6 Content Marketing Strategies: How To Rank For Any Keyword [Infographic]

If you want to have an online presence of any kind, you must establish yourself as an authority. And the only way to become an authority is by creating content strategies that do just that. Creating good content can sometimes be difficult, but with these 6 proven strategies, you’ll be there in no time. I’m going to take you quickly through how to arrive at each strategy and where to go from there, but first we have to make sure we’re targeting our content properly. After 4 simple steps, we’ll be ready to take on any 6 of our content marketing strategies.

This process is laid out in our infographic as found here.

Content Marketing Strategies

Step 1. Identify Your Keyword

Today’s best practices that optimize your website come in the form of great content. It’s important to know which keywords you’re hoping to rank for in search engines like Google. A critical way to find out what sort of content to write next is by understanding what content you have created that has performed well in the past. The goal then becomes to surround your next content marketing strategy around these specific keywords. This is a far greater strategy than to shoot for an obscure keyword that your current audience hasn’t engaged with before.

To do this, head over to the Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner to find out which specific keywords match that same quality content you’ve put out before. It is important to present new content to your readers, but it is far greater to give new content that is exactly what they’re looking for and wanting to hear. They’ve already told you what they like so, take a step back and listen. Then give them what they’re looking for.

TIP: If you’re not sure which keywords to target, try looking for common questions or complaints surrounding your topic. You can check forums or Frequently Asked Questions boards on different websites. You can also perform a Pinterest Search for your keyword or a search on BuzzSumo or Feedly. Again, your audience is shouting out their problems, it’s up to you to listen and present an authoritative solution.

Step 2: Google It!

Now that you’ve settled on your keyword… Google it! Do this in an incognito window so as to remove all your biased previous search settings from your new search. You want a neutral result. (Side note: This step essentially proves my point in that even Google is always listening to your preferences and trying to serve up content that you’re most likely going to enjoy).

TIP: If you are using Google Chrome, you can open an incognito window by hitting Control + Shift + N for Windows, or Command + N for Mac. For other web browsers check out this quick list for opening an incognito window.

Step 3: Analyze The Results

Next, analyze the search results. This can be slightly tricky, because it allows for subjectivity. The basic question you’re going to try to answer is, “Is there at least one result that would fulfill someone who is searching for that keyword?” Make a list of all the potential answers to the question you are searching for.

TIP: You can keep yourself organized by opening each worthy link found on the first page of Google in a new window.

Step 4: Choose A Content Marketing Strategy

Once you’ve identified the results, you can move your way through the flowchart and consider all the possible strategies for creating content around your keyword.

6 Content Marketing Strategies

1. Write It Better:

Most likely, you’ll have identified a pre-existing piece of content surrounding your keyword that the searcher will enjoy. However, there’s always room for improvement. If you think you are capable of writing for your target keyword better than anyone else out there, then do it! If you really want to rank for that keyword, then you’re going to have to have the absolute best content out there.

This type of content will blow your reader away and leave them needing nothing more from anyone else, but everything more from you. In most cases, fulfilling your reader’s every need will come with a huge amount of meaty content that speaks to specifc ways for answering their question. This will take plenty of research and promotion in order for it to gain ground, but once it does, get ready to see the results!

2. Write It Yourself:

This is by far the most rare strategy due to the sheer volume of content that’s out there. Chances are that someone somewhere has written about your keyword. Yet, there are those rare opportunities to find yourself in a blue ocean with no sails on the horizon. Seize the opportunity and write it yourself.

This will take plenty of research and time finding the best way in which to deliver the content. Chances are that the keyword you are trying to rank for is within your area of expertise. Since you already live and breathe that keyword, chances are that you will be the one who could write about it.

It may be well worth your time to conduct the research and write it because, after all, if its not you who is to write it and you want or wish someone else has, then you wouldn’t find yourself on this step in the first place. Yet, there is always the option to have someone else write your new content. For more on this step, check out strategy number 4 below.

3. Write It From Your Perspective:

What can you bring to the table that no one else can? There is a high possibility that the pre-existing awesome search result already has the market share for the keyword you’re hoping to own. This could be due to a number of reasons. You may be too late to enter into that keyword, you may not have an audience that matches the sheer manpower of the influential writer or brand, or you may not have the resources to distribute it to such a wide ranging web presence.

