Start Your New Website

Hey in this video I’m going to show you how you can finally get your website up and going the NEW way of doing it, and you’ll have it done in the fastest and easiest way yet!

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We get asked daily by our community what the fastest and easiest way of creating a  website is?  So I’ve made this video to answer that question, and specifically for launching a website in the fastest time and easiest way  ever before.  This is the new way of building a website and it has changed how people do it forever.

So what will you be creating?  Well that’s up to you as we’ve done something never done before, where you have nearly unlimited possibilities to how you can have your website.  So you can follow along and I’ll take you through how to create this website that you can see right now, as well as hundreds or thousands of different possibilities, which means you can have a custom made website that has never been used before, it’s unique and personal to you!

The old way of creating a website was to start on a page like this and gradually add all your content, it was still faster than years before where you had to pay someone thousands of dollars to do it for you, but this is still a bit boring and it’s much harder to start with a blank page.

Now today I’m going to show you the new way of how to get a website created in minimal effort and time.  It’s something that will transform how websites are created, how fun it is to do it, it’s a complete game changer so I had to show you!

We’re giving you exclusive access to all of these different elements, and each one has been created by us here at Websites Made Easy, it’s our exclusive pro versions completely free for you to use.

So in essence you’ll be following along with me step by step as I show everything you need to create the best online website right now!  But with all the flexibility you should have when creating something so personal to you.  And even better this is all done using WordPress, which is used worldwide celebrities and companies such as Forbes, Katy Perry, Jay Z, Ebay, Mashable, just to name a few! 

So these are the steps we’ll be going through to build your website in this video,

Step 1 is getting your domain name and hosting which is your websites address, just like ours is you’ll have your very own domain name too.  And Hosting is somewhere for your website to live. 

Step 2 is launching your new website and getting to know Elementor which is the secret tool to this whole adventure!  You’ll love it as it’s so easy and fun to use.  It’s something I wish I had when I first started doing this!

In Step 3 I’ll show you some amazing plugins to use with your brand new website, and this is like the icing on the cake.  A plugin is a little tool which enhances your website further, like buttons so people can share your content to their social media, another one to speed up your website so Google ranks it higher in search results.

Let’s get going and start with step 1!

Step 1

Domain Name & Hosting

The first step is to register a domain name and get hosting, both of these things are super cheap, and quick to do.

We use HostGator to do both of these things, and we’ve used HostGator for years because they’re fast, reliable, cheap and they know WordPress.  We’ve even got a special coupon code you can use to reduce the cost even more! This will knock 50% off your hosting to get you up and running and saving even more!


So you want to head to And now you want to click on Get Started Now.  Then scroll down and you’ll see 3 different options, Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and the Business Plan.  The business plan is more expensive than we need, so I’m going to focus of these other two.  The Baby plan is perfect if your planning on using more than 1 domain name because it lets you host unlimited domains.  The hatching plan is slightly cheaper but you can only have 1 domain with it.  For this video I’m going to use the hatchling plan.

On this next page we just need to fill out some information about the domain we want and the hosting.  So here is where you choose your domain, all you do is type in the name your after and it will see if it’s available.  You can also change it from .com .tv or whatever your looking for.  I’d recommend staying with .com or something that relates to your business or where you live.  If you write a domain and you get a green tick that means it’s available.  Think about this carefully, if you need to just pause the video while you come up with that unique domain name, and press play when your ready!

For this website I’m going to have startyournewwebsite for the domain.

The next step is to choose your hosting plan, a username and a security pin.  So like before I’ll choose the hatching plan, and choose how long you want your plan, you can choose between a month to month subscription or 3 years, I’m going to do a year for this example as it usually works out cheaper than doing it month to month.

Next you want to fill out your payment information, So again pause if you need to, and press play once your ready. 

One thing to make sure is to use a good email address as HostGator will send you an email with your login details, so make sure it’s a real email address that you can access.

Next is Additional Services, and by default HostGator adds on a few extra services that we don’t need right now so I’ll make sure these are un selected.  You can always get these later on if you need them.

To help you get started with HostGator, I’ve got special coupon code for you. This will knock 50% off your hosting to get you up and running and saving even more!  You want to enter WordPresshero and then validate it, and it will bring the cost of your hosting right down.

When you sign up for Hostgator through my coupon code I will earn a commission for referring you, at no additional cost to you. This helps us continue to create this awesome content for you 🙂

Now make sure your happy with everything and that you agree with the terms, and click on Checkout Now!

Your all done Congratulations!  Your now the proud owner of your own domain name!

Now all you do is install WordPress to your domain which is quick and easy!

HostGator will have sent you some emails so head there now and find these.

Here it is “Account Info” click that to open it, and you’ll see a few links, but the only one you need is the Control Panel link which is this one, so click on that to go to your C Panel.  The C Panel is where you can install WordPress to your domain name, as well as do lots more stuff with your website, so log in using the username and password which you chose, and in case you can’t remember they are both in the email you just received.  And then log in!

At first this might look a bit overwhelming, it did for me when I first saw it, there’s a lot of different things you can do here, but all you need to do right now is find the Software and Services area.  So scroll down and you’ll see it here.  Now find Quick Install and click on that.  Then you need to find this section on the left called Popular Installs, and click on WordPress here.  And click on Install WordPress here. 

Ok all you need to do now is fill in a few things here, such as the email address of the person who will be looking after your website, so if this is you, you can put in your email, then the name of that person as well.  Give your website a title, and then your name and last name, and click on Install WordPress.

Once you’ve installed WordPress you’ll get a success message that it’s complete.  Your username and password are here, your going to use these to log in to your website.  You’ll also get an email with all of this in as well.  When your ready click on this link which will take you to the login or backend of your website, so you can edit and start creating it! 

You might get an error message saying the page isn’t available yet, you might have to wait until everything with your new website is set up then click that link again.

You may have to set up the name servers for your new website, don’t worry about this it’s easy.  Head over to HostGator again, and once there click on Customer Portal.  Now log in using the username and password which you’ll find in the email HostGator sent you. 

Once logged in you’ll notice you also have access to your C Panel from here so that’s good to remember if you need to access that again sometime.

Now you want to click on Domains, and click on your domain, find Name Servers and click on Change.  Then click on Automatically point my domain to my hosting account.

Then Save and your all done!

Now you should be able to click on that link again, enter your username and password to log in to WordPress, and your in!  Your now on your dashboard and your the proud owner of an online website, well done for sticking with it this, it’s a huge achievement and the real fun is about to begin!

Step 2

Launching Your New Website

WordPress Dashboard

Now this is where you start having some real fun as you start building out your beautiful new website, adding videos and images that make your visitors love looking around and want more, call to actions to get your visitors to submit their email addresses and consume your content.  I’ve got lots of exciting things to show you, so let’s get started!

