How To Find The WordPress Login Page

Hello everyone and welcome to another quick video in our WordPress series, my name is Theo and I’m going to be taking you through step by step how to find the WordPress login page and log in to your website!

This is truly a confusing first step when you’re a beginner or just starting out. Or, of course, you may have forgotten your Login URL. You’ve just registered your domain name and got hosting, now all you want to do is start creating your website! But how do you actually login to your WordPress Website? Where do you even start? I remember thinking the same things, thinking do I need to download something else, or have I missed something?

Don’t worry! You haven’t missed anything and you don’t need to get anything extra!

It’s really simple once you know how. Lets have a look right now!

So you’ve got your new website up and running and it’s ready to be logged into and designed how you like. To log in, think of it like the back door into your site where you can manage how your site looks, as well as create new posts, add pages, and set up plugins. Using this backdoor to log in you gain access to your website to customize how you like!


To get to this backdoor is really simple, all you need to do is bring up a window and type in your website address, then add /wp-admin/ to the end of it. So for our website which is I would add it onto the end like this,

Of course, once you’re there, you need your username and password to log in.

Now if you’re having trouble remembering what to add to the end of your website address, or you want to keep it saved, then I recommend you just bookmark it. Then all you do is click this bookmark whenever you want to log in! Easy and simple! Now you know how to log in and your ready to start building up your shiny new website.

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