Drive Traffic, Capture Emails, And So Much More With HelloBar

Hello everyone! Welcome to another quick video in our series which guides you step by step through some of the best plugins, apps and online services that you can start using straight away! You’ll be able to leverage your website and online presence with our helpful tips and guided instruction!

In this video I’m going to be showing you how to easily start using HelloBar which can double your subscribers list in very short time! HelloBar is an optimization tool that allows you to show a message to your visitors at the top of the screen.   This can be used to guide your visitors to sign up to your email list, follow or like you on any social media, sell an ebook or even take them to your Etsy shop! HelloBar works! So many companies have benefited from using it. They’ve been able to double their email opt-ins without doing anything!

So how do you set it up?

First of all head to the HelloBar website at It now asks you to enter your website address. Then click on Log in With Google. You want to make sure you’re logged into your Google account, then make sure you’re happy with this and click on Accept.

HelloBar now asks you what your goal is for using HelloBar. Is it to drive traffic? To collect email addresses? Or to connect and share? I’m going to go with Collect Emails for this video. Now HelloBar wants to know where these emails will be stored and I’m going to leave this as default.


You’ve now set up HelloBar! Now all you need to do is customize how you want it to look and install it onto your website! You’ll see the dashboard where you can customize how HelloBar looks and functions. You have a toolbar on the left, which has options to customize HelloBar, such as Settings, Style, Colors, and Text & Content. I’m in Settings and you can change your Goal if you ever want to as well.

Style is the general look of the Bar. You can change it completely into a box which pops up in the middle of the screen as well as some other styles with different functions. Colors lets you change the colors of the HelloBar. Text & Content allows you to edit the Headline and Link text as well as choose which font you’d like. If you upgrade, you can change the Thank You text.

Once you’ve done all this, as you’ve probably noticed, it’s super easy to see the changes you’ve made because it updates as you do things on the right. You can also see how your HelloBar would look on a smartphone! This is a fantastic feature if a lot of your audience uses their phones to visit your website.

By the way, if you are looking to help optimize your website to have a responsive design and be more mobile friendly, check out our quick article here! How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly In The Next 5 Minutes!

Time To Install

Now you’ve customized your HelloBar. All you need to do is install it! To install HelloBar, you do it in 2 steps. Click on Save and Publish. HelloBar gives you a few options to install. Since we are using WordPress, lets use this option which allows you to download the HelloBar plugin as a .zip and install it to your website.

Once downloaded, head to your WordPress website. Go to Plugins and Add New. Then click Upload and upload the .zip file you just downloaded. Install and Activate! All Done! Congratulations! You’ve now got a shiny new HelloBar working on your website. Lets go and check it out!

This looks great! Now, how easy was that to set up? It’s now working 24/7 for me. It’s collecting emails from my visitors!

I hope you can now see how powerful HelloBar can be for increasing your subscriptions and building your website. It makes it quick and easy for your visitors to subscribe. This is especially true when used with a Lead Magnet that offers your visitors something valuable in return for sharing their emails. This is just the beginning and we have so much more to show you with fresh new content coming out each week!

We have dedicated videos for WordPress beginners as well as advanced users. We also share tools and techniques that are being used by big companies online!

Remember to check out our website and leave a comment on our Facebook page! We would love to see how your HelloBar looks!

Thank you and see you in the next video!

Drive Traffic, Capture Emails, And So Much More With HelloBar
Drive Traffic, Capture Emails, And So Much More With HelloBar

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