your new online shop

Hey welcome to the video, my names Theo I’m going to show you how you can have an online shop and get it successfully up and running, and I’ll be showing you my Dynamic Content Model to bring your whole website and shop to life. 

It’s a complete step by step system with everything you need, along with a few secrets of my own thrown in!  I’ve got a bonus for the end of the video, which shows you how to boost traffic to your shop without you doing a thing, so make sure to watch until the end because this is going to give you maximum exposure, getting you in front of as many people as possible, so you can start making money immediately with your new shop!  You know it means so much to me that you succeed, I want to hear you tell me in the comments how this video helped you. 

So I’m not stopping there either, I want this video to be absolutely everything you need to get your shop online and selling products as fast as possible, and to be honest, I’m making a video that I wish I had when I first started.  So I’m going to include my favorite 3 tips and tricks that I use myself daily to stand out from everyone else, and build a strong brand.  This video really does have everything you need to launch your own shop and start selling products online, and to drive your viewers and customers wild with excitement.


Let’s get started because I can’t wait to begin doing this, I’m so impressed with the simplicity of this method your about to do, that I’m using it myself to create a shop for a friend!  I’m going to show you everything, step by step every step of the way.  Take a look at this,


What I’m about to show you flawlessly creates your shop, in just minutes.  You create a product by just adding a description and a photo.  Nothing else is as fast, fun or hassle free as this.  And if you want your customers to not only buy from you, but enjoy doing it, have a nice time browsing your shop, getting to know you and your brand and want to come back again and again!  Everything from the menu at the top which shows your different pages, to a featured product section to grab customers attention straight away.  Your products look beautiful   


Payments are transferred directly to your bank, or PayPal, and there are options to accept bank transfer, cheque and many more.  And this is all powered by one of the most trusted payments platforms on the internet, that is used worldwide by some of the biggest companies.  So you can rest assured your in good hands, and your customers can have peace of mind too, because your shop will state it’s got a secure connection.


I’ve made sure your shop can be seen and shared quickly and easily, using beautiful minimalistic social sharing buttons.  So your shop is a click away to appearing on someones Facebook or Twitter feed, so they’re friends discover and buy from you as well.

And I’ll show you the newest and easiest Contact Form that comes built in, and is fully customisable.  You’ll learn how to tweak it and make it look great, and also seamlessly connect it to your email so visitors can easily contact you.


My names Theo and I’m the lead content creator for and our regular watchers will already know that, all our content is completely free to you.  We love what we do and just want the people who watch our videos to succeed in their dreams!  Whether your a personal trainer, a restaurant, you have a digital product you want to sell, an interior designer, or maybe your a musician or a band?  Whatever your goals are I’ve made sure this video covers everything you need to get you and your product out there.  We want our WME community to be the best out there!  Just look how professional and beautiful your shop is going to be!


After you’ve watched this video and completed your shop, your going to have something incredible, that not many people achieve!  And going forwards if theres anything you need or any help your after, we are always here for you.  You can find us on our Facebook page, send us a message on our website or join our thriving community and leave a comment on our youtube channel, and we’ll be sure to help you.  We also have a fantastic blog full of information to guide you further, it’s like an encyclopaedia for everything website related and creating an online business.  What I’m trying to say is, we give you everything, that you could possibly need, to make your goals a success.

So I hope your excited to get going, I can’t wait for you, for us, to accomplish this together.

The steps we’ll be going through are as follows

Step 1

You’ll be getting your website domain name and hosting, and I’ve made sure this is really cheap for you to do, we have a special code to reduce the cost, so you can get going faster than ever, and cheaper than anywhere else.

Step 2

And in step 2 your going to start seeing your shop come to life!  Creating your websites pages, adding beautiful photos, videos, an about page, contact page, a shop page, adding a few different products, and so much more!  I want you to get the most from this video so I’ve put absolutely everything in to it, this is all you need to get a shop up and going online, so watch until the end to get the most from this video.  I’ve also got a bonus tool to share with you at the end, which every online shop needs to have to be successful, it’s amazing so stay tuned!

Step 3

And in step 3 I’m going to show you how to properly launch your shop for maximum exposure and success, with my 3 top tips and techniques!  If you want to succeed and sell products online, and get people really excited, you definitely need to watch this bit!

Let’s start with Step 1!


Ok Step 1 is choosing your domain name.  So head over to and click on Get Started.  Here you want to choose the Business Plan as you’ll be setting up a shop, which needs extra security as well as a dedicated IP, and the business plan comes with both of these for free!  So click on that.

And here is where you get to choose your websites address.  So decide what you’d like and then type that in here, and choose between .com or whatever you’d like here.

Then enter a username and security pin.  And choose the billing cycle you’d like.  I’m going to go with a whole year as it’s slightly cheaper this way.

Next enter in billing information here.  And make sure to use an email address you can access as Hostgator will email you with your login details after.

Next you’ll see it’s added on extras here, so you want to uncheck these as you don’t need them.

And now you want to enter the coupon code here.  So enter wordpresshero and validate it, and you’ll see the cost will go down!

saving you up to 60% off your entire hosting depending on the hosting package you choose..

When you sign up for Hostgator through my coupon code I will earn a commission for referring you, at no additional cost to you. This helps us continue to create this awesome content for you ?

Now when your happy with everything click on Checkout Now, and you’ll be the proud owner of your very own website address!

Ok fantastic you’ll now receive a couple of emails from Hostgator with your login details and some links to different things.  You want to find the C Panel link here and click on that.

Perfect, now scroll down and find Software and Services, and click on Quick Install.

Now click on WordPress.

Select your domain name from the dropdown here and click Next.

And now enter in a few details here like your name, blog title, username, first and last name and email.  Then click on Install.

WordPress is now being installed to your website.  And you’ll receive your website login details here, so write these down, and then click here.

Then you should see this page where you can login to your website to start creating it!  Sometimes you’ll get a page saying it’s not available, you just need to wait a few minutes and try again.

Now login to your website and your done!! Congratulations you’ve now got a website up and running!

Step 2

This is your websites Dashboard, it’s like the heart of your website where you can edit it and change different things.

