Start Your New Website Now

In this video I’m going to show you how to build a WordPress website that’s perfect for beginners, easy simple, it’s also going to be fun to do!  It’s like nothing else on youtube because I’m here with you step by step every step of the way, and you’ll be using a new tool that makes it possible to create anything you want quicker than it’s ever been before.  This is the exact website I’ll be showing you how to build with tips and tricks along the way!

We’ll also be using WordPress which is the same thing a lot of celebrities and companies use such as Forbes, Katy Perry, Apple, CNN and Mashable!

  • Disclosure: When you sign up for Hostgator through my coupon code (wordpresshero) I will earn a commission for referring you, at no additional cost to you. This helps us continue to create this awesome content for you.

Download the resources here!

Let’s get going!

Step 1 is choosing your websites address, also known as your domain name, just like ours is you’ll have your very own domain name too.  And hosting so your website has somewhere to live and people can find it.  Both of these are super cheap because I’m going to give you a special coupon code!

Step 2 is creating your websites pages and launching your brand new website.

And in Step 3 You’ll be getting to know Elementor and Envato Elements which are the secret tools to creating an awesome-looking website which not only is unique to you, but is so easy to use your going to love it!

Let’s get going and start with Step 1

Step 1

Ok Step 1 is choosing your domain name.  So head over to and click on Get Started.  Now click on the Hatchling Plan.

And here is where you get to choose your websites address.  So decide what you’d like and then type that in here, and choose between .com or whatever you’d like here.

Then enter a username and security pin.  And choose the billing cycle you’d like.  I’m going to go with a whole year as it’s slightly cheaper this way.

Next enter your billing information here.  And make sure to use an email address you can access as Hostgator will email you with your login details after.

Next you’ll see it’s added on extras here, so you want to uncheck these as you don’t need them.

And now you want to enter the coupon code here.  So enter wordpresshero and validate it, and you’ll see the cost will go down!

When you sign up for Hostgator through my coupon code I will earn a commission for referring you, at no additional cost to you. This helps us continue to create this awesome content for you 🙂

This can save you up to 60% off your entire hosting depending on the hosting package you choose.

Now when your happy with everything click on Checkout Now, and you’ll be the proud owner of your very own website address!

Ok fantastic you’ll now receive a couple of emails from Hostgator with your login details and some links to different things.  You want to find the C Panel link here and click on that.

Now scroll down and find Software and Services, and click on Quick Install.

Now click on WordPress.

Select your domain name from the dropdown here and click Next.

And now enter in a few details here like your name, blog title, username, first and last name and email.  Then click on Install.

WordPress is now being installed to your website.  And you’ll receive your website login details here, so write these down, and then click here.

Then you should see this page where you can login to your website to start creating it!  Sometimes you’ll get a page saying it’s not available, just wait a few minutes and try again.

Sometimes you need to quickly go to Hostgator, and login to your customer portal.  Then click on Domains.  Find your domain.  And click on change under nameservers.  Then click on automatically point my domain to my hosting account.  And then save.

Now you’ll be able to login to your website and your done!! Congratulations you’ve now got a website up and running!

Step 2

Creating your websites pages and launching your brand new website.

This is your websites Dashboard, it’s like the heart of your website where you can edit it and change different things.

Click on the cross for any messages that may have popped up to keep this area organised.

On the left is a toolbar with lots of different options and we’ll be getting into a few of these in a moment. 

If you go up here and click on this, you’ll be able to see what you website looks like right now!  It doesn’t look like much but wait and see in just a few minutes you’ll be changing it!  It’s like a diamond in the rough ready to be made into something beautiful!

So head back to your dashboard by clicking on Dashboard here.

Now you’ll see it says your site is displaying a coming soon page, click here once your ready to launch.  Let’s click here to launch now so when we view our site it’s not showing us a coming soon page but the actual website we’re creating and that others will see too.

Now let’s get your websites pages created, so go to Pages on your toolbar, and All Pages.

Delete any default pages you might have, and then click on Add New.