So this is your Dashboard which is like the control centre for your website, and you’ll probably have some messages pop up, like these ones, which you can just close.

On the left is your toolbar which has options such as Posts, Pages, Appearance, Plugins, Settings and so on, and as you start creating your website you’ll notice more tools appearing here.  You’ll be using all these to bring your new website to life it’s going to look so cool.

WordPress Settings

Ok the first thing you should do is to make sure your websites settings are correctly set up so everything functions and works well, and you’ll have a strong foundation going forward! 

So head to Settings here on the left and we’ll quickly go through each of these different areas.

The first one is General.

Here you can set your websites Site Title and Tagline which is good for SEO so use keywords that match what your website or brand is about, this helps google rank your website and put it in front of relevant people searching for the same content.  Below that is your WordPress Address, you don’t want to change this as it’ll stop your website working so don’t touch these.

Below that is your Email Address and you can also set the Site Language and Timezone.

This all looks good so now make sure you Save Changes here, and whenever you change something while building your website you want to make sure to Save.

Next let’s head to Writing.

Everything here looks good, so let’s go to Reading.

Front Page Displays is how you set up your website to either show your latest website posts on the front page, or a static page like the one that we have here.  You’ll be doing this a bit later so for now leave this as it is, and head to Discussion.

Here you want to look at Email Me Whenever.  And you can choose when anyone posts a comment, and a comment is held for moderation.  So this means before a comment appears, it has to be manually approved.  This makes sure your not getting just any comments on your website, and whether you want an email every time someone comments?

Down here you’ve also got Avatar, and you’ll see an option here called Gravatar.  This enables you to have a little photo which people will recognize when you comment, reply or join in the conversation with your audience.  You’ve probably seen this before, for example on our YouTube channel here you can see everyone has their own photo.

To set this up is easy all you do is go to and create a free account, it’s really simple and takes just a minute, then you can upload your photo and it’ll show up on your website just like James’s photo here.  So take a minute to do that and I’ll see you in a moment.

Ok great now make sure you Save Changes, and then click on Media.

Everything looks good here so now click on Permalinks.

Here you can set how your website organizes it’s pages url.  You need to have it set to Post Name, because as you can see this is much easier to read and understand, than the default setting.  This will allow search engines to see more clearly what your website is about so it will be ranked higher in search results, and your content will be viewed by the right people who are searching for what your product or service is about! 

When your done click Save.

Awesome your all done with those settings, and these are so important to get right and a lot of people don’t realize this, but you’ve got strong foundations set and now the real fun begins because your going to install your brand new theme and start building your website!

Let’s take a quick look at how your website looks right now straight out of the box, the default WordPress theme.  To do this head up here, right click and open it up in a new tab.

Here we go this is how it looks right now, this is the default theme all websites start with on WordPress.  There isn’t a lot here, it’s like a new house ready to be painted and decorated, all your nice furniture and belongings put in place, and In a minute you’ll be installing a brand new theme which is going to transform how this looks, literally in a matter of seconds!

Head back to your dashboard by either clicking on the other tab you opened or by hovering over here, and clicking on Dashboard.

Adding a theme

Now I want you to go to your Toolbar on the left, and find Appearance, and then click on Themes. 

This page shows all the themes you have available.  The one which is active right now is here, it’s the Twenty Seventeen theme which is the default theme for WordPress.  But your about to install a brand new theme to build your new website.

We’ve worked with so many themes and the one your about to install has got to be one of the easiest website themes I’ve ever used, and not only that it is SO flexible especially with the secret tool you’ll be adding on, which makes it even easier for you! 

It used to take months, sometimes years to create a website, but it can now be done in a few clicks, literally, you’ll be amazed when you see it. 

So to add your new theme click on Add New.  And this page has all the themes that WordPress has available to use, from Featured and so on, but we know the theme to use and it’s called OceanWP, so search for it here.

OceanWP.  Here it is,

Now you just click on Install, it installs, and then Activate. 

And now you’ve instantly changed your website! The look and feel of it is completely different, let’s go and have a look at it.

So It doesn’t look that great at the moment, but don’t let that fool you, it’s the building blocks to a really beautiful website, by the end of this video you won’t believe the difference!

So are you ready?  Let’s now start editing this and building your website, we’re going to start by creating your different pages.

Let’s go!


Back on your Dashboard at the top here it says this theme recommends the following plugins, Elementor and Ocean Extra.  What’s a plugin? A plugin adds extra features to your website, things that the theme needs in order to work properly, it enhances it so you definitely want to use plugins, and don’t worry they’re easy.

It says Elementor is recommended, and this is the secret tool I was talking about which makes building your website completely easy and hassle free, it almost does everything for you, you’ll see what I mean in a moment! 

In a few clicks you can have a totally new website, literally! 

In fact have a look at this, this is me adding a video to the Homepage of the website using Elementor.

I just wanted to show you how easy and quick this is to use. 

Let’s count the clicks!

Ok that’s 1, 2, and then I paste the video link in here so that’s kind of half a click! And that’s it!  2 clicks, 10 seconds and you’ve got this video header working on your website!  How quick was that to do, and look how great this looks, I love it, and you can move these around change them if you want to, there’s loads of options to make everything just as you like it, you can even remove things if you don’t want them, whatever you want. 

You’ll be using Elementor for your whole website, so be prepared to be blown away by it’s simplicity and how much you can do with it, I’ll show you everything you need to know to make it amazing.

So I think you’ll agree we definitely want to use these plugins, so we’re going to click begin installing plugins here. 

Click here to select both of them, and select install here.  Now both of those are installed and activated!

Now go to Plugins on the toolbar and click Installed Plugins.

Here you have the plugins you just installed as well as some default plugins, you should now uninstall the ones you don’t want, so I’ll choose them like this, and then here select Deactivate, and Apply.  Do the same to delete them and you’ll be left with just the plugins you want to use!

Great now go to Add New on the toolbar here and we’re adding a few more plugins to use with your website, these make all the difference trust me, you definitely want to use these.

This is the free way of doing all this, which is a great way, you use these plugins to make sure everything works and functions well with your website.  There’s also a paid way you can do this which means you don’t need to use any of these plugins because it’s all included already and works without anything else. It’s still Elementor but a premium version.

So back to the plugins, this is just like the themes page, here you can find thousands of plugins to use with your website.  I want you to search for Elementor, here.

So now look for Premium Add-ons for Elementor, here it is, and Install that.

Then scroll down and find Elementor post grid add-on, that’s it here, and Install that.

Then scroll up, and in the search type Contact form 7, and this little plugin will allow you to have a cool little contact form which people can fill out to send you a message or sign up to stuff, it’s really nifty I’ll show you how to use it a bit later.  So Install that here.

