Why You Should Agitate Your Website Visitor’s Pain Point

Why might you want to agitate your website visitor’s pain point? Shouldn’t you make them feel completely comfortable and happy? Then, they’ll be more likely to buy from me, right?

Here’s the reality. When selling  your products and services online, you as the seller, need to lead your prospective customer through their purchasing decision for them.

It’s your role as the business owner to really paint the picture for your visitor.

There are two main ways you can do this.

You can either…

1. Focus on the key benefits that come as a result of doing business with you or you can..

2. Bring to light the pain that comes as a result of not doing business with you.

Now in reality, It’s important to present both of these angles as you never know what will truly resonate with any specific visitor. You see, it’s your role as the business owner to really paint the picture of your visitor’s journey for them and lead them through what their path may look like.

If they choose to do business with you, describe what that will mean for them. But, if they choose to not do business with you, describe how their life will be worse-off as a result!

We’ve already detailed how best to focus on the key benefits that come as a result in doing business with you. We’ve detailed this through the other kay elements as found in our 7 Point Web-Pro Framework.

This section is all about identifying the primary pain point in your prospect’s life and then poking it with a stick!

You need to showcase the ugly reality of what their life would look like without your solution and you need to agitate that problem. You need to paint that picture of how difficult it can be without your product or service working for your visitor to make their life better.

You see, the first key element of your website – your headline – really paints that picture of the desired end result for your visitor. You communicate how their life can be better and focus on this goal.

The second section should then flip this upside down and let prospects know they’re not there yet because they don’t have your solution – and this means that their stuck or in a difficult place right now.

For example, when a prospect comes to our website, here’s what we want them to think: I am not making money with my website, and this means I’m stuck in a 9-5 job and don’t have the freedom or the ability to do the things I want to do.

All of this is true if I don’t sign up with Websites Made Easy!

Here’s an example:

For example, just think of a company that sells mattresses. In their television commercials, they all show people waking up with extreme back pain or sore joints. People who are tired all day long with their kids, while driving or at work, all because they didn’t get a good night’s sleep that night.

When you paint this picture and agitate the pain, you’re also communicating to your prospects that their cost of doing business with you is not just a dollar amount, but rather, it’s an opportunity to solve a problem.

For example, without a good night’s sleep, they won’t have energy to do the things they love to do, they won’t be able to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. That’s the cost prospects face if they don’t do business with you!

Now all of a sudden, the price for doing business with you is offset by the real opportunity to solve their problems. Your product now has a higher perceived value in the minds of your potential customers so they’re much more likely to buy.

Let’s Review

So we’ve just walked through how exactly to agitate your visitor’s pain point, which will really paint the picture for your prospective customer to exactly what’s at stake for either doing or not doing business with you.

This is just 1 of 7 key elements that can be quickly adjusted on your website that will establish some quick and early wins for your business as you continue to optimize your site for success.

Even if you implemented just 1 of the 7, you will start to see growth in your business.

This is really just the beginning. Sure you can make more sales infusing even just this one key element into your site, however you will not see 10 times growth in your business. This one key element alone can’t take you from a 5 figure business to a 6 figure business. From a 6 to a 7 figure business, etc.

If you want to experience real exponential growth in your business, you need to do two things.

1. Our 7 Point Web-Pro Framework
The first thing you’ll need to do is incorporate the remaining six key elements of our 7 Point Web-Pro Framework into your website.
We have the remaining key elements exactly detailed in a special guide and it’s all laid out here for you.

2. The WTC System
The second thing you’ll need to do is be guided through our WTC System.

Our WTC System is an online course that walks you through the processes of setting up a special system for success and we guide you through each module step-by-step.

We hold you by the hand and walk you through this process so you can be assured you’ve set everything up properly, equipping you and your business for success.

You’ve just got to unlock the remaining 6 key elements for success and also get access to the WTC System. We know you’re going to love it!

It all starts now. Get ready for an amazing ride!

Let’s Go!

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