You’ll notice a couple saying you need to set your Stripe account keys, and that you need an SSL certificate.  Both of these are very important, and easy to do, I’ll show you how to do both of these after we’ve finished setting everything up, so leave these two up and we’ll come back to them.  For the other messages you can click on the cross.

On the left you’ve got a toolbar with lots of different options and we’ll be getting into a few of these in a moment, and as we go through the video you’ll see new things come up here.

So now on the toolbar go to Appearance and Themes.  And then click on Add New here.

A Theme is the look and feel of your website, there are thousands of different themes, some are great and some are really not, that’s why we’ve gone through and found the best one to use, and that’s OceanWP. 

So search for that here.

And here it is.

Now all you do is click on Install, and then Activate.  And you’ll see your new website theme is OceanWP.

So you’ve just changed your entire website, if we go and have a look you’ll see what it looks like right now.

You’ll see a message up here saying your website is displaying a coming soon page.  Click here to remove it and launch your site.  So if anyone visits they’ll see this.  But because it’s your website, all you do is scroll up here, and open this up in a new tab, and you’ll see what your website looks like right now!

It’s like a blank canvas for you to make something amazing, and that’s what we’re going to do now!

If this doesn’t work you can just disable the coming soon page and you’ll then be able to see your website.

So now go back to your Dashboard by clicking on the other tab, or on Dashboard here.

Now you’ll see it’s recommending you install these plugins to go with the theme.  A plugin is a little tool which enhances your website and shop.  It basically super charges it!  Plugins can be amazing and they really can boost your website, everything from sharing buttons, to making it faster.

So let’s install these now.  Click on Begin Installing Plugins,  then you want to click here to select all of them, Install from the dropdown, and Apply.

Fantastic they’ve both been installed and activated.  Don’t worry if it comes up with this error.  Now on your toolbar, go to Plugins, and Add New, and we’ll add a couple more of the plugins to make your website and shop work really well and stand out! 

The plugins you want to search for are, Envato Elements, and WooCommerce.

So search for envato elements.  Here it is, Install and then activate that.  And this is going to give you some elements that are ready to go so you can really quickly get this shop up and running, quicker than ever, but also better than it’s ever been before!

Great now search for WooCommerce.  And this is your plugin for everything to do with your shop, it’s the most well-known and by far most popular WordPress ecommerce solution for selling online, and it’s free!

So Install and activate woocommerce.

Setting up WooCommerce

Now it’ll take you to this setup of woocommerce, so lets go through these now quickly.

Where is your store based?  Just select that from the dropdown.

Then enter your address.

And what currency do you want to accept payments in?  Select from the dropdown.

Then select what type of products you’ll be selling, physical or digital, maybe both?  And will you also be selling in person?

Then click Let’s Go!

On this screen you choose how people can pay you.  Using PayPal, and using their card, which Stripe is for.  So it’s a good idea to select both of these as they are both popular ways of paying for products online.  You’ll need to set up a PayPal account later if you use PayPal, it’s free and quick to do.

If you also want to receive offline payments select that here, and then click on Continue.

Here you enter your shipping costs, and you can enter a flat cost, or make shipping free, and that is up to you.  I’m going to choose free for mine.

And keep it worldwide.

I’ll un select this.

Then here you can choose what the weight and dimensions will be in.

Then Continue.

Ok here it’s letting you know about some enhancements.  I’m not going to use automated taxes for this shop so I’ll turn that off.

Below is an optional tool called Mailchimp.  We aren’t going to go into Mailchimp in this video as you don’t need it right now, you can always start using that a bit later, and it’s a great idea to.  Mailchimp is a way to create email lists of customers, so you can always get in touch, send new products, update customers on what’s going on in your shop, a sale perhaps?  It’s the perfect way to get your products in front of people who have submitted their email.  But it’s a little advanced so what I’e done is create a separate video for you to watch to get this set up, you’ll find it over on our channel and also on our blog at

Ok now click Continue.

And I’m going to skip this step, you can always enable this later on.

Congratulations your ready to start selling!  Well almost, you need to create your first product!

Just before you do that though, click on Dashboard here, and then go down to Theme Panel on your toolbar, and click on Install Demos.

Now you want to search for Simple.  So type that in here.  And there it is.  This is going to give you an amazing head start in your shops success and save you days or weeks of your time, it makes it so easy!

So click to open it.  And then you want to make sure these are all installed and activated.  Perfect!  Then click on go to next step.

Now make sure all of these are ticked.  And click Install Demo.  Now wait a minute and it’ll finish installing all the necessary things your shop needs to work.

Now are you ready?  Let’s click on See The Result!

Wow this looks incredible!  I hope your excited with this, it’s set the foundations to your entire website and shop so all you need to do is create your products and enter in a few things about you and your business, and your ready to start selling online!

Return to your Dashboard by clicking the other tab, and then go to the toolbar and find Products, and click on All Products.

This is where all your products will be, it shows what is in stock, the price, any categories and the date it was created.  You’ll notice it’s added a few demo products, let’s remove these, by clicking here to select all of them, and then from the dropdown choose Move to Trash, and click on Apply.

Great so now let’s create your first ever product!  Click Add New.

Adding a Product

This is where you create Products for your shop.  And it’s so easy. 

All you do is add your products name here.

For this video I’ll be creating a bespoke adventure holiday website!  As we go along if you need to pause at any time just do so and play again when your ready.

So I’ll type in Niagara Falls Day Tour.

Underneath you type in your products description.  There we go.  And you can use these tools to edit your products description if you’d like.

Now scroll down, and you’ve got some settings here for OceanWP, but we don’t need to change these.  Scroll down again, and you’ll see options for your product here.  I’ll give you an overview of each one, as depending on what your selling you’ll want to choose the right thing.

• Virtual/Physical: If what you’re selling is not a real-life product but software of some sort, check this button. It will also remove the shipping options.

• Downloadable: In addition to that, you can determine whether your product is downloadable, upload the file and add information as well as download conditions.

• General: Give your product a Stock Keeping Unit (unique ID, mandatory), provide product URLs and button text for affiliate products, price and sales price (if applicable) as well as the date range for any upcoming sales. You can also set up whether it’s a taxed product as well as its tax class.

