Post
22. Survey Post
23. Breaking News Post
24. Predicting A Trend Post

5. Be Human

25. Inspirational Post
26. Holiday Post
27. A Genuine Post
28. Behind-The-Scenes Post
29. Off-Topic Post
30. Rant Post
31. Guest Post
32. Interview

6. Be Promotional

33. Comparison Post
34. Project Showcase Post
35. Income Report Post
36. Company Update Post
37. Presentation Post
38. Best of Post
39. Product Update Post
40. Product Tips Post
41. Webinar Post
42. Testimonial Post

7. Be Controversial

43. What-If Post
44. Debate Post
45. Reveal Post

8. Be Engaging

46. Quiz Post
47. Question and Answer Posts
48. Challenge/Competition Post
49. Customer Spotlight Post
50. Discounts and Freebies

Bonus! Ways to multiply each post!

To get even more mileage out of each of these ideas for posts, consider putting them in a new format. Text is the most prevalent and simplest way of sharing each of these posts, yet there are so many other ways to reformat each one. You can use different media styles to present the same information such as images, video, or audio to replace or supplement each text post. Consider presenting the same information as an infographic, a video tutorial or review, or a podcast series.

If you absolutely love these topics on how to create and market your content effectively, we’ve put together a few additional awesome resources for you to check out!

What About You?

Which blog post idea do you plan on implementing next? Are there any that you have found helpful and effective? Share your thoughts here in the comments section! We’d love to hear about them!

10 thoughts on “50 Brilliant Blog Post Ideas For Your Next Article”

  1. Indeed a great post about blog post ideas. 😀

    This is very much common problem which almost every blogger and writer face. After writing certain articles, We didn’t get any idea that on which topic should we write our another blog post.

    In this situation, I always check articles on my competitors blog and It helps me to get some blog post ideas.

    Along with this method, there are so many ways to get blog ideas as like as you suggested above. Either way, Thanks for this wonderful post. 😀

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