Facebook And Social Media Cover Photo Maker

If you’re looking for the right Facebook cover photo size or simply looking for a killer Facebook cover photo maker.. Take a peek at this quick and helpful video tutorial!

A Quick Introduction

Hello and welcome to another quick video in our series where I am going to be guiding you step-by-step to creating an amazing website and online presence. It’s a very easy process when using free services just like this one, Canva!

Canva is rich in features. You can create designs for pretty much anything including printed cards, YouTube artwork, any social media images, and infographics. There is no need to worry about dimensions or being able to draw because it’s all done for you! Everything is drawn out already waiting for you to customize it exactly how you like!

There are so many options to play around with as it’s very flexible. So, lets get straight into it and learn how to create a Facebook Cover quickly and easily using Canva!

Let’s Get Started!

A Facebook cover is one of the first things someone see’s when they visit your page so it’s a good idea to make it attractive to your market and work for your business.

Creating a cover is easy! At Canva just click on Facebook Cover and it takes you straight into designing your cover! With Canva, there’s no messing around, you just choose what you want to create and immediately have everything you need!

The Toolbar

On the left, you’ll find a toolbar with different options such as a Search, Layouts, Text, and also a background tab if you want to use a texture or a pattern as your background. You’ve also got an Uploads option where you can upload your own images to use if you’d like. Clicking each tab will bring up that area. So if I click Layouts, for example, I can then browse the hundreds of different Facebook Covers available for me to use.

Beginning A New Project

When you click one, it gets placed into your work area. You can then make it your own. Canva has lots of free templates to use. It also has an option to pay $1 for other templates. I may choose to use a free one and I know that because it says FREE in the corner of the image, and also when I go to download it, it won’t charge me.

As you can see, these Facebook Covers have a placeholder which indicates where your photo will be placed. This is really useful when designing your cover. You can also edit all of the text and have a choice from lots of different fonts to use!

You can add more text by just clicking on the Text tab in the toolbar and Canva has some great designs to choose from. Again, all you do is click and it gets placed into your cover. You can change it’s size by dragging the handles. You can change it’s color by clicking it and clicking on the color wheel. You also have some additional options if you click on the little arrow.

If you want to upload your own image to use, click on Uploads and Upload your own images. Then select your image and it is placed in your design, easy! If you want to use an image for the whole cover you will need it to be 851 px by 315 px so it fits nicely. Or if you can’t find one exactly that size, then get one that is larger and scale it down until it fits, although you may miss some parts of the image. Play around and be creative!

Here’s another handy tip if you ever make a mistake. You can easily go back to how your design was a few steps ago by using the undo button. So don’t worry if you ever want to undo anything, just use this and you can start again!

What Do You Think?

I hope you can now see how powerful using Canva can be for your business! Canva has limitless opportunities and this video isn’t big enough to show you everything. That’s why we are making more videos for you which guide you through everything else Canva has to offer. So look out for those!

I hope you have enjoyed watching and now know how to create a great looking Facebook Cover! We would love to see your designs! So share them with us on Facebook. And if you have any questions, leave us a comment! Please give this video a quick like and share, and I’ll see you in the next video!