• Inventory: Determine whether the product is in stock and — if it’s a physical product — note down the quantity available and whether you accept backorders.

• Shipping: Weight, dimensions and shipping classes are configured here.

• Linked Products: In this menu you can include related products that will get recommended as up-sells or cross-sells and create product groups.

• Attributes: This is where you define custom product attributes like color, size, etc.

• Variations: When you have set up attributes, this menu allows you to offer variations of your goods.

• Advanced: Here you can add a custom purchase note that will be sent to customers after purchase, change the product order inside the menu and determine whether to allow reviews.

You can choose between a Simple Product, Grouped Product, External/Affiliate Product, and a Variable Product.

I’m going to use a Simple Product as this has everything we need.  But if you were selling products as an affiliate, such as for Amazon, you would use the Affiliate option.  In fact if your watching this and wondering, what can I sell?  Some of you might be, wanting to get into selling online but not sure exactly what to sell.  Well you could start as an affiliate, which means you sell other peoples products on your website, and you get money for advertising or percentage of the sales. 

Next here you can choose if it’s a virtual or downloadable product.

In General you enter the price, and a sale price if it’s reduced.  Which you can also schedule here for a future date.

Inventory allows you to set the product as in stock or out of stock, and add an SKU to help manage your stock and sales.  If there’s anything your not sure about you’ve got little question marks which tell you what everything means.

In Shipping you can enter the weight and dimensions of your product.

Linked Products lets you link other items, which may be similar and of interest to the customer.  This is called an Upsell and Cross-Sell.  We aren’t going to get into that in this video but it’s here if you want it in the future.

Attributes are useful if an item your selling comes with different options, such as colour or size for example.  You would just click on Add and then Enter a Name for the attribute, so Size, and then enter a value, so Medium.  Then Save.  If you’ve got a T Shirt company this would be invaluable because you would have multiple products with different size attributes, so you would enter all of those here.

Just below these options is a shorter description area, so I’m just going to paste in the same description as before.

Perfect!  Now scroll up, and you’ll see you’ve got Categories over here.


These are really useful to group certain types of products together.  For example for a T Shirt company you may want to group together T Shirts from a certain brand, or that are a certain colour or size.  For the shop I’m creating it would be a great idea to create different categories based on where the adventure holidays are.  You will also use categories so you can split up the shops menu, just like this.  So you’ll have a main shop page which will show every product you have, but you’ll also have these other pages which will show products based on the category.  So if someone only wants a a T Shirt from a specific brand, or a certain brand of makeup, or only wants to look for holidays in Europe, then this is perfect.

So I’ll create a few categories, for this one I’ll create the USA category.  So I’ll click on Add New Category, and write it in here, and click on Add New Category again and it’s done. 

I’ll create a few more for my other products I’ll be creating.  There we go.  Categories will appear underneath products so now customers can click on each place to find holidays to that destination, and in a moment we’ll be setting up the menu to display each of these in a dropdown.  This looks amazing and also makes it easy for people to find what they’re looking for.

Below is product image, so you want to click Set Product Image, then Upload here, and choose one that you want to use.  If you have one then great, otherwise for now you can just choose an image from the image file you downloaded earlier. 

Upload that. 

And below is a Product Gallery, if you upload another photo in here it gives your products images a great effect when people scroll over them, as you can see the image changes, it’s really fantastic, super engaging and makes you want to click to find out more.

So I’m going to add another image in here, there we go.

And now when your done you can click on Publish to make your product live!  If you’d like to continue it later just save it as a draft here.

And that’s your first product created!  It’s that easy, well done!  So where has it gone?  What does your shop look like?  Can people buy these already?

I’m going to answer all these questions and more coming up, it’s so exciting to get your shop up and running, this is the start of something amazing!

Now I’m going to add a few more products, the same way I just did, for the purpose of this video so you can see how the shop looks and functions.  You should do the same so you can follow along with me, just pause the video, and play again once your ready.

Ok I now have the products created as you can see here, each one can be edited, and also quick edited to change small things such as the product title, price, sale price and so on.

Now let’s take a look at WooCommerce on the toolbar, click that, and you’ll see you have a few different options.

You have Orders, this screen shows the current order status of your shop.

Your products can be sent on to shipping and have their order status changed (pending payment, on hold, refunded, failed, etc.).

You can also modify billing or shipping addresses, resend order emails, add notes, change the content of the order and more.  You’ll have a few default orders, which you can just delete.

Next is Coupons.  Under coupons you can create and manage discount codes.

Determine the type and amount of discount, set expiration dates, restrict usage (for example, in conjunction with other coupons) and set limits on how many coupons can be used overall or per customer.

WooCommerce automatically creates detailed summaries on every aspect of your shop.

You can check gross and net sales of the last seven days and other time frames, view orders placed, items purchased, refunds issued, shipping costs taken in and coupons used–all at a glance.

The same overview is available for customer sales, product stock and taxes and can be exported in CSV form to import into Excel or other software.

In Settings you control quite literally every aspect of your WooCommerce online store.  Everything from your shops address, to Products, Shipping, Payments, Accounts, Emails and more.

I suggest taking a look through the different areas to get familiar with them, in case you need to change anything sometime, you’ll most likely find it here.

Connecting PayPal

So for example, click on Payments, and find PayPal Checkout here, and click on Manage.

Here you want to connect your PayPal account, so if customers pay using their PayPal the funds will be transferred directly to your PayPal.  All you want to do is click on Setup or link a Paypal account, enter your email, and if you have a PayPal already you just need to login and follow the rest of the instructions.  Or register for an account if you need to, it’s really easy.

And when you’ve done that you’ll have PayPal connected!

Now we’ve looked at the ins and outs of woo commerce and you know where you can edit your shops settings, let’s take a look at your products and shop.  View your site by clicking here.

Looking good, scroll down, and here are the products I added.  This is fantastic, it’s a Featured Product section so when people visit they see some of your products that your selling, the price, category, they can see another image if they scroll over it, and can add it straight to their cart.  And this is already set up for you, see it’s added it to my cart up here.  And when I scroll over that, it opens up and shows me what I have.  This is just incredible, I wish this had been around when I first started, it’s made things so easy and quick to do.  And has saved thousands of dollars going to someone else to do it!