And last one, search for Smart Slider 3.  This is so awesome it lets you have a slider on the website which looks brilliant!

Install that one.

Now go to Installed Plugins again on your toolbar, and just like before select all your new plugins, and then choose Activate from the list and then apply to activate all of them.

Perfect you’ve now got some great little tools to use in creating your website!  Notice you’ll have a few more tools on the toolbar now too, which we’ll be using a bit later!

Let’s jump straight in and start by going to Elementor on the toolbar, and click on My Templates.

Like I said Elementor is what you’ll be using for the whole creation of your website  and that’s because by using Elementor your instantly given the power to create any website of your dreams, so this video I’m making for you, isn’t just showing you how to create one website, it’s me showing you how to create thousands or millions of websites, not just 1! 

You’ve got unlimited flexibility and options to create whatever you want, because Elementor uses elements that you can combine, edit, move around, you can even create your own custom elements.  And as you can see Elementor comes with it’s own elements for you to use, here in Templates.  But the thing is everyone uses these, you’ll see the same type of layout and elements everywhere, and you don’t want the same website as everyone else, you want an amazing website, for it to be unique and amazing, and I’ll guide you to do just that.

As I said earlier we’ve created some pro templates just for you to use on your website.  This makes it so you can stand out and be noticed from everyone else, but this also makes it so super super easy, I want you to be able to easily create something special not just another website.

For example if you wanted a map on your website, just add this element in and you’ve got one, instantly, already created for you!

These are high quality pro templates that are completely free for you to use, and they’re based on what’s working and what visitors love to see!  So any type of website your looking to create is perfectly possible.  These elements are completely customizable to how you want them. 

You can move them around, change text, fonts, colors, images, videos, background videos, change opacity, add animations, you can add in new elements, remove any you don’t want, you can even mix different elements together.  You can have a simple landing page, or a more sophisticated looking website, it’s up to you, anything is possible and I can’t wait to show you how in a moment! 

As I’ve said I’ll be showing you all the steps you need to have this website, so you can follow me step by step and have this great looking site, and just add in your own content if you want.  Just remember the power is in your hands you’ve got so much flexibility and choice!

Now let’s import your PRO elements, and we’ve made it easy for you to download them, you can find them over on our blog at 

And you don’t just get the pro elements in here, you get the whole video in audio format, every image we’ve used in the elements so you can move them around, swap any edit them whatever you want to do.
And this is also the whole video in text format in case you want to read through it.


You can download your Pro Image Pack right here.

Importing Templates

So go to Import Templates, and click on Choose File, and find your downloaded file, click on Elementor Templates, and choose the first zipped templates file.

Then click Import Now.  In a few seconds you’ll have a list of all the elements for you to use! 

Awesome!  As you can see each one of these is named according to each section of the website it’s used for, such as a Contact section, Our Work, Team section and so on.

Now import the second zipped templates file, here it is.  This one contains different website pages, so upload that.

And now you’ve got a few different Homepages, Landing pages, Contact Us, About and so on.

Excellent now we’ve got loads of pro elements to work with, and as you get familiar with using Elementor going through this video, feel free to explore all the other elements, you might find one you love and want to use.  As I said you can mix and match them to however you want.

Importing Settings

Ok your done here, so now go to Theme Panel, and click on Import/Export.

Then click on choose file under Import Settings, then click on Import Files, and choose the MyBusinessThemeSettings file, and click Import.  Then you’ll get a success message.

Lets import a few more settings which are going to add finishing touches to your website as your build it, like great looking sliders, blog sections, headers.  And a footer which you’ll add in later. 

Doing this now makes creating your website smoother and much easier going forward, easier than ever before!

So now select the Footer file and import that.

Now on the toolbar head to Tools, and Import.  Click Install under WordPress, this installs a WordPress importer.  Now click on Run Importer.

Select choose file, and now you want to select the .xml files which are these two.  So I’ll start with the Contact Forms, then click on Upload File. 

Now all you do is select the admin or persons name from the dropdown here, and make sure this is selected and your done, then click Submit.

Great, and now do that again but select Posts and import that.

This adds a great section to your website which will automatically publish the blog posts you create, just like these ones here.  We’ll get into blog posts a bit later!

Ok and now your sliders, so go to Smart Slider here.

This is the slider plugin and from here you can edit your slider, create new ones if you’d like and so on.  Lets import some that I’ve created already and that work really well, so click on Import here.

Then choose the file you want to import here, and your looking to import these three sliders, so I’ll start with the first one. 

Import that.

Great and now you’ve got that slider imported!  Here it is each of these is a different image and you can edit each one if you’d like to which I’ll show you in a moment!

Go back to the smart slider dashboard by clicking on Dashboard here.  And now Import again, and select the next slider.  Import that.  And here they are, nice going these are really great you’ll see soon.

Ok dashboard again and let’s do the last slider now.

Import that.

Perfect!  Now go to the Dashboard again, and you’ll find all your sliders here.

Each one of these is a different slider and set of images, these have all been created for you, so check them all out!

Let’s choose this one for example all you do is click it, and this takes you into that slider where you can then edit each image, and then you click on an image which allows you to edit that individual slide or image.  This may look a little complicated but it really isn’t.

You can edit each of these elements here, the image, headline, button and text.  See how the elements are highlighted when I scroll over them?

Just click on one and it’ll bring up the options.  Here you can fully customize anything by changing the headline, adding a link.  Or here you can change font and color, so the color it will change to when someone hovers over it, there’s so much you can do it’s really great!

But don’t feel the need to change too much as these look and work great already, you’ll probably want to change the heading and any colors which is easy to do using these options.

To change this image, scroll up and click on Background, and you can change the image by clicking here and uploading an image you’ve got or one you might already have.  Easy!

So it’s perfectly simple and it’s the same for the other sliders, feel free to explore those, we created these just for you to use so I hope you like them they’re really dynamic and engaging!

Your now ready to start creating your different pages!  So head to Pages, and All Pages.  Select any default pages that came with the theme, and delete those.  Then click on Add New here.

Here is where you create your websites pages, and we’ll quickly create the different pages we want.  All you do is add a title here, so I’ll start with Home.

Then scroll down and in Content Layout, select 100% Full Width from the dropdown. 

Then click on Title, and disable the Page title, this removes the pages title and makes things look a lot cleaner and more professional!

Then all you do is click on Publish.

Lets do all your websites pages.

Click Add New to create a new page, About, change the Content Layout to 100% Full Width again, disable the Page Title, isn’t this easy?

And Publish.

Do the same for the Blog page.


Contact Us.


And the WTC System.

And I’ll explain this WTC System page in a moment it’s pretty cool.

Great that’s all your pages created, now go to Pages and All Pages.  And right click on Edit under each page and open it up in a new tab, so you’ve got them all open at the top here.