However, you may be able to offer something unique. You may be able to bring something new to the table. You may have the opportunity to write the content from a unique perspective. Your story may be different, your results may be completely opposite, but your answer is just as legitimate and authoritative. This may lead back to the fact that the keyword you are trying to own may be too broad. Consider narrowing your focus so that you have a chance to win over your readers who are looking for something either more specific, or more able to speak on their level.

4. Outsource It:

Your time and resources are very valuable and you may not be the person who needs to worry about the small details of creating the infographic or conducting the hours and hours of research. You may also not be a gifted writer or highly skilled with a video camera. Consider empowering your team or a third party assistant to conduct the task for you. You’re still the brains of the operation after all, but there’s a good reason why you had the idea to create the content in the first place. You have a view that needs to keep envisioning. This may be a good option for you to consider.

5. Reformat It:

Take the awesome content that’s already out there and put it in a new format. This is the time to really think outside the box. Know your skills and know your audience. If the content that’s out there is a well-written scholarly text full of depth in industry jargon, but it really needs to go out to your readers who are on Instagram and Pinterest, then create it in a format that will speak to them.

Create an infographic or a meaningful story that utilizes beautiful imagery. Consider taking the content and creating a YouTube video tutorial that helps walk them through the process step-by-step. This is exactly what we do with our website. At WebsitesMadeEasy.tv, we use video tutorials to walk people through building a website using WordPress. This approach is much more user friendly and simple and we’ve found that our audience loves this format. The point here is to use work that already exists and present it in a way that will better resonate with your specific audience. You are attempting to create value by making it easer to read, understand, learn, remember, and share.

6. Write a Master List:

You may find that there are multiple amazing results for your search query. If this is the case, you have the opportunity to create an ultimate resource for your readers. Here, they are able to truly find the answer to all of their problems. Create your piece of content as a one-stop-shop gateway to the rest of the internet.

You took the time to create value for them by wading through all the quality content surrounding the keyword and systematized it into a comprehensive and organized list. This is something your audience will never want to do, yet it is something they do all too often. Readers will search far and wide across the internet to piece together answers from different areas all the while becoming confused and needing to have 10 tabs open at a time. You may have the opportunity to take all those awesome results and put them all together.

TIP: You can do this by identifying categories and subcategories surrounding your keyword phrase. Then identify areas of each awesome piece of content and identify the pieces that are helpful. Summarize those helpful pieces and provide the major takeaways. Create lists under each category and the links necessary to take your reader there. Open and close with a few paragraphs and boom! You’re done!

Some may consider this approach as being risky because you’re sending traffic away. However, if you’ve created your list properly, you’ll have communicated the reason why you are an authority in this area and how you’ve done the research for your reader so as to provide value for them.

You’ll also make the other content creators happy because you’ve sent traffic their way and you may just find they’ll send traffic back. Lastly, your reader may end up bookmarking your article to their web browser (just like I’ve done for a number of master resource lists), and visit you time and again. They may also be more likely to share your content because you’ve done the work to wade through the vast sea of information that’s out there and presented a simple solution.

Now that you’ve chosen one or more of our 6 content marketing strategies, its time to get it in front of people!

Step 5: Promote It!

Your perfect piece of content isn’t going to start ranking on its own, you’ll have to decide how to distribute it. Spread your article out across a number of channels to where your audience may benefit. Tell major influencers about your new game-changing article. Tell other bloggers who are in your network. Send your thanks to those who have inspired you to write this piece of content. Reach out to anyone or anyone you may have named specifically when creating the content and let them know how they’ve helped and inspired you.


So, are you ready to create stunning game-changing content? You can now implement any number of these strategies each and every time you create a new piece of killer content. And not only are you creating value in your own website or brand, you’re providing value in 6 new ways to your audience.

You’re establishing yourself as the authority, you’re writing better articles than anything else that’s out there, you’re writing from a different and new perspective that may resonate with someone, you’re giving a summary of all the quality content in a simple and easily digestible way, and you’re putting things in a new format which will make it easier for others to learn, share and remember.

So, what do you think?

Which strategy are you going to implement today? Which have you found that works well for your website? I’d love to hear your takeaways from this!

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