You can view cart and checkout directly from the cart.  How good does this look?  I hope you see how powerful this is, and the possibilities you have to make your shop unique!

Lets take a look around.

Below the Featured Products you have a Footer with some contact info, an Instagram section, some social media icons that link to your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or wherever you want.  A recent post section, and a call to action where a visitor can enter their email, to join your newsletter.  I’l be editing the footer a bit later.

If we have a look at the finished website, your going to have a menu up here to a few different pages, this looks amazing too, your shop has this dropdown menu which looks just amazing, if you look at some other shops they’re menu’s are really not user friendly, but your menu is going to look great!  I’m also going to show you how to add in a video section here to show off your latest products or info about who you are or what your business does, what you sell, this can be anything!  We’ll tidy up this featured section so people can’t resist clicking on your products to find out more.  Your About page, which has a beautiful header at the top, some information about you and your business, a photo to the right of that, and here’s your footer again.

And your going to have a Contact page which has some of your contact info, and a great contact form to the right allowing visitors to directly contact you.

And then there’s your Shop, which has all your products beautifully displayed, and this is automatic, it does it all for you, all you do is add your products like we did before, and they are placed in here, ready for customers to view.  And they can sort your products by popularity, price and so on, and change the view to a list instead, giving them a way to play around and be able to view your products in a different way, it’s so cool.  As well as click on the categories you create, which brings up other products with the same category.  Giving them even more incentive and options to purchase!

And remember using categories you create a dropdown which features specific products, so customers can easily find what they’re looking for straight from the menu.  It’s important to make it as easy as possible for people to find what they’re looking for, otherwise they’ll just leave.  You want to give a great first impression of your brand when people visit, and you will certainly do that with your new shop!  I love how this looks it’s really easy to look around, very attractive and makes me want to find out more.  It’s professional and enjoyable, beautiful, your customers are going to love this.

Ok let’s now finish your Homepage.


Head over to Pages, and All Pages.

You’ll see it’s created some pages for you already, and you may have more than one of each page, so delete the duplicates if you have any, these ones.  I’m not going to use a Blog or Account page in this video so I’ll delete those too.  If having a blog is something your thinking about, we have a great video all about it.  How to start a blog, write posts and everything you need.  You can find a video on our YouTube channel, and a post on our blog over at

You should now be left with these pages.

Find Home, and click Edit With Elementor.

Here is where you can edit your Homepage.  You’ve got these different sections, which you can edit by clicking this icon.  So this would edit the Header section, where you can then change the background image on the left, in your toolbar, in Style, by clicking here.

Images do this when blog post is up

So in a moment we’re going to start customising your Homepage and it’s going to look incredible!  To make things even easier and more fun for you, I’ve put together some great images for you, that you can use on your website if you want to, so you can follow along with me through the video as we both create your shop!  To download these go to

And you can download them here.  Our blog has everything you need to know about blogging, selling online, the top tools to use with your website, building a business and so much more, so it’s worth keeping this up and having a look, it’s all completely free info we just love doing this and sharing what we know!

Ok so back in Elementor, let’s change this header image.  Click here to edit the image, then click Upload, and Select Files. 

And choose any image you’d like to use for your header.  If you’ve got your own images use those or just use these so you can follow along with me for now.

The image uploads into your media library.  Then you want to click on Insert Media.

Much better!  This looks great.  You’ve got a few different options for the image down here.

Position moves the image around a little which can be useful if you want to show more of something particular.

Attachement you should change this to Fixed.

And size needs to be on Cover.

This gives the image a Parallax Effect, this means when people scroll down the image stays in place which looks amazing!  You can click here to make it full screen, and as you can see as I scroll up and down that image is staying in place, which gives it that effect, I love it.  And this just adds to the look and feel of your shop, of your brand.

To save what you’ve done, click on Update, it’s a good idea to Update when you’ve made changes.

Ok next is this button, and you can keep it if you want but I’m going to remove it and have something else which you’ll soon in a moment.  To edit this you just click it and you’ll get options come up on the left, such as adding a link in to another page, changing the icon, the text, and changing the typography and colours in style.  You can change the position of anything in your shop, including this button, in Advanced and using the Margin and Padding here, you see the button is moving further up.

I’m going to remove this though by right clicking here and delete, but only on the button, not the section itself.  So you’ve removed the button, but kept the section.  Now I’m going to add in an icon, so click here to bring up all your different elements, and here’s the icon element.  Or you can search here.

Then all you do is click and drag whatever you want into the section.  Just like that.

You can edit the icon the same way as everything else, using the options on the left.  I’m going to change the icon here, and there’s lots of different images you can use.  I’m going to find an arrow, I think this looks really good, clean and minimalistic, and lets people know they can scroll down.  Also align to the middle here.  And then I’ll change the colour to a white, by going to Style, and Primary Colour.  Then I’ll adjust the size.

I’m now going to move it downwards in Advanced and using Margin Top, which I’ll increase to about 550.

You might need to play around with this a little to get it right, by clicking here and viewing it full screen, then adding more if you need to.  You’ll notice there’s a slight gap beneath, and I don’t want this, I want the next section to be right underneath when people scroll down, otherwise it doesn’t flow well, you want everything to look the best it can be right? 

So for this you would click here to edit the header again, and find Minimum Height, and use this to adjust the bottom.  On mine it looks good at 697.

And now you might need to adjust the arrow icon a bit more, which I’m doing here.

And your header is complete, this looks beautiful! 


Next is this video section, which we need to add in, to do this scroll over here and click on the plus icon, then click here.

Then make sure your in Pages, and in the search type in webinar.

Then you want to use this, so click to Insert that.

Now it’ll be placed directly on your Homepage.  It’s added a couple of sections you don’t need here, so you want to remove these by clicking on the cross here.

Perfect, now lets edit this.  We’ll start on the headline.

All I’m going to do is type in what I want for the headline, then change the font, by going to Style and Typography.  I’m going to use Lato.  Then I’ll change the size to make a little smaller.  I’m also changing the weight here, to 300, so the writing isn’t as thick, I like this a lot more.

