Top 3 Ways To Engage Your Audience Online

Blogging has become increasingly popular these days. Posts can be a funny, thought provoking, informational or an entertaining way to fulfill a customer’s desire for content. But how can you ensure you’re writing an engaging post? For every popular blog, you can bet there are hundreds that have fallen short of success. There are certain characteristics of a blog that can entice readers: a well spoken blogger, expert insight on topics and great presentation of content, but many blogs can have all of these things and still not make it. These three tips will help you connect with and engage your readers, ultimately increasing the popularity of your blog.

The “It Factor”

You know when there’s just something about a person or concept that draws people in? It’s often said that it’s indescribable, but there’s just something about it that draws you in. A good marketer, however, will see that it is not indescribable, but instead, just difficult to define.

The main difference between a “meh” blog and a great blog is pulling off the “it factor” In the blogging world, the “it factor” is blog engagement. You can have a blog that does it all: provides useful information, new ideas, creative infographics, and has a sleek design. Without reader engagement, however, all of this means nothing.

It isn’t just about having quality content anymore, you need to provide a platform where people can comment on or critique your ideas and information. In order for a blog post to go viral, you have to reach readers and create an emotional response in them. Bloggers who succeed in this area have mastered the “it factor”. These three tips will help you engage readers in ways you may have not considered.

1. Video Tutorials

Although not the most traditional aspect that comes to mind when a reader thinks of a blog, video tutorials can be one of the easiest and most effective ways of creating an interactive experience with your readers. Your viewers will perceive interaction with the blogger themselves through stunning visuals and graphics.

One huge advantage of video tutorials is the ability to create multiple pre-recordings at a time and provide these “interactive” experiences weekly with a single day of recording. Though video tutorials are not technically interactive, they provide a platform of engagement through comments and a perceived connection with the blogger. Videos add a personal touch, adding a face and a voice to a blogger that text alone cannot achieve.

2. Free E-Books

Who doesn’t like free stuff? One way you can engage with readers is to offer a free e-book of your content. This makes your content something tangible that they can “take with them” and feel a part of. E-books will also give you the platform you need in order to dive deeper into the content of topics that really matter to you. They’ll add significant value to a reader who wants to dive deeper into your blog’s main topic. When readers continue to engage with your blog even outside of the web page, they strengthen their relationship with the blogger.

3. Content Specific Ads

Contrary to popular belief people don’t hate ads. I know it sounds crazy but people don’t hate ads. People do, however, hate irrelevant ads. How many times have you visited your favorite clothing website just to be bombarded with pop ups advertising summer tutoring? When it comes to ads, it’s important to use ads to your advantage. This means only offering relevant, engaging and useful advertisements on your blog page.

If you’re writing about how to create a website, people don’t want to be reading about a sale on strollers. By focusing your ads toward your target audience, you can provide relevant, useful products and services to your readers rather than a barrage of nonsense.

These are three simple techniques that I’ve found really helpful for engaging your readers. You’re already a great blogger, why not try these out and see how your readers respond? Never stop brainstorming ways to increase your blog’s “it factor”! With a little creativity and effort these small tips can pay off in a big way.

What do you think?

What have you seen as a game-changer when it comes to engaging with your audience? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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