Our 7 Best Content Strategies for Any Size Blog

So, you have an awesome blog. Your articles are on point, your photos are perfect and you’ve got an amazing perspective for each piece. Yet, if you really want your hard work to reach others, you’re going to have to promote your blog well.

Many bloggers recommend you spend as much (or more!) time promoting your content as you do writing it! This is definitely an area in which I fall short, but with these 7 tips we can boost your blog’s promotion, no matter the size of your audience!

1. Send new articles to your subscribed email list

If you’re not using your blog to build an email list you need to.. now! Having a list of your readers’ emails on hand is one of the best ways to reach the largest percentage of your viewers. This list is gold because these opt-ins are the most qualified leads you can get. These people have literally handed you their contact information and given you permission to send them new content. In fact, they even might be looking forward to your new content, not as an interruption, but in anticipation!

Use this to your advantage! They’re prepped to receive, open, click, read, and engage with anything you send their way. This is by far the least intrusive way of getting your content seen. People have to opt-in in order to hear from you, so you don’t have to worry that you’re spamming anyone with content. You have a few options when it comes to how you get your email lists: email popups, slide-up call to action (CTA), and featured signup boxes on your blogs are all great way to get people to opt-in to hear more from you!

Here are a few awesome resources for you! We dive deep into this subject in our video walk-through tutorials on our favorite free email service: Mail Chimp, and building your email lists with SumoMe Scrollbox and SumoMe List Builder.

2. Using social media for multiple shares

Social media is arguably one of the best promotion platforms online. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all great tools that can be used to successfully promote your newest content. Each of these networks allow for your content to be viewed by thousands of new readers with each post.

Jeremy Waite, head of digital strategy for Salesforce.com, shared, “1 active user is a BIG deal. They have 140 friends. And their friends have 140 friends each. Therefore 1 piece of great content has the chops to reach 2.7 million people with just 4 generations.” If you get just one or two people to read your article and share it, it truly has the potential to keep gaining momentum and directly reach an incredible amount of people.

There are also a number of social channels to choose from (And not just the ones you’re thinking about!) A social channel is essentially a place where people go to engage with content and engage with others. Therefore, your own blog may have an element of social sharing, for example, found in the comments sections. One key point to keep in mind when distributing your content across social channels is to be sure to respect the audience that is native to that channel. If you’re sharing something on LinkedIn, you bet your audience is going to consume your content in a much different way than on Instagram. Gear your content accordingly.

There’s also no reason you should only share your great content one time on these platforms. Chances are, not all of your fans and friends saw your first post. Multiple posts of the same content aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Make sure to stick to a posting schedule, however, so it doesn’t appear repetitive. And, again, respect each individual platform.

3. Blog to Blog syndication

One great way to promote your website is to enlist the help of other bloggers. By pitching some of your best content to other great blogs to republish, you can get your work seen by thousands that you would have never reached on your own. Rather than pumping out content, take some of your best work and try to get it re-blogged by others. It will help you tap into a new audience, provide easy, quality content for the blogs you admire, and will save you time and energy on cranking out new pieces.

Start by offering to guest post your absolute best content to some of your favorite blogs. This proves to the influencer that you’ve got some traction behind each top performing piece and they may be willing to give you a shot. It never hurts to ask and see where it goes from there! This can be difficult, however, because you’ll face plenty of rejection. Just keep hustling and genuinely hit up the many influencers out there that you admire and you may find some response after some consistency, hard work, and determination.

4. Outreach

Reach out to influencers and the resources that you mention in your article.

This one is incredibly simple and doesn’t require an arm and a leg, yet so many refuse to take this extra step. Therefore, if you choose to try this strategy, chances are that you’ll really stand out above the rest. The strategy goes like this, reach out through email or a social channel to those that you’ve mentioned in your article in a genuine way and simply say thank you. That’s it!