All you do here is add a page title, so for this one write Home.  And then click on Publish.  Great now click on Add New again, and write About.  Then publish that.  Add new again.  And for this page write Contact.  And publish that one.

Perfect you’ve now got all your websites pages created and your ready to start customising each one!

So now go to Appearance and Themes.  And then click on Add New here.

A Theme is the look and feel of your website, there are thousands of different themes, some are great and some are really not, that’s why we’ve gone through and found the best one to use, which is called OceanWP. 

So search for that here.

And here it is.

Now all you do is click on Install, and then Activate.  And you’ll see your new website theme is OceanWP.

So you’ve just changed your entire website, if we go and have another look you’ll see it looks completely different.  It’s still a blank canvas for you to make as you like, and that’s what we’re going to do now!  I’m going to guide you on how to create this exact website with all the images included, I’m going to give you every image we’ve used on this website so you can follow along and get this done faster than ever before!

On your toolbar go to Plugins, and Add New.

A plugin is a little tool which enhances your website, it adds functionality! Plugins can be amazing and they really can boost your website, everything from sharing buttons, to making it faster.

The plugins your going to use are called Elementor, Envato Elements and contact form 7.  So in the search type in Elementor, here it is so click on Install.  Then install this plugin premium addons which gives you lots of extra tools to use.

Now search for Envato Elements.  Again Install.

Then Contact Form 7.

Now go to your Plugins and All Plugins.

And select all your new plugins, and activate all of them by selecting activate here, and Apply.

And then deactivate and uninstall the plugins that you aren’t going to use, by selecting each one like this, and then deactivate from the dropdown.

Then do the same to delete them.

You should have a message saying to install this plugin, so click here, then Install from the dropdown.

Elementor is the main tool which makes creating your website easier than it has ever been, drag and drop and just click to edit anything on the page, you’ll soon see how great this is.  And Envato Elements gives you ready made website to work with, so your not starting from scratch, you basically take a shortcut to success, plus these are still all completely customisable so you can make something truly unique to you.

Let’s start by creating your Homepage, adding these elements and bringing your new website to life, it’s so easy!  I can’t wait to show you, let’s get going in Step 3!

Step 3

Go to Pages, and All Pages, and under Home, click on Edit.

Now scroll down and find the OceanWP Settings.

You want to make sure on Header that you’ve got Top Bar disabled.

And on Title disable the Page Title.

Do the same for the Footer.  And then in page templates set it to full width.

And click on Update.

Then go to Pages and All Pages again and click on Edit under About and Contact, and do the same thing.  Then remember to update. 

Then right click on All Pages and open in a new tab.

Now open Home and click on Edit with Elementor.

Do this for all your pages, so you’ve got them all open in Elementor just like this, as well as a tab for your dashboard, so you can switch between them.

Great!  So now all your pages are in Elementor, and this is your Elementor Dashboard where you’ll see your website come to life with all the different beautiful elements!  And just so you know Elementor and Envato Elements are some of the highest quality plugins you can get for WordPress, so you’ve already got a huge head start here in your websites success!

On the left again you’ve got a toolbar with lots of different elements you can use, such as contact forms, headers, images and lots more.  Just before we jump in with Elementor, go to your Dashboard tab, and find Envato Elements.

Here is where your going to pick the look of your website starting out, again all of these are customisable so anything you choose isn’t set in stone, you’ve got all the freedom you want, it just makes it super quick and easy, and looks amazing.  You’ve got so many different looks here too, from business coach, nutrition, entrepreneur, artist and so on.  Don’t feel at all overwhelmed I’m guiding you through all of this step by step.

For the Homepage I’m going to use elements in the Beauty section, and these ones here under Barber.  Scrolling over an image will give you a preview of what it looks like.  And clicking it will give you a preview of what it looks like too, you can scroll up and down and get a feel for it, it lets you have a go at the website before you import it.

When your ready just click on Import and it’ll be imported straight into Elementor, which we’ll be using in a moment.

