Double Your Email Subscribers with SumoMe List Builder

SumoMe List Builder

Hello everyone and welcome to this quick little video where I’m going to be revealing one of the most highly praised plugins that can transform the number of subscribers you have! It’s called ListBuilder by AppSumo and it’s capable of growing your subscribers list by over 700,000 people! Lets jump right in so I can start telling you all about it!

What Is List Builder?

So first of all, Listbuilder is completely free! It makes it super easy for you to gain email subscribers and get new customers. Most people have an email address now, which makes things a lot simpler when it comes to keeping in touch. So for all those visitors you have coming to your website, imagine if you could keep in contact with them and get them to come back over and over again? It’s pretty much guaranteed traffic to your website and it’s a win-win for you and your visitors! Let me explain further.

How does ListBuilder Work?

ListBuilder uses a very clever little pop up window that knows exactly when someone is about to leave your website. At that point it triggers the pop up, which has an offer they just can’t refuse. In return for their email address, they’ll receive an offer that provides so much value. This is called a Lead Magnet and it is a game changer when used effectively like this.

For example, when you visited our website, you entered your email address, in return for the brilliant offer, and to gain access to the site. So, for the hundreds of people who have visited your website may have left and may not come back. However, now with your lead magnet put in place, these very same people are much more likely to come back all the time! This is because you now have their email address and can keep in constant communication with them in order to get them to come back to your site over and over!

By the way, I’m just scratching the surface of Lead Magnets. If you’d like to learn more about the power of Lead Magnets and how to leverage your business and WordPress website, we have great videos that guide you through this process step by step! These along with our entire master course can be found at! Check it out!

So, how do you get started with ListBuilder?

It’s really easy! The first thing you need is to make sure you have installed the SumoMe plugin. This plugin will allow you to then install the ListBuilder App onto your website. You can do this easily by going to Plugins and Add New, searching for SumoMe, install it, then hit activate.

You’ll then find a little icon hidden at the top right, click this and register with SumoMe.

Once you’ve done that you’ll have access to all their apps in their store! These are all extremely powerful and completely free! We have quick dedicated videos on each of these apps so check them out if you’d like to learn about all the others. One video we find especially effective is Share which makes it quick and easy for your visitors to share your content to their social media such as Facebook and Twitter!

So, in the SumoMe store you’re looking for ListBuilder. Click on ListBuilder, now click on FREE, and it’s installed!

How to use ListBuilder

To start using ListBuilder, find the icon at the top right again, click on the crown and the ListBuilder icon is here.

ListBuilder is one of the only plugins like this that is mobile optimized! Use smart popup mode to prompt guests to enter their email address right when you have their attention. You can also use your own custom email form if you are already using a newsletter service such as MailChimp.

You can fully customize the popup window to how you like, changing colors, text, images, and the thank you page. There is also an option to go premium that allows you to choose from many different popup windows. But the free version is great if you’re just getting started and it works perfectly right out of the box!

We use ListBuilder at and as we discovered more subscribers = more customers, it’s a win-win!

If you haven’t been collecting emails, this is the best way to get started. It takes less than a minute to install and start using this fantastic plugin. As I said earlier, you can go from a small website with a few hundred visitors to a business with over 700,000 email subscribers and THOUSANDS of customers!

How much bigger would your site or blog be with 10,000? 100,000? 700,000+ subscribers?

Where should I go from here?

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching, and if you did, please quickly give this video a like and share it with your friends! Also let us know how well this works for you by leaving a comment and be sure to check out the WebsitesMadeEasy’s Facebook page and YouTube channel and subscribe! Here you can keep up to date with our brand new videos which come out every week! Thank you and see you in the next video!

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