Then I’ll do the same for the text underneath, I’ll write in what I want here and change the font.

Next up you only want one button here, so right click to remove this one.  And then click and drag here, to move this other button so it’s aligned in the middle.

Great, now click it and write what you want here, I’m going to put Shop Now, because I’m going to use this button to link to our shop, so once people have viewed your inspiring video, they’re excited to learn more or to buy products, so you want to make it easy for them to do that.  So this button will take them directly to your products.

Next is the video, and this is so easy.  Just click it to edit, and all you do is add in your videos link here.  So if you have a video on YouTube, you just copy the link at the top, and paste that in here and your done, it’ll put that video in automatically.  You can just as easily swap this for an image too, just remove the video, and add in a photo element, like that.  Then add your image in.

Again you may want to use Advanced for these elements to make sure the space between them looks good.

Fantastic you’ve now got an inspiring section all about you and your products!  I hope you see how quick and easy this all is, I love it!

Ok next up is your Featured Section, and this looks great as it is, but for this video I want to show you how you can edit it to show fewer products.  To do this you would click here to edit the images.  And then you’ve got some code here, and you want to edit this number.  You just type in whatever you want here, so I’ll change it to 6.  Then you want to click on Apply, and you’ll see it’s now showing fewer products.

And each product has a category that we set earlier, a title, the price, and a Add to Cart button, which adds it straight into the cart.  So cool!  How great is it that it’s already set this up for you, it’s ready to go! 

Ok beneath is your footer which we’ll change a bit to have what we want on there.

Click on Update to save everything.  Then go to your Dashboard.  If you haven’t got this up, click here and right click on Exit to Dashboard, and open in a new tab.

Now go to Appearance and Widgets.

And you’ll see you’ve got some footers over here, and this is where you edit your footer.

So let’s open all of these up.

There we go, so in Footer 1 you’ve got Contact Info, and if I open this you’ll see you can edit these different fields, such as Address, Phone, Email, Website and more.  I’m going to keep Email and Website, and remove the others.  All you do is delete what’s in the other fields and they won’t show up.  Just like this.  I’m also going to delete this text in here.  And then put an email and a website here.  Then Save. 

Footer 2 has a great Instagram widget which shows your latest photos, so if you use this platform you might want to keep this, you just enter in your account info here, and then you can customise how it looks with these options here.  I’m going to remove it for this video, by clicking on Delete.

Footer 3 has Mailchimp which is the call to action, and that is here.  At the moment it’s set to joining a newsletter.  A lot of people do this and it isn’t that effective, instead you would want to offer a fantastic piece of value like a free pdf or a webinar, a voucher for money off your next visit, in return for the visitors email address.  This is an advanced technique which I cover in another video, so after you’ve watched this and set everything up, you might want to have a look at that.  Because once you’ve got someones email, you can always keep them updated with new products, tempting them to come back and have a look.  There’s a whole video and blog post on our website so you can learn all about that there.

You’ve also got Social Icons here which you can add your links to, again this is great because it carries on the conversation and builds a relationship with your customers.

You can also change colours of the icons, font size, and so much more it’s really flexible!

All you do is add in the link to each platform you use here.  Any you don’t use you want to remove the hash, otherwise it will show up.

Ok great now Save, and go to Footer 4. 

In here you’ve got a Recent Posts widget which shows the latest blog posts.  We don’t need this as we aren’t creating a blog in this video.  If you’d like to have a blog however I’ve created a great video which takes you through creating one, again that is on our website.

If you wanted to move these to a different area on the footer you just click and drag a widget to a different Footer.  You can play around with this to see how you like it.

And your done!  Now if you go back to your website and refresh the page, here’s your footer and it’s got the widgets you kept, looking much better!

So you’ve finished your Homepage and this is looking so good I hope your happy! 

Remember if you need to move any of these sections, sometimes they can be too close together or too far away from each other, you go into Advanced and then change the values in Margin or Padding.

So I really hope your happy and excited with what we’ve accomplished so far, your shop is looking incredible, your customers are going to be so impressed and love looking around.

Now let’s do your About and Contact pages, these are even easier!

Go to Pages and All Pages.

You’ve got your Contact page here, and we need to create an About page.  So click on Add New. 

Then type in About, and then Publish.

Perfect, now you want to open this in Elementor, so right click on Edit with Elementor, and open in a new tab.

And here’s your About page.  Right now it’s blank, but watch this! 

Go back to your dashboard tab, and click on Elements, to bring up Envato Elements. 

These are absolutely amazing, they’re ready to go complete pages that you can use to create a stunning website.  Your looking for Interior Design and Architecture, so click on Creative & Design here.

Scroll down, and it’ll be down here.

The one you want is this one for your About page is called About Interior 2.  If you scroll over any of these it gives you a glimpse of what it looks like.  Click this, and you can now have a look around to make sure it’s what you want! 

Remember you can edit these to exactly how you like, and we’re going to do that.  So now click on Import Template.

Next let’s import the template we’re using for the Contact page, which is this one.  Again you can have a look about, and then Import.

Alright so let’s look at the finished website.  We’ve got a great looking header here, and underneath a bit about you, an image, and your footer. 

So to start we need to insert the About page template we just imported.  So click here, and then My Templates, and insert your About page.


I want to change the header image so I’ll click here, and I’ll go to Style, click here to change the image.  Upload, and I’m going to use this one.

Upload that.  I love this image it’s amazing!  Again you can edit using these options if you need to.

You might notice this has added a background overlay on top of the image, which makes the image darker, so I’m going to click on Background Overlay, and remove it by clicking on colour, and clicking on clear.

It’s also got a divider here which I’ll remove, and you can do that in Shape Divider, and then click Bottom, and remove it here by clicking on None.  It may not look like it’s gone, but it has, if you Update to save, and refresh the page it’ll update.

Now I’m going to remove this text.  And then remove this section.

Now I’m going to edit this header, and align it to the middle.  Change the font, weight, and the size.

And it has this underline here, which you can remove if you go to Content, and then remove this text.


