WordPress Post Tutorial | How To Edit an Existing Post

Hello and welcome to this little video all about WordPress posts! In this video, I’ll be quickly showing you how to quickly edit an existing post. Multiple posts can be selected for deletion and for editing. The Bulk Edit feature allows you to change the details for a group of posts at the same time. A handy in-line edit tool, called Quick Edit, allows you to update many fields for an individual post!

Lets jump straight in and head to our WordPress Dashboard!

Find Posts in the toolbar on the left and click on All Posts to show all of your posts. If you’ve got lots of posts you might have multiple pages, so you’ll have options to select which page to find your other posts. You can also use the search bar.

On the Screen Options you can also change the number of posts which are shown on each page and which columns to display.

Moving your mouse over any post title will bring up some action links which enable you to Edit, Quick Edit, Delete, and View.

Quick Edit is a nifty feature, which allows you to quickly update the details for individual posts. You can update details such as it’s title, slug, categories, and tags as well as other options like comments! You can also set a password so only viewers with this password can view the post. You can also set a date for this post to be published on by using the date and time fields.

If you click on Make This Post Sticky, it will keep this post at the top of your page. When you’re done click on Update!

Quick Edit is great to edit the details of posts! But to edit the main content, you click on Edit, make any changes you want, and click on Update.

You can edit multiple posts at once by selecting the posts you want to edit, then select edit from the drop down menu, and click Apply. This allows you to edit the meta data, categories, tags, and other options for the selected posts! You can then remove a post from the group if you don’t want to edit it, by clicking on the cross next to it. Once done, click on Update.

To delete a post you just click on Trash. This moves the post to the trash, but don’t worry, it isn’t gone. You can still get it back if you made a mistake or if you’ve changed your mind. You can find it by clicking on the trash link. Here you can restore posts or delete posts permanently. Xannonce

Now you know how to edit your posts! Easy and straight forward! In the next video I’m going to show you how to use Categories and Tags effectively so your readers can easily find your content quickly! This will really help search engines list your content higher in search results!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. And, if you did, please give it a quick like and share it with your friends! Thank you and see you in the next video!