This makes it much easier to create and edit each of your websites pages without getting lost, your not moving around all over the place, this makes it so you know where everything is and you can stay organized.

Then for each page you’ve got open, you want to click on Edit With Elementor, do this for all your pages, just like this.

This will take you to the Elementor creation area where the real fun begins because in here you get to use those pro elements you uploaded, and start seeing your website come to life in front of your eyes, and within just a few clicks!

So each of your website pages are in Elementor, now you want to start adding your first element!

Let’s start on the Homepage.


This is Elementor!  On the left you’ve got a toolbar with all kinds of options and tools to use to customize various elements of the website, such as adding a heading, image, text, video, buttons, spacers, icons, smart slider, and below is the premium add-ons which we installed earlier, and this gives us some really nice extra features as you can see!

Going forward you’ll get to know each element in your website and how to edit them.  It’s easy and quick you’ll love it.  You can play around with these extra elements and see how you like them.

This main area here is where you’ll see your website, and you create it by adding sections and elements, or templates.

So check this out, I’ll add in one of the Home page elements that we’ve created for you, all you do is click on Add Template, and My Templates, and here’s the list of pro elements you just uploaded, you can search here to make things easier to find, so I’ll search for Home, and I get a few choices, Homepage 1, 2, and 3.  I think I’ll go with this one first, lets see how this looks, click on Insert.

There it goes, It’s instantly placed in there. I really love how easy it is to do this. 

You can make it full screen by clicking this little button here, this way you can see exactly how your website looks, and this is one of the sliders you just imported, looking great!  This is a nice little services section here.  And every image you see we have sourced for you to use in your own website if you’d like to, they’re completely free!

I’ll bring back the editing screen by clicking here, and you’ll notice when I scroll around, the different elements in the website are highlighted.  This tells you, you can customize them, see how the different elements have a box around them as I go over them?

It’s so cool because this means you have so much flexibility over your website.

These pro elements have been created exclusively for you and they’re ready to go, we’ve gone over each one and made sure they are the best they can be.

So I like this homepage a lot, but I may as well see what the other one looks like too in case I like that more, it’s so fast to do you can try out different elements and see what you like best.  To go back to how it was, click this icon here, and click on Editing Started, and you’ll have a fresh new page again just like that!

Ok let’s see what the other Homepage looks like, and remember these aren’t set in stone at all, you can edit these move them around, do whatever you like, your not going to break anything so have fun with it.

Remember you click on Add Template, My Templates, search for whatever your looking for, and here are the other Home elements.  I’ll try this one, insert. 

This header video is so nice I like this one as well.

Here’s the blog section which has pulled some default blog posts into it, and this means, if we go to the Dashboard, here’s your Posts, and if you go to All Posts, here you can see some default posts, which I’m going to remove actually because I’ll be showing you how to create some beautiful posts very soon, so you don’t need these.

Just delete these like this.

Ok in Home again, at the bottom you have this brilliant looking section which is very inspiring, it could be a good way to tell everyone what your about, what you do, or maybe tell visitors about a product or service your offering.  I created this video for you to use so again feel free to use it, it’s in the file you downloaded!

How about the next homepage let’s take a look.

As before click on Editing Started,

Homepage 3.

Wow I forgot how good all these are.  I love the simplicity of this one, how cool are these parallax images?  The buttons are engaging too, they change color as you hover over them. 

Here’s the blog section again, see how it’s now empty after we deleted the default posts?  You may also have a little message here but you don’t need to worry about it’ll disappear when you start creating posts which will show here. 

Below there will be a great looking footer once we finish setting that up too.

Actually let’s do that right now so then that is ready to go and you’ll see it on all your pages automatically.  This takes just a couple of minutes!

Go to Theme Panel and My Library, then click Add New.  Here your creating a template for the footer, so all you have to do is add a title, so Footer, and then choose Elementor Canvas under Templates.  And publish!

Then click on Edit with Elementor, and when your there click on Add Templates, and My Templates, search for your footer that you imported earlier, and insert that, and there it is!  It’s a nice minimalistic footer that’s got some social icons that take people directly to your Facebook or Twitter or whatever you want here, a little bit about you and some contact info.

Now make sure to Update to save everything.  And then click Preview Changes here, and then Customize here.  Now find Footer Widgets here, and under Select Template, choose your new footer.

And now Publish at the top to Save and your all done!

You don’t need this tab anymore so you can close this by clicking on the cross at the top.

And then go back to the WordPress Dashboard by clicking here, and clicking on Exit to Dashboard.

Ok great I’m back in the Homepage tab and now you can see the footer is automatically placed into the page! 

Going forward I’m going to use Homepage 2 as I love this one, it’s perfect for anyone wanting a reliable easy to use great looking website, and if you want to customize any of it, you know you can do that no problem!

And here’s the footer again automatically showing, this is really coming along I hope your loving your new website and excited for the possibilities of making look amazing but also unique to you!

Now you want to make sure to Save this page by clicking on Update.

Now lets do the other pages, I’m going to add the elements I want to each one, get the structure built out, and show you how you can add in your own content along the way as well as tips and tricks to set your website apart, and you can follow what I do as I do it or change things as you like.  As you keep watching your going to get better and better and you’ll be able to do anything you want with your website.

So next is your About page so find that tab at the top.

And it’s the same thing, click on Add Template, My Templates, and find the section you want. 


Love it!  Update. 

Next is the Blog.

The blog page is a little different, this page automatically imports your blog posts into it, without you doing anything!  So you don’t need to do anything here we’ll get this set up in a moment, so you can just close this tab for now.

Next is the Contact Us page, so I’ll add the pro element Contact page here.

Here we go, insert.

That’s great.  You’ll notice this little message here and that’s where your contact form will be, you just need to finish setting it up in a moment and I’ll show you how to do that, it’s really easy!

So I’ll update this page for now.

And finally a page you can use to link to your call to action, this is optional but I highly recommend it, it makes a huge difference if your looking to build an audience which is going to keep coming back to your website!  I’m going to use the WTC System page I created earlier, so use the page you created, if you haven’t yet just create any page so you can still follow along, and later on you can edit this, for now we’re getting the structure all built out.

And if you don’t know what a call to action is, it’s simply a way for you to get your visitors to take an action on your website, such as click a button or enter their email address.  And it’s usually for something they really want, that they can’t resist such as a free worksheet,  video, audio, it could be anything, but something that speaks to what they are looking to achieve.  A good example is on our website, here is a call to action we use to tell people about our WTC System, and it’s simply a button they click, and then they enter their email address and become part of the WTC System Tribe where they can learn our unique mechanisms!

So for this final page I’m going to choose one of the pro elements again, and type in landing page, here it is, Insert that.

