Content Marketing Step #5: How To Create Content Your Audience Will Love in 3 Simple Steps

So, if you’ve been following along in our series, we’ve already completed the work for these steps:

  1. Understand the basics of content marketing
  2. Set goals and objectives
  3. Know our target audience
  4. Map out a plan with a content calendar

Now that you’ve laid this groundwork, you’re now ready to create your first piece of content. We’re ready to master producing great content that both delivers incredible value while also encouraging engagement.

We want to make it incredibly easy for you to begin building your content library, so we’ve laid out our process in 3 simple steps.

Here’s a basic outline of our 3 steps to creating content:
1. Brainstorm Topics
2. Write headlines
3. Create the content

Step #1. Brainstorm topics

If you’ve been following along in our series, you should have already completed this step. If you need a refresher, skim through this section or feel free to move straight to step 2 below.

First, we suggest you write down 50 topics you think your audience will enjoy and topics you think you can create content around. We highly suggest you do this as it’s incredibly valuable. Not only will it help you get over the blank canvas syndrome and get started right away, but this list will continue to help you in the future as you keep building up your content library.

Once they’re all laid out on paper, you will also be able to categorize your topics and arrange them in a logical order one after the next. In doing this, you’ll be better able to create content intentionally that presents a overarching narrative for your audience and community.

So, to come up with the topics, you need to start by identifying our core business offer.

To do this, write down your answers to these 5 questions:
1. What problems or pain points are present in your industry?
2. How do you plan on offering a solution to these problems?
3. What products or services do you provide?
4. What sort of key benefits does your product or service provide?
5. What makes you different from anyone else in your niche?

Once you’ve answered these questions, we can begin brainstorming topics for content that speaks to these answers. 

By writing content that supports answers to these questions, you will be better able to stay focused in presenting your core value proposition throughout everything you create. 

Here is your number 1 resource for brainstorming!
We have a post that covers 50 unique pieces of content that you can create. It’s a master list of ideas if you’re just getting started out or if you find yourself stuck.

This guide details exactly how to go about creating 50 specific pieces of content. It has everything from How-To Posts, SAQ posts, ultimate guides, and checklists to product reviews, breaking news, interviews, customer spotlights, and webinars.

We hope you like it. Check it out here!

After your list is complete, start setting aside the content that will be the most difficult to create and the content that’s the least useful to your audience. You’re now left with the cream of the crop. And that’s a great place to start.

So now you should have a few great ideas and a general direction you’d like to head with key topics. Now before going and writing on this handful of killer content, it’s incredibly important to nail down eye catching headlines.

Step #2: Write Compelling Headlines

This part can be really tough. I get it, I was once there too. I wasn’t an advertiser or a journalist of any kind when I first started creating content. But, along the way, I’ve learned a thing or two and it’s made all the difference.

Here’s the thing..

Even the most incredible content in the world will flop once it’s published if it does not have a headline that demands attention. 

“The start is what stops most people”

Keep in mind that this step may seem easy, but can actually be very difficult for many.

When writing your next article title, you have to think about how to grab attention among all the noise that’s out there on the internet. What can you say that will persuade people to make the click and continue onto your article?

Essentially, you are aiming to have people click on your headline and continue on to read your content. You want to encourage others to click on your headline, but if you write a headline like, “How to get rid of bees in less than 24 hours using nothing more than a can of soda” you must actually deliver content that can back that promise up.

In today’s world online, you cannot exaggerate, lie, under-deliver, or have any sort of disconnect in your headline that doesn’t match your content. If you’re insinuating that someone can get rid of bees in less than a day with just a can of soda, you better deliver on that promise. It better not take 3, 8 hour days and one can of soda each day. 

Using this example, you weren’t technically lying, but you sure did exaggerate. It is an internet sin to commit this sort of “Click-Bait.” 

Still having some trouble thinking of headlines?
Luckily, we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting for you and have identified 78 top performing headlines for you to use as a guide.

If you’re really serious about writing headlines effectively, check out our post that details our 78 top performing headlines, here!

Lastly, since mastering how to write compelling headlines can be difficult, if you want to have any hope in catching someone’s attention with your headline, you’re going to need a foolproof blueprint. That’s why we’re detailing our perfect 4-step copywriting formula here! Definitely be sure to check this out as well.

Step #3: Create the Content

Keep in mind, the goal of our blog..

Just remember as we’re creating blog posts, our aim is to create engaging content which encourages our visitors to continually return to our blog again and again. Keep this as a reminder before creating every piece of content and ask yourself if what you are about to create really supports this fundamental goal.

Now, onto the fun stuff!

We’ll need to pull out our list of top topics and headlines and start creating initial content surrounding our business and product/service. Select one and run with it!

Here’s a tip..
One tip for writing a first draft is to “brain vomit” your thoughts into your word doc or post editor section and keep typing until you can’t think of anything more.

The key here is to keep typing even if you make grammatical mistakes or say something in a complicated, cluttered, or sloppy way. Do not go back to fix your sentence grammar and structure, but instead, simply write the letters AWK (abbreviation for awkward) at the end of the section in question.

When you are finished with your draft, hit “Command” + “F” if you are on a mac, (or “Control” + “F” if you are on a PC) and search for your “AWK” letters. Your computer will highlight everywhere the letters “AWK” appear so you can more easily find and fix these sections.

Ready to become familiarized with how to post content on WordPress and how to get the most out of the WordPress editor?

Check out this video to creating your first blog post with WordPress here!

It’s up to you!

Now it’s up to you. We’ve given you the tools to succeed in writing your content effectively. Now, it’s up to you to put in the work and master creating unique content for your audience. The important thing to remember here is that you have to start somewhere.

It may be discouraging to see your finished product not “looking as good” as some of the other blogs out there, but you have to remember you’re just getting started. They too had to start somewhere.

The pros may have dozens of people writing content for them and making every single post look and feel amazing. Give it time and continue the hard work. “The obstacle is the way.”

Now, onto our next Step!

Still need more help?

We have even more tips for creating effective content in other articles here on our blog. We'd love to share them with you!

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