Top 31 Places to Find 100% Free High-Quality Photos Online! No Questions Asked!

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why isn’t my content getting shared online? Why is no one viewing my posts?” I have a secret to share… The easiest and quickest way to transform your content from good to great is to include stellar images. Boom!


It may sound like a no brainer, but when it comes to actually finding just the right image and you happen to be on a shoestring budget, this can be quite difficult. That’s why we put together a list of go-to websites where you can find a candy land of free photos to get lost in. Yet, before we go frolicking through the fields, let’s be sure to understand what the Internet means by “free”

Creative Commons Explained

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools. They provide a simple and standardized way for free and easy to use copyright licenses that enable the public permission to share their creative work. These licenses are not an alternative to copyright, rather they work alongside copyright.

Websites that have images they share abide by certain levels of creative commons. Some require payment for images for commercial use, some require author attribution, and others require absolutely nothing. If you’re hoping to use photos from the many image sites out there, you need to understand which level of Creative Commons they operate by. Otherwise, you could end up penalized through infringement.

For more on the types of licenses to be sure to observe, check out their about page here.

Creative Commons Zero

Since many new bloggers and website builders out there are on a shoestring budget, what we’re looking for is a Creative Commons License of ZERO! A zero level license means that the work is in the public domain: It is free for use by anyone for any purpose without restriction under copyright law.

Now, Our List…

Here are our top 31 places to find 100% free high-quality photos online! No questions asked! These sites are the best of the best for sifting through free images for commercial and personal use.

1. Photo Swap Shop

One of our favorite places to snag some awesome photos for our projects is over at These guys have a really unique format where you can buy any photo for just $1.00! Or you can sign up for unlimited downloads for just $12 bucks a month. The best part of all though, is if you’re looking for photos for absolutely free, you can trade one of your photos in exchange for one of theirs! If you have any high quality, original photos of your own, you can submit them to the guys at PhotoSwapShop and they’ll send a promo code straight to your cart for a free download of any photo you’d like! Pretty sweet huh? We thought so! Definitely check these guys out!

Restrictions: None

2. Unsplash

Unsplash adds 10 new royalty-free images every 10 days. These super high quality images feature breathtaking landscapes, snowy mountain ranges, old buildings, you name it! There is also a search feature that allows you to filter through their main categories: Buildings, Food & Drink, Nature, Objects, People, and Technology. You can also subscribe to receive their newest photos every 10 days.

Restrictions: None

3. Death To The Stock Photo

Each month, you will receive a 10 free image photo pack in an email. Each month, they will be in a certain category and are super high quality. They are striving to make the internet a “More Beautiful Place”. There is also an option to go premium for $15 bucks a month for access to their full library.

Restrictions: None

4. Little Visuals

This site has a number of beautiful free images that features an email subscription to your inbox with 7 new images every 7 days. The creator of this site, however, passed away at a young age. There is an option to donate to a fundraiser to provide schools with portable defibrillators in Nic’s memory.

Restrictions: None

5. Gratisography

Gratisography offers free high quality photos for personal and commercial use. New photos are added weekly and free of restrictions.

Restrictions: None

6. New Old Stock

These vintage photos were repurposed from the public archives. You can seriously scroll for hours for a perfectly vintage photo look for any of your project needs.

Restrictions: None

7. morgueFile

With a huge searchable database of free photos, morgueFile has it all. It’s a free photo archives made by creatives for creatives.

Restrictions: None

8. Life of Pix

Images here are free and for personal and commercial use. New high-resolution photos are added weekly by the Leeroy agency in Montreal.

Restrictions: None

9. Picography

A scroll through gallery of beautiful shots taken by professional photographers. Get lost in it!

Restrictions: None

10. Getrefe

A very simple site with easy navigation through beautiful natural images taken throughout Europe.

Restrictions: None

11. Jay Mantri

A talented designer from Southern California, Jay Mantri offers this high quality collection. Free and inspiring photos are updated every Thursday.

Restrictions: None


A huge selection of thousands of high quality images all for free? What more do you need? StockSnap adds hundreds of images on a weekly basis.