And again this has a call to action with a contact form people can use to insert their email address, in exchange for a free Cheatsheet full of tips and tricks!  The contact form isn’t here yet, we need to set a form up for this too, which is super quick to do!


And see as I scroll down this page is so nicely put together, it’s fun to look around, so people visiting are going to love it, and be more than happy to give you their email address.

Ok nice going you’ve got your pages set up and your ready to go!

So let’s finish setting up those contact forms now.  Go to the Dashboard tab, and then find Contact.

Here is where you create the different contact forms you want to use,

You’ve got a default form here, let’s delete that.

And now click on Add New.

Give your form a title, and we’ll create two forms, this first one is for your Contact Us page which is going to be a full contact form, so Name, Email, Subject and Message, and a Send button.  And you can see all of those fields here, so you don’t need to change anything, it’s already created it for you!

You’ve got some more options in Messages here, where you can set some default messages that come up, like when a message was sent successfully, you can choose what the success message will be.

Anyway now Save here. 

And then click Add New to create the second form.

This one is for your landing page, and you only want the Email field to be shown, as that is all you want people to have to write, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to take an action, to download your free cheatsheet or whatever your giving away in exchange for their email.

So just delete these other fields, like this, except the Send button.  So I’m highlighting the fields I don’t want, and deleting those.

Then Save.

And now you just need to copy this code here, so click that, then right click and Copy.

Then go to your Landing Page again, click this area, and paste the code in here.

And boom you have a little form ready for people to write in their email!  This is so exciting, because this is the first step to really really upping your game, setting yourself apart from everyone else!

Make sure to Update, and your done!  The other form will be used on your Contact page which I’ll show you when we get to that page in a moment when we go through customizing each page!

Here you’ve got your Site Title which is optional you can keep it and you can write anything you want here, it could be your name, business name, or you can have a logo there instead which looks really great, you can also remove it completely, not have anything there at all which adds to the whole minimalistic look and feel. 

I’ll be showing you how to do all of this in a moment!

Now I want you to find your Dashboard again, and go to Appearance and Customize.

This is your themes settings, which allows you to customize quite a few things, such as default colors, menus, as well as some advanced tools.  But we don’t need to do much here since we’re using Elementor to create the whole website, but I want to show you a few things that can be useful, such as some CSS which is going to add finishing touches to your website, like the icing on a cake!

You don’t need to write anything as the CSS file is already included in the file that you downloaded earlier.

So go to Custom CSS at the bottom.  Then find the file you downloaded and the CSS file.

Then copy all of that. 

And then paste it in here. 

Now click this arrow to go back, and find Homepage Settings, and then click Static page, and set your Homepage to Home, and the Blog page to Blog.

Then click on Publish which saves everything you’ve done, and the arrow to go back.

So what you’ve just done here is set your Homepage as the main page of the website, so when a visitor arrives on your site the first page they will see is this one, the Homepage.  And at the same time set your Blog as the blog page.

The CSS is used to super quickly make some nice little adjustments to your website which is like the icing on a cake, or the sprinkles, whatever you prefer haha.

Now your going to set up your websites Menu at the top here, so people can browse around and find your other pages easily.

So make sure to Publish to save everything, and go to Menus, and in this page you can create your menu. 

First click Create Menu, and give your new menu a name, then click Next, and then all you do is select Add Items, and choose the pages you want in your menu, here.  Re arrange them to how you like by clicking and dragging them.  I’m going to have Home first, then About, Blog, Contact Us and then WTC System.

And you also want to make sure Main is selected here.

Make sure to save that, and then use the arrow to go back to the main area here.  Now let’s have a look at the Site Title. 

You’ve got a few options with this, you can either have it just like this, so you could have your name, business name, and you’d go to Site Identity here, and change that here.  So I could put Websites Made Easy.  It’s nice and professional. 

If you want to keep things minimalistic and not have anything here, you can just delete it and it won’t show up.

Alternatively if you have a logo you want to use head over to Header and then Logo, and you can upload a logo to use right here.

If you don’t have one yet no problem you can do this later, if you do then upload it and see how it looks!  But I’m going to show you a cool little tool you can use to quickly create a logo if your short on time or you just want a simple logo to use right now.

It’s called

Here you can pretty much create any type of logo you want, simply and quickly, and also browse from thousands already created.

Click here and you’ve got some really nice simple logos ready to go so have a look around.

I’ll choose this one, and you can change the size by dragging these handles here, you want it to be around 160px.

Now I’ll change the color to white by using the color wheel here, this makes it pop against the background of the website, and right now it’ll look like it’s not there but it is!

And all you do now is click here to download it, and click Download and agree to give credit.  And it’ll download.

Now upload the logo by clicking on Select Logo, Upload Files, and Select Files, and finding the logo here.

You can skip cropping.

It’ll upload and wow this is big, but scroll down here and you can drag this slider to make it smaller, and I’ll make it about 75, this looks good.  You can also make the Height about 50 so it lines up with the menu better.

This looks great love it!

So there you have your options, feel free to do whatever you like!

Make sure to Publish when your done!

Going forwards I’m going to remove the Site Title as I like the look of this much better, it’s cleaner and makes the website look nicer.

There’s lots to play around with here in the Customizer, General Options has some settings for different colors around your website, like in Styling you’ve got the primary color, we’ve used this nice fresh color, which shows all around the website such as these buttons here.

Scroll To Top lets you have a button visitors can click to scroll them to the top of your website, with different styles to choose from!

In Typography it’s all about choosing the fonts for your website with lots of styling and sizing options, as well as colors!

Top Bar is quite a cool feature it adds another bar to the top of the website, where you can then add social media icons that are clickable. 

Everything here is really easy to get started if you look around you can easily figure it out if you want to use something, and you won’t brake anything so play around and have fun!

There we go!  The homepage is fully functional and see how quick it was to do that? 

All of these are elements you can edit, remove if you don’t want it, it’s your choice! Going forward I’ll be showing you easily how to edit the elements within your website, and once you get these basics you’ll be able to edit or create anything you want!  You’ll be a pro!

The last area to set up is this great looking footer at the bottom, which has stuff like your social media, address and a bit about you, but of course you can customize this to how you want it.

Go to Theme Panel, and My Library.

Here your creating a place for the Footer element to live, and then you link it to your website in a moment which I’ll show you. 

So click Add New.  Then give it a name, I’ll name it Footer.  Change the template to Elementor Canvas, and then Publish!

Now click on Edit with Elementor.

Click Add Template, and find the Footer element, here it is.  Insert.

There you go!  Now you can edit this with all your own info, change the social media links by just clicking on them and finding the ones you use, and adding the link in here.

As with everything this is fully customizable, so play around if you want to, it’s really fun to just see what you can do, you come up with new ways of having your website.  I love it like this so I’ll leave it as it is. 

