What Makes A Good CTA or “Call To Action” On A Website?

So, what is a CTA and what’s the best way to present this on my website?

If you’re new to the online business world, you may have come across the acronym CTA.

CTA stands for “Call To Action”. It’s very simply you, the business owner calling for the website visitor to take an action.

An example of a CTA could be as simple as “Click Here” or “Buy Now!”

And even if you already know what a CTA is and have them implemented across your site, you’ll find that this guide will be extremely helpful for you too as we’ll uncover some really valuable key takeaways to help you take your business to the next level. Specifically, in this guide, we’re going to help you optimize your Calls to Action on your website so that you can increase engagement rates and ultimately increase sales.

This is just one of 7 key elements as found in a series that we cover at Websites Made Easy that even if you just at a minimum applied one or two of them, you’ll begin to see significant lifts in your business.

Plain and simple: Right now, today, if you apply this key element we’re about to walk you through, you will grow your business and begin to make more money.

We’re going to share with how you can implement this element for your website here today very easily. This is an incredibly simple update that you can make which is as simple as editing text, but it is so powerful and can begin to move the needle toward a highly successful and profitable business online.

So, let’s dive right in to our first key element: The Call To Action.

The Call To Action

This key element is probably the second most important if not the most important element of the seven to be sure to get right.

This element works in tandem with the headline of your website to propel your visitor toward a very specific action. Very simply, this should be the one obvious button to press.

You need your primary call to action to be right front and center in the middle of their screen. You should place this right below your header text and the desired action should be incredibly clear and simple. Such as “Buy Now” or “Schedule An Appointment”

CTA Placement

You’ll want this CTA to appear in what’s known as the “hero” section of your website or in the “above the fold” section. Essentially it will appear in the very top and centered part of your website right in the middle of their screen where the visitor will be able to clearly see it without needing to scroll down.

And in order to clearly see your Call to Action, you’ll want to ensure that this CTA button color is opposite of anything else around it. You want to do this because you’ll really want this button to feel like its popping out of their screen at them. To make it completely obvious where they need to go to take the action you’d like for them to take.

So if your background image is colored green, you’ll want your button color to be opposite of this color. For example, our hero area image is green, but our primary CTA button color is Orange. You’ll want to ensure these colors are opposite so that it really pops.

In addition to the primary CTA or “Call To Action” that’s centered in your hero area above the fold, you want to also include this same CTA is repeated exactly the same in the header menu bar in the top right corner of your website.

Don’t think of this header menu repeated CTA as an entirely different CTA, but rather one in the same as it will mirror the primary CTA in the center of the screen.

So, you’ll want to only present this one call to action in this hero area. This is for two reasons.

1. You don’t want to distract your visitor away from your primary goal.
2. You don’t want to confuse your visitor by presenting too many choices.

Why overload someone with a ton of choices when you really only want your visitor to select one choice and that is to buy from you!

You may think that even two options are not that many, but this is your most valuable real estate on your entire website. You only have a few split-seconds to make an impact on your new visitor and will not want to confuse them away from your primary goal.

Now, having said this, you can have a second call to action, which will achieve secondary goals, however this should not occupy the most valuable real estate on your website, the hero section.

Your Secondary CTA.

Once you have your primary CTA in place, which must be 100% focused on your primary goal (To buy now, schedule an appointment, call for an estimate, etc.), you will then need to include what’s known as a secondary call to action.

This call to action is focused on one thing: to capture your visitors’ contact information. When you do this, you are generating a “Lead”. From here you can follow up with these leads to massage the relationship and ultimately bring these visitors back to your website where they will be presented with a purchasing decision.

To capture this lead, you’ll need to ask for their email address. And as you can imagine, “Enter your email address here” or “Signup for my newsletter” isn’t going to cut it. This call to action will not resonate. Instead, you need to offer some sort of value in exchange for their email address. This is what’s known as a lead magnet.

This lead magnet is really just the beginning of a specific process that we detail at Websites Made Easy. It’s a bit outside the scope of this guide here, but is really what will make the difference for your business. We detail exactly how to set in place this strategy in a dedicated course.

It’s called our WTC System. Our WTC System is an online course that walks you through the processes of setting up this system step-by-step.

We hold you by the hand and walk you through this process so you can be assured you’ve set everything up properly, equipping you and your business for success.

You’ve just got to check out the WTC System. We know you’re going to love it!

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Let’s Review

So we’ve just reviewed how properly set in place your Call To Action.

This is just 1 of 7 key elements that can be quickly adjusted on your website. And when you make these adjustments, you will establish some quick and early wins for your business as you continue to optimize your site for success.

Even if you implemented just 1 of these, you will start to see growth in your business.

This is really just the beginning. Sure you can make more sales infusing even this one key element into your site, however you will not see 10 times growth in your business. This one key element alone can’t take you from a 5 figure business to a 6 figure business. From a 6 to a 7 figure business, etc.

If you want to experience real exponential growth in your business, you need to do two things.

1. The 7 Key Elements
The first thing you’ll need to do is incorporate the remaining six key elements into your website.
We have the remaining key elements exactly detailed in a special guide and it’s all laid out here for you.

2. The WTC System
The second thing you’ll need to do is be guided through our WTC System.

Our WTC System is an online course that walks you through the processes of setting up a special system for success and we guide you through each module step-by-step.

We hold you by the hand and walk you through this process so you can be assured you’ve set everything up properly, equipping you and your business for success.

You’ve just got to download the remaining 6 key elements for success and also get access to the WTC System. We know you’re going to love it!

It all starts now. Get ready for an amazing journey to success.

Let’s Go!

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