Restrictions: None

13. Splitshire

Created by web designer, Daniel Nanescu, these free photos make for an amazing collection. A definite must see.

Restrictions: None

14. Superfamous Studios

Superfamous Studios has a huge collection, among others, of various aerial, biological, and geological tastes. Based out of Los Angeles and influenced by Dutch designer Folkert Gorter.

Restrictions: Light. Creative Commons 3.0 (Give credit when posting).

15. PicJumbo

100% free photos for commercial and personal works. New photos are added daily from various categories including food, fashion, nature, abstract, animals, technology and more.

Restrictions: None

16. Pexels

This site has taken photos from a number of sites listed here and aggregated them into one place that’s easy to search and navigate. New photos are updated daily and has plenty to choose from.

Restrictions: None

17. Pixabay

Pixabay has nearly 400,000 free photos, vectors and art illustrations at 100% free no questions asked restrictions. Browse a number of categories and subscribe for photos to come straight to you.

Restrictions: None

18. Lock & Stock Photos

AJ Montpetit loves the open source community model. He’s benefited greatly from sites like these and wanted to do his part. Check out his photos and be sure to link back to his site when using them. Otherwise, have at it!

Restrictions: Medium. Creative Commons 4.0 (ShareALike means to attribute the photos used in writing, but to also link back to his site).

19. Public Domain Archive

100% free stock photos. Every. Single. Week. This site has everything you need for your creative projects and all under the public domain. From modern to vintage, from objects to nature, you’ll find this as a great resource for your design needs.

Restrictions: None

20. FreeImages

An exhaustive directory of open-source images. A definite go-to resource for all sorts of projects. It is searchable and contains a myriad of categories for your specific niche.

Restrictions: Light. Attribution Required Sometimes

21. Snapwire Snaps

7 hand-picked snaps every 7 days that are all free to use with a creative commons of zero.

Restrictions: None

22. Photo Collections

Free photos ranging from architecture to animals. Project manager Vadim Goncharov openly invites you to use his photos for all personal or commercial projects for free.

Restrictions: None

23. Startup Stock Photos

Stunning high quality photos made especially for your techy needs.

Restrictions: None

24. Free Nature Stock

A project by the talented Adrian Pelletier who provides free nature photos from stunning locations. New photos added daily.

Restrictions: None

25. Camarama

New images are added each week to this excellent collection. Download any photo and do whatever you want!

Restrictions: None

26. Made In Moments

7 new photos every week are brought to you by a couple who is traveling the world. Definitely a resource for the most unique photos you could think of.

Restrictions: None (free photos sent to your inbox every week, but all the other photo packs are for purchase.)

27. StreetWill provides free photos to use however you’d like. Super high quality photos range across all kinds of genres. Check them out!

Restrictions: None

28. Jéshoots

This 24 year old dreamer Jan Vasek has launched a huge project for all of us to benefit from. He is a dreamer who fights for the free internet and hopes you enjoy his creations for all of your personal or commercial projects. Definitely a number of gems found here.

Restrictions: None

29. Realistic Shots

This project was created by Henry Reyes who aims to provide 7 new photos every single week. This great collection has plenty to search through using their category finder.

Restrictions: None

30. Foodies Feed

No need to explain here. Check out all their collection of free food images.

Restrictions: None

31. LibreShot

A nice collection by Martin Vorel who offers photos from South East Asian and European countries. There are plenty to check out here!

Restrictions: Light. Creative Commons 2.0 (Must attribute photo credit and provide a link to the author site.)

Be Sure to Check the Licenses

When you’re using these photo sites, again, be sure to double check the licenses outlined by each site. Understand the Creative Commons licenses and when in doubt, just give photo credit and link back to the author site and you should be just fine.

What’s Next?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and now its time to let you loose and begin your creative journey! You may also be wondering, now that I have all the free photos in the world, what the heck am I going to do with them? Well, luckily for you we’re putting together a quick guide for how to design like a pro without needing to be a designer using free tools.

We’re here to help with all of your website design needs. Check out our dozens of video tutorials to help with anything for just getting started to detailed optimization. Be sure to check us out on YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest! Check out our website at


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