Now make sure to click Update to save everything.

And then go to your Dashboard, find Appearance, and Customize.

Click on Footer Widgets.  Then find Select Template here, and choose the Footer Element you just created, and Publish, and your done!  If we check the website now, scroll down, and there’s the footer, brilliant, it looks clean and minimalistic which I love, it looks so good against the video element above.

You can of course add any element you want to the footer, from your available elements on the left here, maybe a google maps of where your located?  A contact form?  All you’d do is go back to the footer, and you can swap in anything you want.

I haven’t got time to show you every element available in this video, so instead if there is one you like I recommend adding it in and taking a look at it, most of these are easy to get the hang of, and nothing is going to go wrong.  You can play around see how you like it.

Customizing Websites Pages

Ok now your going to start customizing all of this with your own content, so I’m going to start by editing the Homepage which is this main page of your website, the page people will first see when visiting.

And I want you to know that sometimes these Themes, or Plugins or whatever we are working with can be updated, which is important it keeps everything fresh and it keeps your website secure.

It also means sometimes things can change their appearance slightly, but the way you do things usually stays exactly the same the functionality is the same.  So if you ever go to something and it looks different, just look around a bit and you’ll find how to use it.

So now find your Homepage tab at the top.

Right now we’ve got all these elements to play with and they’re all really great, please feel free to keep or remove any you don’t want to use, this is the great thing about this, there’s no right or wrong way of doing it, your free as a bird to do anything you want.  So let’s get into it.

Header Section

As you can see this header video section is pretty incredible it instantly grabs your attention so it’s perfect for your Homepage.

This homepage is all ready to go, you could literally leave it as it is and move on, but obviously you want your own info and content on here, so I’ll show you how to edit each section, along with the most useful Elementor tips and tricks! 

So lets start with the header video section.  As before each element is highlighted as I scroll around which tells you your able to edit all of these.  To edit the main section, which is this whole thing, move to the top here and you’ll get some options, the first you can click to edit and move the section, you see when I click it brings up the corresponding tools on the left, you can also click and drag it anywhere you want using this button. 

The next one duplicates it, the plus sign lets you add more sections and templates, this little icon is to save a section or element to your library to use again anytime, and the cross removes it.

You’ll get similar options by hovering over different elements, like the main title here, on the right you’ve got a Pencil icon, which lets you edit, as well as duplicate, and remove it.

Notice this title element is inside a column, and thats here, you see the grey dotted lines going around?  You can edit this too by clicking this icon, as well as duplicate and so on. 

Both of these are inside the main section.  It’s all pretty much the same, all these sections and elements have already been set up for you but I’m going to show you a few ways you can customize them to how you like.

When you click to edit anything you’ll get the tools on the left come up, so for the main section which is this whole section you see here, I get options for it’s Layout, Style, and Advanced tools.  Layout means you can change the width or how the content is displayed, height, column position, content position, and the overall look and structure of this section.  This is SO flexible your never stuck with the same looking website, there’s so many options.

Style is where is gets fun because here you get to add a video like we have here, and that is a link to a YouTube video, so you don’t have to upload anything.

The link you need is just the link of the video you want to use, so ours is here on YouTube and the link is at the top.  Just copy that and then you paste it in here.

You can also choose to have an image instead by clicking on Classic, then clicking here to choose your image, and I’ll go with this one, then click insert, and remember we gave you some great images to work with so that’s an option for you.

And there you go instantly placed on your header!  As you can see it doesn’t look right, so I’m changing some of the settings here which makes the image smaller and keeps the dimensions within the element.

Much better!

If I wanted to have a parallax effect with it, I’d change this to Fixed.  And there you go, this looks great!

I’m going to use the video though as I love how that looks.

I’m going to show you how you can use a background image to replace the video if people are visiting from a mobile or tablet, as the video doesn’t work on those, so they would just get white background, which doesn’t look that good at all!

So what you need to do is add a Background Fallback image, which is here, so click that, and I’m going to use this image.  Notice it’s 1000×558 px, you don’t want to use a large image here otherwise it may load slowly, and this is only used on mobile devices. 

Insert Media and there it goes, so now if I visit the website on my mobile, there we go there’s the image I just uploaded ready and working!

Below you’ve got Background Overlay which can add a slight overlay to your photo or video, and Typography allowing you to change fonts, text color, links color.  But this isn’t going to affect the Headline as that it’s own Element with it’s own tools, which we’ll look at in a moment.

Advanced allows you to change margins and padding for the section, so if you wanted it wider or shorter here’s where you’d do that.

See as I increase the Top padding, it’s pushing the headline down.  The padding and margin is what is in between each of these sections.

Responsive is useful if you want to hide a section from being shown on mobile or tablet, you can choose that option here, under visibility.  This might be good if one of your sections doesn’t show up properly for any reason, or you might only want that section being shown on desktop. 

We’ve gone through all of this already making sure it’s set up perfectly for you so you can literally plug and play and just insert your own content, and I wanted you to know how to edit anything in case you ever wanted to, this give you the flexibility and options to change these elements how you like and further customize them.

Next is the Headline and this is even easier, click the pencil icon here to bring up the options, and here is where you write the title, you can add a link here which would make the title clickable, you can also change the size and alignment.

In Style you get to change the text color, typography and shadowing.  In typography you can choose the font you want to use, change the headline size using this slider, it’s weight, line height and the letter spacing which is the gap in between each letter. 

It’s the same with the subtitle, except this element is a Text Editor element.  It has some of the same settings to play around with.

To get back to your elements at any time click on this icon, which will bring all of them up, where you can drag and place any you want to use inside your website.  Again you can see what you like, there’s all kinds of tools in here!

And thats your header complete!

Going forward the options aren’t that much different for the rest of your website.  You just have to look around a little and you’ll easily see what to do if you ever get stuck.

So let’s keep going!

About Section

Next is this great little About section which tells your visitors a bit about you.  And again this section is editable by clicking here.  And it’s made up of a Headline, and a Text editor so you already know how to edit these.   

Below those is a button, which of course your also able to edit and add a clickable link to, which could be to another page on the website, I’m going to add the About Us page url here so it takes people there.    

In Style you can change the buttons text, we’ve got the font as Lato just like everything on the website as this is a super clean sophisticated looking font.

Here you can edit the buttons alignment as well, it’s size just by selecting whatever you want here, I’ll keep it like it was.  And you can add an icon if you’d like to use one here, see it gets added next to the text.

Another thing I’ve just remembered in Style is pretty cool, you can customize the animation of the button, see right now when someone hovers over it changes color.  You can change this here, so in Normal this is how the button looks right now, and Hover is how it will look when someone hovers over it.  So if I change something, let’s change the text color in Hover, just for this example I’ll change it to, let’s do green.