After a quick Google search, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the name or email of someone from the tool that you referred to in your article and send them a quick email saying thanks for creating such a great service or tool! Tell them that you gave them some love and a shoutout in your article (Insert your article’s link) and that you hope they enjoy it! You’ll be surprised how many respond positively to this and end up sharing your article with their entire audience! Wouldn’t you like receiving that kind of personalized message too? Give it a try!

Similarly, if you mention the name of an individual such as through a quote or by referring to their book or blog, send them a shout out too! In addition to the shout out, you could try mentioning that you have appreciated their hard work and wisdom on a certain topic. You may also be writing a new article covering a similar subject matter and would love if they considered giving you a quick sentence or two in answering a couple key questions you may have for your readers to benefit from. You never know what could happen with something like this if you approach it in a genuine and caring way. Even if you receive no response, you had some good practice for reaching out to them again or for the next influencer as well.

5. Make sharing brain-dead simple

This one is a simple concept. If your content is easy to share- chances are people will be more likely to share it. If it isn’t, chances are they won’t spend too much time trying to figure out how to pass it along. Making it brain-dead simple for your readers to repost your content is vital to the promotion of your blog. Make it simple for them by adding social media buttons in strategic locations.

Here are a few of our favorite tools to better achieve this:

Pin it button: There are thousands of pieces of content pinned every day from board to board without hesitation. This trigger happy pinning holds great value as once an item is pinned it is shared with their entire friend’s list in their “News Feed.” This is equivalent to a “Share” on Facebook.

By using a simple WordPress plugin, you can enable your audience to pin your content much easier. For example, you can have the Pin It button turned off as a default post but can add it to any image you would like to manually by easily including an image class of “pinthis”. You can also add a share option for images (this works especially well for Pinterest as it’s so visual). Social sharing options will appear every time you hover over an image. The click through rate for this may surprise you!

Click to Tweet: This tool is especially helpful when you have quotable lines in your article because it enables your reader an incredibly easy way to share your article. Simply grab snippits of some of your favorite lines, and include them in the post as “Tweetable” blurbs. This will give you the option to turn any quote into a sharable image that a reader can send to Twitter in one click.

Lastly, we put together a video tutorial that covers how to Get 20% More Traffic with SumoMe Share. Check it out here!

6. Paid Advertisements

One of the most important promotional strategies is paid advertisements and remarketing. Spending money on social media advertising or pay-per-click ads on search engines is a tried and true way to receive more site traffic. And it doesn’t need to break the bank either. There is nothing wrong with spending some of your marketing budget in order to reach more readers, and Facebook and Google ads are a great way to get your content seen! With the online targeting capabilities in today’s world, you’d be insane not to take advantage of reaching just the exact right audience who is 1,000% more likely to buy your product or service than anyone else on this planet.

You will need to make sure to figure out how much you want to spend and how many you are going to reach before deciding if you’d like to reach readers by paid advertisements or in a more organic way. Start small. Start with $10 a day for 3 days and see how well you do. Then make changes to one variable at a time to properly test your ad. Then try again. See what works for you and track your progress as you go.

In addition to advertisements, remarketing is an amazingly powerful topic altogether. You’re able to chase your audience around the internet across the Google Display Network in order to remind them of their points of interest even while they’re viewing an entirely different industry altogether. We have tons of information about this topic over on our website!

7. Repurposing

By repurposing your content, you’re able to spread your reach as wide as possible across multiple channels. Infographics that display your content over-indexes on Pinterest. A YouTube video could be repurposed across all podcast channels. An article on your blog can be broken apart into multiple pieces of micro-content such as quotes for tweets or quote cards for Facebook and Instagram.

We put together an article about building great content through 6 different strategies. Not only can you build your own content with this system, you can also apply it to repurposing your own content in different ways. Be sure to check out this article and Infographic of our 6 Content Marketing Strategies: How To Rank for Any Keyword!

What do you think?

There are tons of ways to promote your blog! We’ve listed a few of our favorites here, but ultimately, do what feels right for you and the culture of your website. Do you have any great strategies that have worked for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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