Finally Boost your Website Conversions With These 3 Tricks

Most small business owners know that a mailing list is critical for an effective online marketing strategy. What isn’t as obvious, however, is what should be offered as a “bribe” in exchange for an email address. A simple “subscribe to my blog” is not going to get you very far nowadays.

Opt-in incentives (also known as lead magnets or offers) have one main goal: Give the visitor something of such high value that they will willingly push the sign up button. We’ve put together 3 expert tips on how to best entice people to subscribe to your content!

1. Solve one problem with your offer

No matter what it was that drew readers to your website, they stay because they are looking for a way to…

  1. Relieve a current frustration or..
  2. Fulfill a specific desire.

Your opt-in offer ought to fulfill a specific desire and provide a single solution to your visitors’ problem quickly and easily and all for free!

For this reason, it is vital that you target a single problem when addressing your audience. Many people mistakenly try to be broad and solve all problems in one giant PDF. It is much more effective to solve one single, infuriating problem at a time. This will give your readers a taste of the quality of your remaining valuable information and tease them to want even more.

An example opt-in offer ought to be relevant to your entire audience, yet also be ultra-specific to a certain category or topic. For example, you’re here because you need help with building your website and optimizing your online presence. This is a broad need, yet it will take steps to get there. Along the way you’ll need blog post ideas, stock images, headline writing help, Landing Page Tips, etc. Each of these ultra-specific offers can solve one particular problem that nearly everyone has.

2. Provide a quick and easy solution

If you’re going to offer a checklist, a one pager is long enough. If you have a video to show- keep it to 5 minutes. When it comes to opt-in freebies, bigger is not better.

A good rule of thumb is that any opt-in incentive should take two hours or less to create. Anything that takes you longer than two hours is likely too detailed and you run the risk of losing your audience’s interest. Your subscribers should be able to take your information and immediately apply it to what they are working on. Keeping it concise is key. Otherwise, your information is not actionable.

What you choose to offer must require little to no skill to apply. Chances are, if your readers are looking for help, they are beginners in whatever area they are researching. Keep it clear and easy for them to apply your information so that you remain an asset. If you have to explain what you are offering- you’re doing it wrong.

3. Keep it consistent

This is often an overlooked point. Remember what it was that brought a viewer to your page in the first place. If your blog post is detailing a certain topic or category, then the opt-in offer ought to compliment it and add even more value.

Think about it as if you were a visitor to your own blog. You likely clicked on an interesting link that a friend shared on Facebook or a link that you saw in an email or on Google. The subsequent landing page ought to continue with the style and imagery as depicted on the article link, email, or advertisement. That way, your visitor will know they’re in the right place.

There should be no disconnect. If visitors are clicking to read about website building tips and are suddenly reading about slow cooker recipes, they will undoubtedly lose interest right away. However, if they are reading about the Top 31 Places to Find Free Photos: No Questions Asked and click through to the landing page to find an opt-in offer for 57 Free Photos to use on your next project, you may just capture a lifetime subscriber!

It’s important to keep your content consistent and meet customer expectations.

What about you?

Which of these tips do you plan on implementing next? Do you have a few of your own? We’d love to hear about them in the comment section below!

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