I’ve just noticed the menu isn’t at the top!  So lets go to the dashboard, open up Pages, and find the about page, edit that.

Now you want to change the Template, in Page Attributes, to Default.  And Update.  Now go back to your Elementor page, and refresh, and you’ll have the menu at the top!  And you just want to make the header full width, which you do by editing it and clicking here.

Ok much better.  You’ll notice you now have a little space here at the top, we don’t want that as it won’t look right when it’s all finished.

So go to Advanced, and then reduce the Top Margin, I’m going to make it -50.

And your finished!  Love it.

Below you have a nice animated section which you could keep if you wanted, but I’m going to remove this and just keep it clean and minimalistic, but feel free to use anything you want.

This is also really nice, you could have a video here instead if you wanted.

The beauty of this is that you can pick and mix any elements you want, so your website can be as unique as you want it!

So now I’ll remove the sections I’m not going to use.

Then all you need to do is add in a photo and edit the text.

So lets click on the image, click here to edit it.  And I’m going to use this image again, so just click on that and Upload it.

Perfect, and for the title you just click and edit it.

And in Style I’ll change the font, to Lato, the weight and size.

Even this line can be edited, I’ll change it’s weight to about 2.

And for the text underneath its exactly the same.

And then your footer is already done, so this page is complete!

Ok now is your Contact page, so open that up in Elementor.

On the finished website it looks like this, you’ve got another great header, this time it’s got a cool line underneath the title and I left this in to show you what this looks like, and I’ll show you how to do it in a moment.

Then you’ve got your contact form so any visitors can send you a message for more info on products, and contact info on the left.  Super easy to do so let’s jump in.

First let’s remove all of these elements as we aren’t going to use them in this video.

Now click this icon to bring up your elements, and we want to find the Contact page element we imported earlier.

Here it is, click on Insert.

Alright fantastic so we’ve got a great looking header again, we just want to change the image and the text.  This one has a line here too which I’ll show you how to edit if you want to keep that.

It has a small map and some contact info, and then your Footer.

The text I’ll change to Lato by going to Typography in Style.

I’ll also change the weight, and the size slightly.

This line can be edited too, I’m going to change the thickness, which is the Weight here, to about 2, and you can change the colour here as well if you’d like.

Again for the header image you just click here to edit it, then in Style you can change the background image just like we’ve been doing.  I’m going to use this image again.

There we go I don’t need to change anything with this it looks great!

My settings are like this, Position is Centre Center, Attachment is Fixed to give it that nice Parallax effect, and Size is set to Cover.

Your header has a divider on the bottom again, see it’s slanted.  Remember how to edit it?

You click to edit the header, then find the Shape Divider, click on Bottom, and it’s here.

I’ll remove it, but it does look good so it’s up to you!  And again this may not update, so you can refresh the page to see the changes if needed.

Ok your header is done, next up is the contact info and the map.

On the finished website we have a contact form instead of a map, and it’s on the right hand side.

So you want to move your map to the right hand side, by clicking and dragging the whole section, and dragging it over, and they should swap.  And now delete the map if you don’t want it, because I’ll show you how to have a contact form instead in a moment.

Just before that lets edit this side.

I’m going to remove this text.

Then I’ll edit this just like I have done before.

And change the lines thickness to about 2, and you can change the colour too if you want here.

It’s the same for this text here.

And for this contact info you just click it, which lets you edit all of this.  Then you write what you want here.  And in Style you can change the icons, their sizes and colours.  It’s so easy and straight forward.

Alright now that’s done.  Lets get your contact form created and on this page!

Save everything by clicking Update.

And then go to your Dashboard.

Find WPForms and All Forms.

You’ve got a default form here, but let’s create a new one.  Click on Add New.

Give your form a name.  And Now you want to choose a Simple Contact Form.

Here you can change the entire form, see as I scroll over it?  And on the left you have a toolbar where you can change settings, and add in more fields if you’d like.

I’m going to edit the name field to make it simpler.  Just click it, and it brings up the options on the left.  Now you change the format, and I’m going to use Simple.  This makes the form easier to read and looks nicer on the page.

There are lots of options here to customise your form, it’s a fantastic plugin for creating forms on your website, so have a look around and see if you want to add or change anything.  But this form works as it is and looks great, so I’m going to use this!

One thing to look at is in Settings, and in Confirmation.

This is the email people will receive once they have sent a message, you can edit this using the tools and write anything you want here. 

Once your happy and ready, click on Save.

And now head back to your Contact page.

Now all you do is click here to bring up your elements, and type in WPForms.  Now drag that into the space to the right, like this.

And there’s your new contact form!  How easy is that?  It amazes me how fast you can do this, this used to take weeks and cost thousands of dollars, but now can be done in minutes it’s brilliant.

And don’t worry if your seeing another field below it, sometimes that happens, but if you Update to save everything, and bring up your website in a new page, you’ll see it’s working perfectly.

I can’t believe it your nearly finished with your online shop!  We’ve got a few more important things to do, to make sure people can purchase your products easily, using PayPal or their card, so you can start making money immediately! And I want to make sure you’ve got a flying start by giving you a few secrets of my own to build a hugely successful brand!

In a moment I’m going to show you how you can receive payments, but first let’s set up your menu at the top, so visitors can browse easily and find your different pages, and products.


Lets get your menu set up!  You want to go to Appearance on the toolbar, and Menus.

Here you should have a menu already created.  On the left are your pages, Posts, and anything else you may want to add.  All you do is click to add items to the menu, and click on Add to Menu, and it’ll show up on the right.  Then you click and drag to rearrange your menu how you want.  Just like that.

Now, to create this dropdown from the shop, you use the categories you created when creating your products.  And to add in categories to your Menu you want to click on Screen Options up here.  Then you want to make sure Product Categories is ticked here.

You’ll then have a new area on the left, which shows your categories, that you can then add in to your menu.  If some of your categories aren’t showing up, it’s most likely because you haven’t added products with those categories yet.

Then you want to click and drag each one so it’s underneath your Shop page, so it’s a sub item of that page.  This creates the drop down.

When your happy click on Save Menu, and your all done!