Now go back by clicking the cross, and now import this template here, we’ll be using some elements from this one.  And then scroll along, and we’ll use this one as your About page.  Again it gives you a preview of what it looks like.

Then scroll along and we’ll use this one for your Contact page.

Fantastic well done, we’re all done here so now click on Dashboard.  And then open up your Homepage tab which should be in Elementor.

Now click here to import a template, click on My Templates, and find the Home 3 template and Insert that.

There it goes straight into your website. It’s amazing how quick it is, look at all this.  It’s ready to go, how amazing is that?

Make sure to Update to save everything.  Then go to your About page, click to import a template, my templates, and import the About Us element.

Update.  And then do the same for your contact page.

There we go!

Now let’s go through and customise your Homepage to make it unique and personal to you, with a beautiful image like this and the rest of the elements like you can see.  And you can change anything here by clicking, dragging, and changing settings on the left.  You can also remove anything you don’t want by right clicking here and selecting remove.  It’s so flexible!

Ok let’s go!

So this bit is your header, and we’ll start by clicking here to edit the header and add a great looking image!

You can do this using your toolbar on the left as well as lots more stuff, and these settings change depending on what your editing on your website.

So for example in Style you’ve got the options for changing the image and it’s position, or completely changing this to a video if you’d like to.  You would just paste the video’s link in here.

So let’s change the image.  All you do is click here, and this brings up a window allowing you to use your own images, or upload a new one.  In Media Library you’ll see you’ve already got lots of images that came with the templates you imported.

Now click on upload files and then select files.  And you would select the file and image you’d like to use.

Now you might not have any images to use yet, but don’t worry at all because each of these new templates as you’ve probably seen already come with their own images that you can use.  I’ve also got some really good ones that you can use as well.  All you do is go to our blog and download them, so if you want to do that go to

Then just click here to download the file and you’ll have all the images that we’ve used, so you can follow along.

Great now you should have those, so back in Elementor.  Come out of this.

Do you remember how to remove something?  Just right click on this icon, on any element, and click on Delete.  I’m going to remove this header because we’ll be using a different element for our header.

Great, now click here to import, My Templates, and import the Styles template.

Now remove everything but these two elements, because you want to use this for your header.  So remove the other elements which came with Styles, you can click on the cross here to delete the other elements.  If you make a mistake, go down here and you can go back to how it previously was.

So lets now change the header image, click here to bring up the options.  Click on Style, and click the image.

Upload files, and Select files.

Find the file your downloaded, and choose an image you’d like as your header.  I’m going to go with this one!

Now it uploads into your media library.  For whatever reason this has come up with an error, it may or may not have happened to you, but I’ll now tell you what to do if it ever does.  Just come out of this, and Update to save everything. 

Then refresh the page.  And do the same again, go to Style and upload an image.

Choose the image again, and it should now upload.

You’ve got some options here, like the title, a caption, alt text and description.  Don’t worry about these for now.

Click Insert.

And it’s instantly in your website!  This looks so good, let’s keep going.

Remember you’ve got these settings to change the position of the image which can be useful if your looking for a particular look.

Play around with these and see what you like as they do slightly different things.

Ok let’s get your elements in the right order before we carry on.  In the finished website it looks like this, this element is next, then this one and so on.

So I’ll find the next element which is this one, and click and drag it up like this.

Perfect, and now I’ll find this next one which is a call to action.

And place that there.

Then this one is next.  And I’ll remove the rest of the elements as we won’t be using these.

Ok you’ve now got your elements in place!  Lets keep going and edit the header text.  All you do is click something to edit it, and you can write anything you want here.

In Style you can edit the typography which I’m doing, I’ll change the font to Lato, and then adjust the size as this is a bit big.

Much better!  There are other options but we’ll leave those for now.

You can also edit the colour if you want.

Next I’ll change this text.

Again change the size, and font.

You can also align it using these buttons here.

You’ve got limitless possibilities to how you can have your website.  So while I’m getting you started, it’s a great idea to play around with all this and get a feel for it, see what you like, experiment, and if you don’t like something just undo it.