There you go now when I hover over the button it’s different.

Actually a great website to browse colors is

This is such a great website and actually pretty fun to use, start by clicking on Start The Generator, and you’ll instantly be inside free to look around and discover some beautiful color palettes.  These all go together really well too so you could just use these groups of colors and they’d look perfect.

Notice here it says Press Spacebar for More Colors?  Lets do that.

And there we go, you can keep pressing the spacebar and find even more colors that work great together.

Ok back in your website.

To use a custom color you can use the colors code and enter it in here.

This is also great just below is a Hover animation, which has lots of different animations inside, so if I choose this one, now it has a great little effect when someone hovers over it.

The border is the black line going around the button, which you can make thicker by increasing the width here if you’d like to, I’ll keep it as it is.

Advanced has margin and padding in it again if you wanted to move the button lower or higher.  It’s a matter of playing about with these margins or padding until you get it the way you want, but again we’ve already done this for you so you don’t need to do anything here.

Call To Action Section

Below is a call to action which I’ve set up for you with a great parallax effect using an image in the background, see as I scroll it goes up or down the image, it’s great looking and very engaging for anyone on your website, so I hope you like that.

Here you’ve got options for the sections Layout.

Each one changes the look slightly, for example content position aligns the text and button at the top middle or bottom.

Below you’ve got a few default structures, and again clicking each one will change the layout of the section.

In Style you can change the image for this Parallax effect, just click here and you can either upload or choose an image you already have.

You could have a video here if you wanted to, lets see what that looks like actually.

So I’ll change the background type to video, and I just paste in a link here. 

Lets try this little video for an example I just created this.

Awesome that looks pretty cool, it adds another layer to your website and is definitely engaging, I actually like that! 

For this video I’ll change it back to the Parallax but you now know you’ve got some good options here to get creative!

Below that you’ve got your options for the position of the image, right now it’s Centre Centre if I change it you’ll see the image will move a little, and the “Attachment” option is what gives it this nice parallax effect like I mentioned, as well as the size.  And again depending on the image you use you might want to play around with these to make it look just right, as the image you use might need slightly different settings that this, thats what these are here for.

You’ve got Overlay again here too which if you remember adds a color on top, this is good if you have an image which is quite bright, and you want white text on top.

And in advanced you’ll see the Padding has a Top Padding of 40 and 45 for the Bottom, this lets you increase the size of the Call to Action, see how it gets bigger if I increase these values?

Again feel free to play around and make it how you like, I’ll leave it as it is and go to the next section which is the Our Work section!

Our Work Section

This section is ideal if you have a portfolio, services or products to show off, if your a photographer, blogger, small or large business, you can use this to effectively get anything in front of your visitors.

It’s easy to customize too, this is just a header at the top, and this little element is a divider which just adds space and a cool little line in between the content.  You can change it’s width and so on by using these sliders, just like this.  As well as colors and so on.

All of these images are included in the file you downloaded.  To choose which images you want here, just click here and you can remove or add more images by clicking on Add to Gallery.

The image size is here and right now it’s on large, choose how many columns you want, right now it’s 4 columns with 2 in each, it’s linked to the file which gives you this great Lightbox animation, when you click an image the whole image is focused on which is great if you want to show anything off.

In Style you can customize the spacing between the images and I’ve got it on 0 because I don’t want a gap in between the images I like the look of this.  And in Advanced you’ve got margin and padding again, as well as these familiar settings below.

And that’s your Our Work section. complete!


Ok next is the blog section which automatically pulls your blog posts in here, so any new posts you create will be visible here, just like on this finished website you see, here’s 3 posts I created.

And don’t worry about this message, when you’ve got some posts created this disappears.  This has just come up and I think it’s probably because it has been updated, but as I said it will go away as soon as you’ve got some posts, which we’re going to do right now!

So having a blog and creating posts for your audience is the ideal way of bringing them back to your website time and time again, building an audience around your brand your product or service. 

You can also use your blog to create posts about anything you want, but you want to keep it relevant to what your website is about, and what your audience wants to see.  And this isn’t hard at all it’s very easy to do!  You can even get it done for you if you if you don’t want to create posts yourself. 

This video doesn’t go in depth about blogging but I’m going to give you a great head start and the fundamentals so you can get going!

So go to your Dashboard, and from here go to Posts, and Add New.

This is where you create your blog posts, so you just add in a title, this is going to be my first blog post, and then everything else goes here, so all your content is in here. 

I’ve got my post already created, so I’ll paste that in here.

And here you’ve got all these tools to create your posts, headings, links, alignment, bold, all kinds of different fonts and colors.

So for example to bold I’d just highlight the text, and click on this button. 

Or to create a link, I’d highlight again and click on this button to create a link, then paste the link in here.

This little tool within the posts is called a Read More Tag which breaks up the content, and it makes it so not all of your post is shown in the Blog page, people have to click to view the whole thing.

If I scroll down I’ve got an image here and this is easy to do. 

You just click where you want the image to be placed, then click on Add Media here, and choose any type of media you want to use and it’ll be placed there.

Then you can use these handles to make it larger or smaller, align it, or click this pencil icon to make further adjustments if you need to.

It’s also a good idea to create categories which link similar blog posts together, which makes it easy for people to find other content they might like.

All you do is click on Add New Category, write in the category name, and click Add New Category here.  I’ll create a couple more.

Scroll down and you’ll find something called your Featured Image, and this is the image you see here, in the Blog section on your Homepage, and on the actual blog post itself.

You definitely want to use a featured image as it adds so much to your posts, and feel free to use the images we’ve given you, or you can head over to our friends at who we absolutely love and use all the time, these are completely free to use and are the highest quality images you can find, there’s some stunning work in here so definitely have a look around when you can.

So upload a Featured Image, and when your done with that all you need to do is scroll up, and click on Publish to Publish your blog post, and it’ll be live on your blog ready for your visitors to enjoy!  If you want to save and continue with it later just click on Save Draft.

Great you’ve just done your first post!  It’s just come up with a little message here saying there’s an update and you might see these from time to time, all you do is click here and update, and it’s done, simple.

Then go to Posts, and All Posts.

So as I said before you don’t have to do any of this yourself if you don’t want to, you can get someone to do it all for you. 

Upwork is a great place to find talented freelancers who will write and publish posts for you.  All you do is create a job or search and find someone you like and you can hire them, or just wait and you’ll get proposals from people.  Another one is PeoplePerHour.

So there you go it’s as easy as that.  I’m going to create 2 more blog posts now, so pause the video if you want to do yours now, and play again when your ready.

There we go I now have 3 blog posts published, and now if I go to the website, update to save anything you’ve done already, and then refresh the page, they’re showing up in the blog section!

