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No more deciding between overpriced, underpowered hosts.

Or “free” platforms that crash when you get any traction.

You want WordPress at your fingertips – without the IT degree.

An affordable, managed solution to host your site so you can focus on the business side.

In this video, I’ll reveal the 3 criteria for choosing the perfect web host for your WordPress website.

One that delivers speed, security, support, and simplicity.

The same formula I used to quickly create a profitable website from scratch.

And that I have been sharing with my Websites Made Easy community over the last 12 years, helping millions of people now get started with their first website…

If you’re ready to stop settling and finally get the web host you deserve, keep watching.

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The 3 Must-Have Criteria for Choosing the Perfect Web Host

Selecting the right web host is crucial for your online success.

But with hundreds of options, it can feel overwhelming.

Shared hosting, dedicated servers, unlimited plans, VPSs.

How do you even start comparing them all?

The key is filtering for the stuff that really matters.

Through painful trial and error, I uncovered 3 must-have criteria for choosing a web host:

1. Lightning Fast Speed

Site speed is critical – every second counts.

Research shows:

  • 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load.
  • A 1-second delay in load time can cause a 7% loss in conversions.
  • Slow sites get lower SEO rankings. Google factors speed into search results.

So you need a web host that delivers consistently fast page loads.

My site went from sluggish to snappy after switching. Pages now load in under 1 second, keeping visitors happily engaged.

Bottom line: Make sure your host provides top-notch servers and CDNs for speed.

2. Simple Setup

You want to focus on your business – not become a website technician.

So look for quick, easy site setup.

For WordPress users like me, one-click install gets you up and running fast.

No manually downloading, configuring settings, or importing SQL databases.

Just click and your live WordPress site is ready for content in minutes!

The easier the setup, the faster you can start growing your online presence.

3. Reliable Support

Even the best hosts encounter some hiccups.

You need a safety net of expert support for when issues inevitably arise.

  • 24/7 availability – problems don’t keep 9 to 5 hours.
  • Quick response times – don’t waste time endlessly waiting.
  • Knowledgeable technicians – agents who know WordPress and web hosting inside out.

Good support brings peace of mind that you’ll get prompt solutions.

My web host ticks all 3 boxes for less than $10 a month.

Blazing fast speeds, effortless WordPress setup, and awesome support.

Finally, I can focus purely on my online business instead of web hosting headaches.

In Part 3, I’ll reveal which host I recommend based on these criteria…

My Journey From Web Hosting Hell to Heaven

Choosing the right web host changed everything for my online business.

But it took A LOT of painful trial and error to finally find the one.

Let me quickly walk you through my journey so you can learn from my mistakes:

Free Hosting – A Costly Disaster

When starting out and strapped for cash, free hosting seems tempting. But it was a total nightmare:

  • Turtle-slow speeds – Pages took 3-5 minutes to load. Visitors would abandon my site.
  • Constant crashing – The wimpy servers couldn’t handle any traffic spike. Offline more than online.
  • No support – Hours scouring online forums searching for solutions.

Free hosting made it impossible to build an audience or make sales online.

Basic Shared Hosting – Unreliable and Underpowered

I wised up and paid for shared hosting…

But even some of the cheap plans had significant downsides:

  • Spotty uptime – Crashes and downtime whenever traffic picked up.
  • Laborious setup – Manually installing WordPress and plugins took forever.
  • Useless support – Waiting on hold for hours only to get templated responses.

While better than free hosting, it remained too limited.

HostGator Shared Hosting – The Light at the End of the Tunnel

After countless demoralizing failures, I was ready to throw in the towel.

But as a last resort, I tried HostGator’s shared hosting plan for under $10 a month.

Here’s why their shared hosting was the solution I desperately needed:

  • Lightning fast – CDNs and optimized servers for 1-second load times.
  • One-click WordPress setup – Live site in minutes without any technical work.
  • Awesome support – 24/7 live chat and phone with knowledgeable technicians.

For the first time, I finally had a rock-solid web hosting foundation to build my business on.

It was affordable, fast, reliable, and easy – allowing me to focus on what really mattered.

The choice is yours – keep gambling on free/cheap hosting or go with a proven solution.

Get started with HostGator’s shared hosting today and say goodbye to the web hosting headaches holding your online business back!

My 3-Step Formula for Web Hosting Success

After tons of trial and error, I developed a simple 3-step formula for finding the perfect web host.

I call it the WTS Method.

