Top 10 Most Common WordPress Questions Answered

We’ve been helping people who are just starting out online for years. During this time, we have received a lot of questions from our new readers and viewers in regards to their WordPress accounts. We have compiled a list of the top 10 most commonly asked questions covering everything from slowly loading websites to adding plugins. Whether you’re new to WordPress or familiar with the site, you will find some helpful tips below!

1. My website loads slowly, is there a way to speed it up?

Answer: There are several ways you can increase the loading speed of your blog. One of the first things you should consider would be to add a caching plugin to your WordPress site. One that we recommend is called W3 Total Cache. Another thing to consider would be to use a better web-hosting provider. The hosting providers that are shared hosts load much more slowly. If your blog/site receives a lot of traffic, consider choosing a virtual private server (VPS) or Dedicated server. We’ve been using HostGator for our hosting service for years now and have had very few problems. Be sure to check these guys out! And if you need additional information for speeding up your site, check out this article for 5 Ways to Speed up Your Site’s Load Time!

2. How do you create a Contact Form in WordPress?

Answer: When adding a contact form in your WordPress blog, there is a free plugin called Contact Form 7 that is great for many basic contact forms. If you are looking for something a little bit more powerful, however, this plugin called Gravity Forms is worth checking out. Gravity Forms allows users to capture opt-in emails, collect payments and create a donate form for non-profits. We have a quick list of contact form plugins that we would recommend here: 5 Most Effective Contact Form Plugins for WordPress.

3. How do you include a video in WordPress posts?

Answer: Depending on which theme you are using, the most basic way is to copy and paste the URL of the video on a line by itself. You can also select the add media button above your post and select a file from your computer if you have the video saved. You can also copy and paste the URL into the add media section and the video will automatically populate. You may also change the size of the video by copying the embedded code from YouTube, for example, and altering the height and width of the pixels to fit the screen better. However, this can be a little tricky so it may take some trial and error practice.

4. How do you set up Email Subscriptions for WordPress blogs?

Answer: There are two main ways to set up email subscriptions for your WordPress site. One of the free methods is called FeedBurner, however its track record is less than 100% reliable. We recommend trying out MailChimp. This email subscription method is free for up to 2,000 collected emails before it starts charging users.

5. How do I install Google Analytics in my blog?

Answer: Google Analytics is our number one tool for analyzing our website’s performance and truly tracking every key performance indicator on each page. Covering this topic to its full potential is rather detailed. So, we’ve dedicated an entire video to answering this question. Google Analytics is a great way to find out who visits your site, what they do while they’re on it and how long they stay. Check it out here: A Step-By-Step Guide for Google Analytics Using WordPress.

6. Why does my Facebook Like Button not show the right title and image?

Answer: This actually is not an issue on WordPress, but rather on the Facebook side. Facebook’s script is unable to properly extract information from your WordPress site. There are some plugins, however, that can help with a seamless integration from Facebook. We recommend that you check out “Simple Facebook Connect” plugin because you do not have to configure it at all. We’ve outlined an additional plugin to fully integrate your social accounts to be easily shared on your site. Check it out here!

7. Why can’t I see the Plugins Menu from my Admin Panel?

Answer: There are a few reasons that this may be happening. If you are using a blog hosted on the Free platform, you will not be able to see this menu because you do not have the ability to add plugins. You also need an administrator level account on your site to see this menu, so any lower levels will be unable to access it. For a full tutorial on plugins check out our step-by-step guide here! We also detail our top 7 plugins to effortlessly grow your business here!

8. What’s the best way to add an image gallery to my site?

Answer: There is a way to use the built-in gallery feature to add entire image galleries to your blog posts and pages. When you are in a new post (or editing an existing one) there is an “Add Media” button on the top left of the screen. You can upload using images from your personal computer or choose those in your media library. If the structure you are going for is gallery or albums, there is a plug in we recommend called NextGen gallery.

9. Why can’t I see the Custom Fields area after upgrading WordPress?

Answer: When WordPress updated to newer versions, the user-interface team cleaned up the interface to be simpler. Many options were checked off by default with the upgrade. In the top right corner of your computer screen, however, there is a Screen Options drop down. You can click on this to check the fields that you would like to be visible.

10. Why am I locked out of /wp-admin/? All I can see is a blank, white screen.

Answer: The most likely reason for this occurrence is due to incorrectly copying-pasting a code with an incorrect format into your blog. When this happens, sometimes it is because the website has a formatting error, however most likely it is because users paste the code in the incorrect location. Unfortunately, you will not be able to fix this error using the wp-admin section, but you will have to use FTP to log in and edit the file of your theme.

What about you?

What are some of your top questions about WordPress? We hope this guide has helped answer some questions that you may have had problems with. We’re here to help make the process of building a website quick and easy! Our full guide of master classes and video tutorials can be found on our website. Check it out for help with all of your website building needs at Thanks!