You can edit this section with a few general settings but I wouldn’t change most of this as it works well as it is.

You might want to change Posts Per Page in Pagination & Settings, if you want to show more than 3 posts, or the Post Style & Image Settings, here you could change the style of the blog section, right now it’s on Minimal Grid, which as it says is minimal which I think looks nice. 

Any settings for your blog posts are in the WordPress post editor which you saw just now.

In Style you’ve got options to change the size of the Titles, colors, hover color and Excerpt size and color so you can customize it to fit with your look.

As I said this works great as it is so I’m not going to change anything here.

Contact Section

Just below here is a really nice section you can use to let people get in touch with you or whatever you want.  This background video is really inspiring and engaging, and this section is just made up of a title, some text and a button, which you already know how to edit, easy as that!

For the video you would click here to edit the Section, and you can change the video here, or use an image instead if you wanted to.  As before your video URL goes in here, and you click here to edit the Heading and so on, you know this now!

You can find the different video URL’s in the file you downloaded, in here!  Feel free to use those.

And I want this button to take people to the contact page, and to get that link just find the Contact page in the menu, open it up and here’s the URL, so copy that, and then paste it in here.

Then you can align the button, change the size and anything else you want to do it’s all here.

Your homepage is as easy as that!

You now know how to edit individual elements, columns and sections.  Going forwards it’s pretty much the same, now let’s have a look at the About page!

About Page

So head to your About page tab, and as you can see it’s all setup for you, but of course you can move these about if you want or change anything here.

At the top you’ve got a cool parallax header which instantly looks great I think.  Underneath is a little information about you or your business and a couple of nice images to draw people in.

Then it’s the footer and that’s already set up.

Let’s say you wanted to change the parallax image, remember how to do this?

All you’d do is find the section editor which is here, click that and find Style and you can change the image in here.  Position can sometimes be useful depending on the image you use, as this can sometimes move the image around, just like this.  So you might want to show something specifically, such as more mountains or whatever it is.

And it’s exactly the same for this image.

And below that is this area with a bit of information about you and a nice little image.  You want to keep this brief and to the point, just let people know who you are, what you do why you do it.  Here you can move the section about by dragging the edge of the element, this resizes and changes the look a bit.

And this About page is done!  If you want to add anything else go ahead, all you do is click on Add Template and browse around your pro elements.  Maybe a google maps?  Just add in, and customize it how you like using the settings on the left, it’s just so easy.

Alright let’s jump into the Contact Us page!  Remember to click on Update to save any changes you’ve made, then click on the Contact tab.

Contact Page

You’ve got another Parallax header with a headline, and some text underneath.

And here you have your contact form!  Well you will have in a moment I’ll show you how to quickly create one and paste it in here, it takes just a few minutes!

And that’s it!

So let’s get the contact form set up to finish this page.

You want to go to your Dashboard tab.  If you haven’t got this open click here, and click on Exit to Dashboard, you’ll want to open this in a new tab so you still have this Contact page tab open.

From here you want to go to Contact, and Contact Forms.

And remember we created these forms earlier, one for the landing page and the other one, for this contact us page.  So choose the form you created, and copy this code, and then go to the contact page, click here, and paste that code in here.

There you go!  A functional contact form so people can get in touch with you!

You’ll obviously want to write your own wording throughout your website, but the style and settings are there for you to quickly get this done.

And that’s your contact page done!  How quick is it to get your website setup? 

Lets get on to the last page, which is the WTC System page.

WTC System Page

This page is the perfect way to introduce a product or service you might have, for you to get your visitors to take an action on your website, such as click a button or enter their email address. 

Like I said before it’s usually for something they really want that they can’t resist such as a free worksheet,  video, audio, it could be anything, but something that speaks to what they are looking to achieve. 

This is really nicely put together and going through it, it’s all easy to do, you should know how to edit most of the elements here, lets take a look.

Here you’ve got a background image which is accessed by clicking on the section here, then you can change the image, or use a video instead, then a heading and a text editor for this sub heading.

You’ve then got your contact form which we placed in there earlier so that’s all good! You can edit this a little, such as making it wider using this slider here, as well as some other things but I wouldn’t change much here if you don’t need to.

Next is this great little area which highlights more about what your offering, so here we’ve got some of our unique mechanisms we tell you about in our WTC System, and if your interested in that it’s over on our website.

But this can be used for anything you want, it’s here to grab the attention of visitors and pull them in, get them to share their email address with you.

You get to choose an icon here, change the title and description, a link if you want.  Style has some color options, and spacing and size settings which are useful to align everything.

As with all of this you’ll want to play around and get things just right.  When you add in your own content you may need to use these sliders for example to make sure it’s all aligned correctly.

These little elements are also editable, you can change their color and so on.

And underneath is a call to action button, and at the moment when it’s clicked it takes people to the top of the page again to enter their information.

The goal here is to give what your visitor is looking for, give as much value as you can and you’ll gain a loyal fan who will come back again and again, and who you can always be in touch with through email, letting them know of updates or new merchandise you might have.

If you look at the biggest companies out there they all use this method to capture potential customers details so they can always be in touch with them.

Congratulations you’ve done all your pages and your website is all set up and ready to go! 

It’s live and people are going to absolutely love it, you should feel really proud of yourself well done, I hope your excited!  This is a great start and I’ve got so much more to share with you, tips and tricks to grow your audience further, proven techniques we’ve learnt over the years that will make your website, your business, stand out from everyone else.


Now I want to share with you a few plugins that we use ourselves, which are game changing for you.  Whatever your looking to accomplish, more traffic, more email subscribers, maybe even having your content go viral?  Plugins make these possible!

Like I said before a plugin is a little tool that complements your website, it adds unique functionality such as allowing visitors to instantly share your website, or blog posts to their social media, which means their friends can share it and so on, giving your content the ultimate chance to go viral.

Another one gives your website super loading times which your visitors will love, but also Google will rank your website higher in search in results!

There are thousands of plugins available to use, some are amazing and some aren’t that great, thats why we’re giving you our favorite plugins that we know work and you’ll love!

Lets start with the first one which is Share!


So from your Dashboard go to Plugins and Add New.

Share gives your website a powerful yet simple and elegant tool which allows your visitors to share any content on your website, using these buttons on the side!

Share is a completely free tool which is in a suite of tools by SumoMe.  So in your plugins, search for SumoMe.

Here it is, so now Install that, and then Activate it.

You’ll now get this message here asking you to finish activating the plugin, so just scroll over to this icon and click it.

All you do now is create a free account, and login!

You’ll now be on your SumoMe Dashboard, and you just find Social on the left here and click on Share.  And now just activate it!

So you’ve got your Share dashboard here which will show you the clicks or shares you get on your buttons, and here are some settings which lets you set up this plugin further.

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