Let’s walk through what each step means:

Step 1: Speed

Your site needs to load lightning-fast. Slow sites lose visitors and rank poorly.

Choose a host with top-notch servers and caching. You want pages to load in 1 second or less.

This keeps people engaged as they browse your site.

Step 2: Simplicity

You shouldn’t need a degree in IT to launch your website.

Look for a host that makes it easy, like one-click WordPress installation.

You click one button, and your live site is ready to go.

Step 3: Support

Even the best hosts have some issues. Find one with 24/7 expert support.

That way, if anything goes wrong, you get quick fixes from people who know WordPress.

No waiting endlessly or relying on confusing FAQs and forums.

My web host nailed all 3 steps of speed, simplicity, and support.

Everything worked smoothly, so I could focus purely on my online business!

Get WTS hosting for your site here.

You’ll be up and running fast.

Who This WTS System Is Perfect For (And Who Should Avoid It)

The WTS method isn’t a magic bullet that will work for every site.

It’s designed for a specific type of user with these 3 qualities:

1. You Want WordPress

WTS hosting is optimized specifically for WordPress sites.

With one-click WordPress installation and expert support, it makes launching and managing a WordPress site easy.

So WTS works best for those using WordPress as their platform.

It can still accommodate other CMSs, but WordPress is where it really shines.

2. You’re Serious About Your Online Business

This isn’t meant for casual hobby sites or basic personal blogs.

It’s for entrepreneurs, small businesses, online stores, and other serious sites invested in growth and revenue.

You want uptime, speed, security, and support you can rely on as your traffic scales up.

WTS delivers the robust, managed hosting your high-performance site needs.

3. You Want Premium Quality Without High Costs

WTS hosting only costs $2.75 per month. But it still provides premium features like SSD storage, free SSL, and dedicated IP addresses.

It’s perfect for those wanting high-quality hosting at affordable rates vs overpaying for enterprise-level plans.

You get robust hosting and great support, just without the excessive price tag.

So in summary, WTS is for:

  • WordPress users
  • Serious about their online business
  • Seeking premium quality on a budget

It combines the best of all worlds into one managed solution.

Get started with WTS hosting here to launch your WP site today!

Take a Quick Tour of WTS Hosting in Action

I want to give you a brief overview of what the WTS hosting experience is actually like, so you know what to expect if you sign up.

Effortless WordPress Setup

After signing up, you’ll see a WordPress icon right on your hosting dashboard. Click it!

This immediately installs WordPress with one click. No downloading, manually configuring, importing – it just works.

Within minutes, you can access your live site on the provided domain and start adding content.

Blazing Fast Page Loads

Your site will load lightning quick thanks to the optimized servers.

Pages load in under 1 second, keeping visitors happily engaged as they click around your site.

This is key for SEO and conversions. Slow sites do poorly in both areas.

Rock-Solid Reliability

You can rest easy knowing your site stays up and running all the time.

Server uptime is guaranteed at 99.9% so you avoid the downtime problems of other hosts.

And expert technicians proactively monitor things behind the scenes 24/7.

Stellar Support When You Need It

If any questions or issues ever come up, the amazing support team has got your back.

You can quickly reach them by live chat, phone, or support ticket and get answers fast.

No more helplessly digging through docs and forums trying to fix problems yourself.

Ready to get WTS hosting and say goodbye to your web hosting headaches for good?

Click here to start your risk-free trial today!

It’s Time to Stop Settling For Web Hosting That’s Holding You Back

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations!

You now have a proven framework for finding fast, easy, and reliable web hosting.

No more guessing between sketchy cheap plans or overpriced enterprise options.

The WTS method shows you exactly what to look for.

You want:

  • Wicked fast speeds to increase visitors and revenue
  • Turnkey setup to launch your site in minutes
  • Superior support so you never feel alone

I wasted years stuck in web hosting hell before discovering this simple formula.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Your online business dreams are too important.

With WTS hosting, you get the speed, simplicity, and support you need without paying a fortune.

You have nothing to lose – signup today and get started with a risk-free trial.

Take that first step in making your online business a reality.

No more headaches and distractions – just an affordable, managed hosting solution that empowers your success.

The choice is yours!

Author: James Stafford

James Stafford is the founder of WebsitesMadeEasy.Tv, an experienced online entrepreneur who has spent over a decade helping people build an online presence. Through his educational YouTube channel, James has provided simplified digital marketing training to millions worldwide. He is known for breaking down complex topics into understandable, actionable steps for his 75,000+ subscribers.