Now if you take a look at your menu you’ll have a fantastic looking drop down menu, ready for your products which your customers are going to love!


Let’s start by setting up Stripe.

Stripe is a payment processing platform, and it’s the best software for running an internet business.  It’s used worldwide by some huge companies such as Kickstarter, Lyft, Shopify, OpenTable and many more! 

So your in very good company.

Head back to your dashboard, and find the notifications at the top, here.

Now click on Set Your Stripe Account Keys.

Now this is really important so make sure to follow along and do exactly what I do to make sure this is set up right.

So here your setting up Stripe on your shop.  Enabling visitors to use their card to purchase your products.  The Title is what will show up when paying for something.  As well as the description.

Test Mode means no one can actually buy anything yet, so we’ll leave that on for now, and in a moment we’ll test the shop out and buy something, while it’s in test mode to make sure everything is working!

You need a couple of keys here, and to get those click on Stripe Account Settings.

Now click on Sign Up, and enter in your email, name and password to create your account.

Now click on Use the Stripe API.

And this is your Stripe Dashboard.

Here are your test keys, so copy the first one.

And then paste that in here.

Then click here to view the secret key, and copy it.

And paste that in here.

Ok next is the Statement Descriptor, and this is what customers will see on their bank statements.  So you could type in your shop name for example.

And that’s pretty much it for these settings for now, so Save changes here.

Now we can test your shop by purchasing something, and it won’t charge anything because it’s in test mode, and we’ll use a test card to do it.

Just before that I wanted to show you the the different areas at the top, like your Products, Tax, Shipping, Payments.  Lets click on Shipping.  Here you can set your different shipping zones, and more if you need to. 

And take a look in these other areas too, there’s a lot you can do.  For example in Products you can change measurements, and enable or disable reviews.  In Payments you can turn on different ways customers can pay at the checkout, like bank transfers, cash on delivery.  As well as customer account creation and much more.

So now let’s open up your website and buy something!  Don’t worry it’s still in test mode so it won’t actually do anything.

So I’m browsing the shop, and here we go, I love Africa so I’m going to buy this product. 

Wow this looks amazing, doesn’t it look so good?  I love how it displays your products, it’s so professional.  It really does look like you’ve spent thousands of dollars creating your shop, you should be proud!

So I’ll add this product to the cart.

And here it is it has been added to the cart at the top of the page.  This theme makes it a really enjoyable experience for your customers to browse and purchase.  I love how streamlined this is, it really makes it easy for people to buy your products, but not in an in your face way, it’s very simple and hassle free, it’s a pleasure to do, and that’s what I wanted for your shop, it’s what every customer wants, to enjoy browsing and enjoy buying from you.

Customers can purchase directly from here, using PayPal, and I love that feature, it makes it super easy for people.  Lets click on Checkout.

And now we just enter our name and billing address.

And if delivery address is different you would enter that here.

At the top there’s an option to enter a coupon code, so if you ever set one up, your customers can enter that here!

Then here it gives you a run down of what your buying, the cost, and any shipping cost, based on what shipping zones you have created, and where the customer is from.

And then you choose how you want to pay, by PayPal or Card.  PayPal is self explanatory, it’ll bring up a separate PayPal page which they then sign in and pay, then they’ll be redirected back to your shop.

For card you just enter n your card details here.  So for this test you can use a test card, so enter in, 4242 4242 4242 4242.  Then use any expiry date, and any CVC number.

And place order!

You should get a success page which looks like this saying thank you your order has been received, along with an order summary of what you have just purchased, the billing address and delivery address.  Which means it’s all working!  Congratulations! This is incredible and I’m so excited for you, I hope your happy and can’t wait to start bringing in your customers! 

In fact in a moment I’ll be showing you an incredible way to bring customers to your shop, without you doing anything.

First let’s disable the test mode so people can start buying your amazing products!  If your not ready to do that yet no problem, you can do this anytime.

Now go to your Plugins.

Stripe Keys

And find WooCommerce Stripe Gateway.  By the way you always want to make sure these are up to date, it’ll tell you here if they need to be updated, it does it all for you.

Now click on Settings.

And then uncheck this.

Now you’ll need a couple of Live keys.  First copy this text here.  And then click this link which should take you to your Stripe account.

Then click on Add Endpoint, paste that text in here, and click Add Endpoint again.

Now click on Home on the toolbar, and find Get Your Live API Keys.  It may say you need to activate your account, so do that.  Click on Activate Your Account, and then click on Start.  And confirm the email that Stripe sent you.

Then when you’ve done that click on Start again, and you should be on this screen.  You now want to fill in a few details about yourself.  Where your based, your website, business description and account details.

And then your name, birthdate and home address.

Statement descriptor which will appear on customers bank statements, and a support phone number.

Then enter in your bank account you want to use to receive payments into when you sell products.

When your happy with everything click on Submit Application and you should be ready!

You now just want to copy these live keys, and paste them into their fields.  And then Save at the bottom.

Congratulations your online shop is now ready to start selling your products and bringing in money!  You’ve connected your bank account to start receiving payments, and your PayPal is connected too, your all set up to sell products online!  This is a fantastic achievement well done, I hope your proud and your happy with how this all looks, it’s a beautiful website and shop, ready for customers to enjoy and buy from you!

You’ve nearly finished, the next step is to make sure your websites settings are correctly set up, which only takes a minute. 


So go to Settings, and then General.

Here you can change your Site Title and Tagline, so I’ll put Adventures Made Easy.

And for the tagline you want to write something short but catchy, about what you do, or the products you sell.

The Site Title is what you’ll see at the top of the page, it’s like a logo.  Which I’ll show you how to customise in a moment.

Then Save at the bottom.

Go to Reading. 

And it should be set to a Static Page.  Your Homepage should be Home. 

Then Save and go to Pemalinks.  Here you want to set this to Post Name.  This makes it easier for search engines to see your shop, what it’s about, and it’ll appear higher in search results.

Then Save, and your done with those settings! 

Now for your logo, go to Appearance and Customise.

You’ll notice your logo is still the same, it says Simple.  Lets change that now, go to Header and Logo.  And this is where you can add your own logo image in if you have one.  Just remove this, and add in your own like this.

But I’m going to just remove this image.

Now go back, click on Publish to save everything.  And then refresh the page, and you’ll see your site title is now the logo.

Now you want to go to Typography, and then Logo.  And in here you can edit the size of your logo, you’ll see it’s pretty big.

I’m going to change this to about 24, here.  Maybe change the letter spacing a bit, and if you want to customise the font you can do that here too.  I’ll also change the weight, to 300.  Much better that looks great!

Then Publish to save.  And then go back and find Footer Bottom, and in here you can edit or remove the Copyright at the bottom of the page.  I’m just going to remove this.  And then Publish to save, and click the cross to exit.

SumoMe Bonus

Alright now your website is looking incredible, and your ready to start selling your products, I’m excited to share with you the fantastic bonus that I’ve been telling you about, which will give your shop a boost, get your products in front of as many people as possible, and it’s a tool that multi million dollar businesses use.  Oh and it’s completely free.

So go to Plugins and Add New.

Now search for SumoMe.

Here it is.  SumoMe gives you a suite of tools that are the easiest way to turn your visitors into customers.  It’s a hugely popular plugin all around the world because it works so well, and it’s completely free!  There are many features you can play around with, such as a popup that comes up just before someone leaves your shop, it persuades them to stay. 

What I’m going to show you are a set of sharing buttons that slide in from the side, which visitors can use to instantly share your shop to their Facebook, Twitter or anything else you choose.  These are amazing, and it’s something you’ll see a lot of big companies around the world using. 

So let’s install SumoMe now, and activate it.  If you get an error message after Installing it, don’t worry, just go to Plugins, and you’ll see it there.  Then Activate it.

Perfect now you’ll see Sumo on your toolbar, so click on that.

Then you want to click on Connect.  And create a free account by entering your email and a password.

Then click on Dashboard, and then My Apps.

You’ll have a popup come up, just click on No Thanks.  You can easily do this later if you want to.

And now you’ll be on your SumoMe dashboard!

Along the top you have some options, Email, Monetize, and more.  You want to go to Extras, and click on Share.

And then Activate Now.

And you’ve just set up your sharing buttons!

This is where you can customise them, using Settings, Layout and so on. 

Go to Layout, and you can choose where about you want your sharing buttons.  Right now it’s on the left hand side of the screen.  You can also choose where you want them to appear on mobile to!

And in Settings you can change which buttons you have, rearrange them, search and swap them.

Anyway you don’t need to do anything else here if you don’t want to, it’s all ready to go!

Lets take a look.

Click on the other tab to go to your shop, and lets see how it looks!

This is stunning I really hope your happy with your shop, I love it, it’s going to be make all the difference to selling your products, and I’m really happy for you, well done for doing this, it’s a great achievement! 

Here are the sharing buttons, which anyone visiting your shop can now use to share your shop, or individual products to their friends and family and to the world!

Ok now is a very important step you need to do, and it’s the last step.  This is going to make sure your website is completely secure for people to use their card information so they can purchase your products.  Right now as you can see it’s saying not secure, that’s because you need the SSL Certificate from Hostgator that came with your hosting, and a dedicated IP.  To do this you need to go to and then go over here and open up a live chat.  Then connect to Hostgator by logging in, and they will do everything for you.  You just need to tell them your setting up a shop, you have the Business Plan which comes with a free Domain Validated SSL Certificate and dedicated IP address and you want to set those up.

They’ll do this for you quickly, it only takes a few minutes.

And after they’ve confirmed that’s all done, you need to install a plugin to link the certificate with your shop.  So go to Plugins, and search for Really Simple SSL.

Install and Activate that.

Then all you need to do is click on Activate SSL, wait for it to do it’s thing, and your all set up!

Ok now you’ve got your amazing new shop up and running, your ready to start selling products!  There’s nothing more exciting than your first customer buying something from you.  So I now want to take a few minutes to give you some tips on brand awareness and getting your products out there.  So first of all, a Facebook Page.

Facebook as I’m sure your aware is one of the biggest social platforms in the world, each day is registers about 2.7 billion likes and shares, with over 2 billion active users. 

So it makes sense to create a Facebook page for your business.  It’s so easy, just log in to your Facebook and you’ll have the option to do this on your toolbar.  Find Pages, and click on Create Page.

Then you want to click on Business or Brand.

And follow the instructions from here.  I haven’t got time to take you through everything in this video but it’s super simple and straightforward so go ahead and create your page.

When you’ve got your page set up you can now start building a strong community on Facebook, updating them with what’s going on in your shop, new products, behind the scenes, people love all of this stuff.  And if you can you want to use video as much as possible.  Photos speak a thousand words, but video is limitless.  From here the sky is the limit, Facebook gives you incredible tools to build up your audience and grow awareness for your brand.  Anyone who wants to build a strong brand needs to have a Facebook presence.


Instagram is my next favourite platform, why?  Because Instagram is a platform made for sharing photos and videos.  You want to get your brand on Instagram and grow your following.  This is incredibly powerful just like Facebook, but Instagram now makes it easier for people to shop the products they find on Instagram by “tagging” products in posts. If you’re a brand or business with a physical product, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to introduce your products to Instagram’s 500 million daily users!  What’s more is you can now checkout directly from Instagram, using Instagram Shopping Posts.

Again I haven’t got time to go in depth about this but I’ll be creating videos all about growing your brand on social media so make sure you don’t miss those.

I love to see you succeed and reading all your comments saying how much my videos have helped you means everything, so remember to leave a comment, and give me a thumbs up!  If you want to be extra amazing sharing this video would be the best and helps our channel grow!

I hope you’ve enjoyed following along with me, let me know in the comments what you would like to see in next video, we want to create videos you love and that will help you.

Please comment to show off what you have created, I’d love to take a look at your website and see what you’ve done!  Please give it a quick like for me too!

If your interested in taking your shop even further, there is so much more I would love to show you.  Things like boosting traffic, building brand awareness, social media tips and tricks to get your products noticed, we’re creating new videos and content all the time, so make sure to subscribe and join me in the next video!

I’m Theo, thank you for watching.